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    I love the new suspension videos. Shanny is hitting hard, but explaining exactly why he made his decision, with video evidence. Not only that, he is staring right into the camera as he explains it, not hiding behind a press release. I have to believe if he was there last year, he would be suspending Chara and showing the arm driving the head from behind with no puck in sight... I know it is early, but I have to think him doing these videos will lead to more consistency. Its hard to say one thing, then have someone show you your video for the other guy and your completely different decision. Not only that, he sends these to all the teams, hopefully leading to players understanding the rules. Last year, it was hard for a player to know what was right and wrong when every decision was random (or based on who it was, not what was done). Two thumbs up so far!
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    I guess those kids haven't exactly got a vote of confidence from mgmt, eh? No link just yet...RDS iPhone app announced it
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    Good Guys: Cammalleri - Plekanec - Gallagher Willsie - Bournival - Gionta (I refuse to believe they'll make Willsie play C when another C is on the line) Trotter - Dumont - Blunden Lefebvre - DeSimone - Berger Spacek - Diaz Woywitka - Gorges Tinordi - St-Denis Price (full 60) Bad Guys: Lucic - Krejci - Seguin Caron - Kelly - Arniel Sauve - Peverley - Clark MacDermid - Campbell - Thornton Seidenberg - Kampfer Ference - Cohen Bartkowski - Boychuk Rask (full 60) Also, the DTD/IR update since people liked that in my last GDT: D - Subban, Markov, Nash, Dame-Malka, McFadden F - Desharnais, Eller, White, Leblanc, Nash, Fortier, Schultz, Nattinen, Bishop, Moen, Winnett, Pacioretty Several of these will extend into the season - for sure Markov, Nash, and White, probably Bishop and Eller as well. Not sure about Leblanc/Nattinen yet.
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