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your 5 untouchables--Besides Price


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I think the reason Pacioretty is on almost everyones list is because his potential limits are unknown. he has the size, skills, and work ethic to be an absolute force in the NHL and judging by his development surging forward could even be an elite power forward..... but then again, he might never achieve it.

Until those questions are answered he should be on the list... Afterall, he is rated as the team's top prospect on most lists.

Obvisouly no one is untouchable, and anyone could be traded if we got a significantly superior return (i.e. Komisarek 1-for-1 for Crosby just to go to an extreme), however it would take a lot for the Canadiens to trade away Pacioretty. He's young, cheap, and has the potential to become a great powerforward-type player in the NHL. Therefore unless you get a proven star player in return with at least a few years in front of him as a member of the Canadiens, you shouldn't even think about trading a guy like Patches.

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He did recently sign a contract extension (I think before 2007-08) so I think he'll stick for a couple more years, and at least through next year (the end of the Centennial). He wants to win, though, so if this team does win, all bets are off.

Did he? I was under the impression his contract was expiring after the season. If we win the Cup, I definitely think he'll leave... and my pick to win the Cup this year was the Habs, so that's my rationale.

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