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    Is the plan to combine all the #7 defensemen we have like the Power Rangers Megazord and create one super-defensemen who can play with Weber?
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    Juulsen new to play for Leferbve, Sergachev never played for him, Poehling was just drafted, McNivan never played for Leferbve, Lindgren is not really going to make an inpact on the habs now is he?, Reway never played under Leferbve, Lehkonen developed in Frölunda in Sweden. ikonen was also just drafted. Noone of these players have made any impact yet on the habs except Lehkonen and he never had a chance to be ruined by our poor crappy developement.
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    There hasn't been that point for me yet, because for every questionable move, he still also pulls rabbits out of his hat that just remind me that everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes. If he was incompetent he would not be capable of moves that brought in Petry, Vanek, Benn, Danault, Byron, Drouin, Radulov. That is a solid list there of players who have and will render notable contributions to this team. He also brought them in with cost of acquisition varying from very reasonable to STEAL. I've said it before and will say it again, he has his shining moments and he has had some notable errors. He has been neither Brilliant or Incompetent, and for that, in my books, he is free to proceed until he mucks things up a lot worse than a division winning team. For every instance he has made me feel like this with his moves He has also pulled off stuff that made me feel like this I'll continue to give him the benefit of the doubt as long as the pendulum does not swing too heavily in the negative direction, and a benefit of the doubt is not to be mistaken for unconditional support.
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    God I can't wait for the season to start so people can actually see how dynamic Jonathan Drouin is. This constant rhetoric on how we have no exciting players left and because of that the team is crashing an burning is a little much. The kid will literally have Highlight of the night moments at least a half dozen times next year just based on the half dozen he had last season in Tampa. He will quickly quench the thirst for Dynamic Talent and hopefully help folks move past this Radulov thing.
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    Bergevin has never said, "PK Subban lacks character" He also never said it about Lars Eller. But he did talk ad nauseum about character, grit, not wanting to lose, tough to play against, leadership, etc. when talking about the guys he got for Subban and Eller. Bergevin isn't dumb. Closest he got to being dumb is when he hinted to "things you don't know about" when reporters kept asking about Subban on the day of the trade. What he said about 15-16 and how it relates to the Subban and Eller deals says everything. Again, Bergevin is a good politician. He isn't going to say, "Eller was soft" or "Subban wasn't a leader" but he will say, "I brought in two guys who have character, grit, and leadership which was missing." Why was it missing? Because he didn't think it came from the other guys. What's funny is after getting those guys, he was confident the team wouldn't fall down. But after the first round loss, he called the club fragile. (And he's right about Eller. Just trading Eller and then bringing in Shaw... ugh. One step forward, two second round picks back.)
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    It's hilarious that Subban gets brought up on a Habs forum so often. It's also hilarious how you didn't answer my question. I don't recall anybody but jaded fans saying he got shipped out because of a character issue. It's hilarious the narrative that is being spun around here as if it was fact. Show me one quote of anybody associated with the Habs saying that Subban was traded because of a character issue and I'll leave it alone
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    You serious about this and that you call yourself a Habs fan...sorry Habs nut?