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Oct. 12, Habs vs Canucks, 10 PM


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Letang - Robidas

Beauchemin - Vlasic

Scandella - Demers

*Bouillon (born in NYC, grew up in Montreal)

That's probably it. Samuel Morin, 2013 1st pick for the Flyers, will eventually get there as well.

Don't forget Simon Despres! As for the English reference, the xenophobia surrounding foreign coaches in the UK is about as close to an apt analogy as you will get to the Hab's current situation. Sorry we ruffled your feathers, but the search last summer was clearly closed to Anglophones, and to be afraid of that sissy Francois Gagnon, if that's the priority, we can deal with another 20 years of mediocrity. How about Subban, Galchenyuk and Tinordi for Giroux, Bourdon and Lecavalier? We've proven that this team has a chance to win in the coming years...but it has to be French also!

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How about we just win another damn cup and quit worrying about what language you speak. We start winning cups maybe the top line francophone will want to come home before they are out of gas as is Savard and briere

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The search had no good candidates.

Remember how people were pushing for Bob Hartley?

We actually picked up the best potential coach of the future from the Q last summer. He's one of our assistant coaches and will more than likely replace Therrien one day.

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