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Jim Dowd for a 4th round pick


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Good pickup by Gainey. I also think that Juneau's time in Montreal is done with this aquisition, he just isn't reliable enough with his back problem.

The dealing probably isn't done, and i wouldn't mind a 7th D man incase of injury. As someone else said, i would not be comfortable with Komisarek at this point.

Man it is great to be buyers instead of sellers at the deadline :D

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Originally posted by Habby1197

Komi is going to be great, but are you sure you feel alright with him stepping in as a 6th Dman if someone gets hurt? He isn't ready to play 10+ mins in a playoff game. Anyways, we need to get deeper on LD...  




Not nearly deep enough.

I have faith in Komi. He has played well for a player of his age and skill level this season. Defensive defensemen usually take a little longe to develop then offensive Dmen. Jackman is an example of that. He took a few years to develop, and look at the season he had last year.

Bouillon has played so well this season. I was never a fan of the guy before, but he's earned my respect this season. He is having a very underrated season.

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Spidey - He's a veteran, been around for years. He's a solid defensive player, but not spectacular. He's a team player and is a big upgrade over some of the goofs currently on the team.

I like Dowd already. He was interviewed and said

"I am so happy. Growing up in the US, I was a big Habs fan. They're the New York Yankees of hockey. I am proud to be a member of their team".

Anytime a guy talks like that, he's fine with me. 100% team guy.

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I like the deal, improves our depth... Gives the Habs another guy like Begin, Dowd is a speedy gritty player who is great defensively and a good PK'er...

I wonder what our healthy lines will loook like now? Did we acquire Dowd so that we can put Begin back on 3rd? Or did we acquire Dowd to replace Begin on 4th? ... Did we get Dowd so that we dont need to put Bulis on the 3rd when he returns? , but the 2nd in place of Daganais? ...

Anyways, alot of options... But its a good move.

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"and i have no clue how the lines are gonna turn out... except for the first line... and ryder-ribs on 2nd... other than that i have no idea"

Actually Dino and Murray (especially Murray) on CJAD kept saying that Kovalev should replace Dagenais on the second line.

But I think he belongs on the first with Koivu, finally Saku gets a skilled winger! That will be sweet.

Anyway we'll see tomorrow.

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How about this for a third line:


These guys could mesmerize opponents now and in the playoffs with their speed, grit, and physical play..

I like it a lot better then Sundstrom-Juneau-Dackell...





Langdon/Juneau/Kilger/Dackell/Sundstrom/Perreault to make up the 4th line.

Begin and Dowd somewhat remind me of two role players we had during our last playoff run in 02. Bill Lindsay and Shaun VanAllen (VanAllen more so then Lindsay)....They were two underrated but very key parts to that team just like Begin and Dowd will be to this years team.


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Originally posted by habsfannr1

I'm a bit confused as I saw Dowd's player profile on Yahoo!, because this sites are normally very up-to-date. They say that he hasn't played for a month, so is Jim Dowd healthy or not? :?-


Had a groin injury, missed 10 games. Should play tomorrow (likely to play) , if not tomorrow then Saturday.

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Right now I have no idea.

But Jim Dowd is on fire!

First I saw him as our fourth line center going in to the playoffs. But now... I don't know.

But I am weak for Perreault. But I have to admit. It's hard to find a spot for him.

And Dagenais has deserved the place on the second line. He scores.

But Zednik, Koivu, Kovalev, Ryder, Ribeiro and Dagenais belongs to the top two lines.

I think Dowd and Bulis should be on the third.

Begin and Ward on the fourth. That leaves two spots for Perreault, Dackell, Juneau, Sundström and Kilger.

Juneau is done and won't be traded.

In my opinion we should keep Perreault and Sundström as long as we don't make an upgrade.

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