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2010 NHL Draft Thread

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Draft lottery finished, order stays the same. Order right now sits at:

1. Edmonton Oilers

2. Boston Bruins (from Toronto)

3. Florida Panthers

4. Columbus Blue Jackets

5. New York Islanders

6. Tampa Bay Lightning

7. Carolina Hurricanes

8. Atlanta Thrashers

9. Minnesota Wild

10. New York Rangers

11. Dallas Stars

12. Anaheim Ducks

13. Phoenix Coyotes (from Calgary)

14. St. Louis Blues

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Islanders with another top 5 pick... Should look good in a couple seasons now...

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Burke has done some good things with the Leafs but this will always be the move that haunts him. Wouldn't it be hilarious if they did no better next season too?

For the first time in my life, I actually have an inside source. The Leafs are probably going to look a lot better than people think in a couple of years. From what I heard, Burke has a few things on the go that will surprise people in that time frame. I'd be wary of the Leafs and not laugh too much. He who laughs last, or something like that.

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