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  1. Toffoli is just all over the place. Nice to see. I hate this period so far, frankly. It’s just infuriating that they can’t hold a lead for three seconds and keep shooting themselves in the nuts with asinine penalties. These guys need to lock things down.
  2. Well, the commentators observed that Van deviated from its standard pattern on that goal. The Habs were accordingly fooled.
  3. Geez. What happened to The Trident? Habs are porous. Hold a lead FFS. And now a stupid penalty
  4. Random note here, but I kinda like the 3-game set concept. And it seems to me that by staying put in a city for multiple games, a team could minimize some of the hassles associated with all the travel. Is this something which the NHL should consider implementing more regularly?
  5. Don't worry, DON, I ignore all your posts 😉 (Just joshing, natch)
  6. Holy cow. Gotta put the boot to their neck for sure.
  7. I just wish Commodore would drop the "robot NHL speak" and tell us how he really feels. SHEESH 😬
  8. Excellent analysis. Edmunson is not helping, IMHO. Although we do have to give him time to adapt to new surroundings. And Price was indeed thrown to the wolves more than once last night. Even when he’s “struggling” he rarely out-and-out sucks; rather it’s that he looks like an ordinary goalie, not quite “Price-ean,” not projecting that aura of unbeatability that he does when he’s dialed in. I had the feeling from puck-drop last night that something was slightly off about both the team and #31. One good sign is that they came away with a point, despite a mistakes-filled game with B-
  9. I had to miss the 3rd, unfortunately, but the first 2/3 of the game were marked by sloppy penalties and - mark this - the Habs’ inability to contain the Canucks’ elite young players. Petterson in particular was not to be denied. It was sort of the opposite of the EDM games, where we shut down the Big Two and the opponent accordingly had nothing. VAN is another top-heavy team, but this time we failed to neutralize the top talent, and therefore lost. Price, Price, Price. I’m getting a bit tired of his inconsistent early-season play year after year, frankly.
  10. Yeah. Toffoli’s weird bobbles with the puck in close are probably suggestive of the “timing” issues that players often talk about when they’re shaking off rust. Add to that a new team (and a new position) and you have to give him a few games at least before getting worried.
  11. Toffoli is a proven pro who can play the game. I would give him time to adjust. Now, if we want to flip Armia and Lehkonen, that’s fine by me, although I confess that I don’t see the big “problem” with their games thus far in the season - and Armia has more offensive upside than Lehkonen. Tonight is a good opportunity to really own the Oilers. They will bring their A game for sure. If we slap ‘em down, that will be a pretty strong signal to the effect of, “sorry, you just can’t beat us.” A valuable marker to put down early in the season in the Dollars Bill’s Discount Money Lenders
  12. When will we see Allen, anyway? Calgary would be the most obvious opening, unless Carey prefers to avoid the hassle of the "hometown" show in Van.
  13. It depends what Dubois wants. Maybe he wants to live in one of the great North American cities (NYC, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, etc.). Or maybe he wants to be in a city where he is the BMOC - the star about town, as opposed to Columbus, where nobody recognizes him on the street. If it's the latter, then hell, he would be a god in Winnipeg.
  14. TO and Montreal have to be the absolute worst markets in the game for hyping up nobodies into sure-fire superstars.
  15. No question, Drouin has the excellent hand-eye skills and skating to play the role of handmaiden to Anderson. Neither Armia nor Toffoli can make plays at that level.
  16. Do we know why Laine wants out? I meant it makes sense in hockey terms. Your consistent assumption has been that CBJ can’t make hockey decisions per se, but has to proceed on the assumption that guys don’t want to play there. I don’t know why Columbus has had such a problem with bleeding talent over the years while other markets like Minnesota or other blah markets (e.g., Calgary, Buffalo, or even Detroit, which is basically a bombed-out sinkhole except for a few rich redoubts) seem not to; but I suspect it has less to do with the city per se than with a culture which has crept in
  17. The persistent Laine-Dubois rumour makes a lot more sense than any of the non-Suzuki proposals emanating from Montreal.
  18. Leafs have high-end scorers, which the Habs don’t - unless Anderson turns out to be that guy (which he might, he looks unbelievable). Against a team with that firepower, you can have the better of the play and still lose because of a handful of explosive plays by your opponent. That worried me a bit tonight - we completely owned EDM in the first and yet came out of it only ahead by one. Last year’s team needed endless chances in order to bury one. Despite averaging 5 goals per game (LOL) this team is still not exactly the 1987 Oilers, but should have more offensive pop overall than
  19. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen the Habs dominate a team like they dominated EDM during most of the first period. It reminded me of late-80s early-90s Habs. We saw there a team that has a very high ceiling - if they can put it all together consistently. Sure, the game was more balanced thereafter, but that’s par for the course once you’ve build a big lead. Price was in Beast Mode anyway. Edmunson offered some reassurance after a pretty stink-o game. Romanov, meanwhile, impressed again. So confident with the puck. And Old Man Petry just seems to get better an
  20. As with “Fail for Nail,” there’s gotta be a slogan here... “Get Owned for Owen” ”Own Goals for Owen” “Failure Power” ”Seize Power” ...
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