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Hockey Night on CBC - Sat Nov 10


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Hey....this is a call out to all Habbies.....

My fave game as a Habs fan is Game 2 of the 93 final, Kings vs. Habs. This is the game that won us the Cup that year. I am sure there are many of you who hold this game dear to their hearts as well.

Down 1-0 in the series and down by a goal late in the 3rd, Demers called McSorley for an illegal stick and we pulled St. Patrick for the 6 on 4. Needless to say we tied the game and proceeded to take the game in OT on the Desjardins hat trick.

CBC Hockey Night - Your Pick is offering to show this game to the nation this saturday night. The poll is listed below. If you have any interest in reliving this moment, that is most glorious to the Habs Nation - vote! Vote many times!

Many thanks.


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Unfortunately this one is well behind the Boston-Montreal matchup. I think the ones that aren't selected go into future polls so you still have a shot. If you don't want to watch that game, TSN has Canada-Slovakia in the Deutschland Cup tonight.

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