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Selanne/Fedorov habs speculation?


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Keep in mind that this is a Bruce Garrioch article... So take it with a grain of salt...


The Ducks would like to bring back winger Teemu Selanne, who turned down a one-year option from San Jose, but he'll be seeking $6.5 million per year. Another option for Selanne might be the Canadiens.  

The Wings were trying to make a last-ditch effort to sign centre Sergei Fedorov. A four-year, $40-million offer remains on the table, but there's talk he could be headed to the Los Angeles Kings or Montreal.

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More Garrioch montreal/fedorov rumours...

It's believed the New York Rangers, Los Angeles, New Jersey and Montreal have shown an interest in Fedorov. Expect to see him take less than what he could have received from Detroit.

I wonder where this guy is getting his info from? Or is he just making it up?


Oh and a Whitney-habs rumour...

The Vancouver Canucks need a boost on their second forward line, the Montreal Canadiens need help on their power play and their offence in general. Whitney sounds like an affordable option.

Though its not as much a rumour as it is speculation...


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yeah, only speculation. it's hard to keep our hope on speculation.

What is sure, it's that Fedorov is heading out Detroit



I don't want to start any rumour, but Theodore was seen in Toronto today


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I would talk to both Hatcher and Fedorov. I would offer both 5-year deals worth 25 million. That's it Five million per, nothing more. I would let them think about it and let them decide. No negotiation, no bargaining.

We would have no chance with Hatcher, as Detroit already offered more, but I would at least show interest.

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If you are going to low ball them both that badly then why bother. It is widely known that Fedorov wants 10+ million per season and Hatcher wants 7 million per season.

If Fedorov was offered 40 million over 4 years what in gods name makes you think they'll even consider or think about 25 million over 5 years?

All that would do is make them seem unreasonable and not worth dealing with. It would make it even harder for us to attract quality players.

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Originally posted by Habby1197

The more I think about it... the more I want Fedorov on the Habs...

Maybe a 3 year 24 million dollar deal :)

I'm drooling over possible lines...

8 million a year for him? Thats almost double of our highest paid players. What happens if Koivu gets more points then him while making 4-5 million per year? It would look pretty dumb... :)

I want Fedorov but not for more then 6 million per year , so its pretty much impossible.

Unless of course NO ONE out there is willing on giving him more.... yeah right...

Kastsitsyn - Fedorov - Perezhogin :-^:-^:-^

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Originally posted by ch_nl

Anything new?

Well... it appears the offers are now around 8M$/season.

Also, there was an interesting Pat Brisson quote today :

source: http://www.freep.com/sports/redwings/nhl15...15_20030715.htm  

"We want to make sure Sergei is in the right environment," he said. "Sergei is a great player, a superstar, but he can't do his stuff all by himself. He needs a supporting cast.

"He definitely wants to be in a position where he goes to the rink smiling every day and has a chance to win."  

IMO, that means the door is closed for Anaheim and Montreal.

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Gainey said from day 1 he was NOT interested in Fedorov... no door has closed, we were never interested.

Seriously guys, you need to move on. :)

I even read today that his agent is now saying Detroit is still a possibility... completely taking back his ealier comments that Fedorov would definitely not be returning to the Wings.

Man did Sergei get some bad advice when he refused that original 5 year 50M deal... ah well, that's what greed will get you.

(mind you greed ain't that bad, it'll still get him around 8M per :) )

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And you think Gainey cannot hide his game ? Or change his mind? I'm pretty sure there could have been a way to give 32M$ for 4 years to Sergei.

As for the payroll chart, it would not be weird or bad if Sergei makes 8M$ while Theo makes 6 and Saku 5. How do you think will get Saku when he becomes a UFA? And Theo?

8 M$ is not astronomic for a player of Fedorov caliber.

Only problem.. he's asking more than 50M$ 5 years (what i doubt will happen).. and he wants a supporting cast (what we won't have until pere, kast, higgs, hossa and pleky develop

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If Gainey says he's not interested, he's not interested.

Gainey also hinted that if he'd ever bring in someone, it would be relatively young who could help the team for a long time.

Fedorov, who'll turn 34 in december, does not fit into that description.

So forget Fedorov...

If we do anything, it'll be by trade IMO.

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