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  1. lol I get ripped, bashed, cut up by posters on the board for everyone to see. Then I get cautioned by the boss, not by PM, but right here on the board. Habs Rule comments questions this and suddenly its lets "stick to the topic" and "feel free to PM me about the other stuff". ( unless you want to rip Habs30/31 ...feel free to put in large bold letters and pictures) I dont need a brick to fall on me. Thanks Habsrule, enjoy the rest of the season boys! (all what...eight? of you that is) GO HABS ! Good Bye Paul
  2. Nice clique. You girls go to high school together too.
  3. Habs finally getting depth a D and we should trade to get a game breaker. How are those game breakers doing for the Oil, Aves............ if ya got no D , it wont matter if you have Duchene. Ask the Patrick Roy about that.
  4. No comment. These posts are cool are they? If I put this up i would be suspended .
  5. Its time the first line showed up. Get this game tied. how many does powerplay Pleks have. ?
  6. Devils goal...now that's a one timer. Fourth line playing well.
  7. Every fan ,coach, commentator, goalie, line mate, and usher would agree. He one times that perfect pass its in the back of the net.
  8. Yes! Credit to Therrien for making that call. As well as Pateryns stellar play. Untill now it did. Even the most casual fan could see Pateryn should not have been pulled for Emelin based on their play on the ice. Some were actually "mad" and stated so on this site. Then Emelin came in and proved it. Politics came first putting Emelin back in. However politics lost because there is just too wide a gap between the stellar play of Pateryn and the out right dismal play of Emelin. The right call
  9. Even the best superb scouts of all time will tell..."at 18 its still a crap shoot" Jamie Benn being a great example. There was superb scouting going on at the time.............and ever team passed on him again and again and again and again.
  10. Yep. Habs lead the league in goals. Trading away NB to try improve scoring would be ludicrous.
  11. Don't hold your breath I have been "hoping" for a "better" number one center at play off time since 09. Cap era has it's sad truths The days of solid players 1 thru 12 up front, and 1 thru 6 on the blue line are long gone. I think every fan of every team see players on the club they dont really like, or think and improvement on that player is needed. Evey team also has their Gilbert, Emelin, Eller, etc. But the cap mandates you carry them. Ya get the most ya can out of them. Some one mentioned the 89 finals on here the other day. Flames Habs. Look at the line ups of those two teams. Stacked with superstars and hall of famers! Go as late as the Aves against the Red Wings 02. Stacked teams through out the line up! Fourth line of Datzuik,Robitille Zetterberg. The star players that used to dominate those line ups would be spread out over six to eight teams in the cap world of today. If ya think you can just trade Eller and get a 35 goals scoring sniper just because Chucky and the team need one you got the wrong era. Like Brett Hull said. "Five first line guys and fifteen carboard cut outs instructed to play the same way".
  12. The report(s) I heard about on Leblanc were that he needed to work on his skating. A fact that was mentioned while he was playing at the WJC. Obvious while he played in Hamilton too. But the reports on Tavares said that too.
  13. So true. Gallgher went 5th round the same year Chucky went 3rd over all. Subban was 43rd pick Lucic went 50th. Jamie Benn went in the what 6th round? Dallas has several gems everybody passed on. Two that still sting for me was that we passed on Giroux and Getzlaf,
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