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Leblanc: Should he stay or should he go (now)?


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I think your all over reacting. Come training camp, the roster spots are usually all filled. The only way a rookie gets moved up if he takes that spot away from somebody already on the roster with his play. I except Therrian's explanation at face value. They know what they got with LL, and want to know what they got with Thomas. Right now they are just depth guys for this season. Give LL a chance to make a statement this year.

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Well, all I'm saying is that IF the management has given up on him, there is good reason to think they are being irresponsible. Whether or not they have given up on him is another question - but at face value this harsh demotion isn't reassuring.

EDIT: I just noticed this article, which has Therrien's explanation:


He says Leblanc was "in better shape" but "we know what we have" in him and wanted to get a better look at other players.

The comment about conditioning is revealing; clearly Leblanc is perceived as a problem in this respect. The other claim, about wanting to look at other guys, seems pretty sensible.

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