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  1. I don't get it...we don't have $8 mil in cap space or whatever. We were not gonna sign Hall.
  2. I am a bit surprised that MB traded Domi for Anderson rather than pushing to sign Toffoli. But yes, with Andrerson signed there is simply no point in pursuing that particular UFA. Toffoli is yet another asset, like Tanev or Markstrom, which Van has lost due to their ridiculous cap situation - massive millions invested in bottom-enders like Sutter, Ericksson, Baertchi, Benn, and Beagle. They really liked Toffoli, that is widely known, so losing him has to really hurt. On the more general level, I agree that playing the waiting game is smart if you're MB. Any player who thinks this is a normal 'UFA frenzy' year is out of their minds and several of these guys playing hard--to-get may regret it in the end. Guys like Hall or Pieterangelo will be fine but the middle and lower range guys may get squeezed. So much the better if the Habs can benefit.
  3. Commandant, what is your assessment of Anderson anyway? It's been mentioned that you wanted the Habs to avoid him, but I for one would be interested in a more developed elaboration.
  4. Yep, it's a significant risk. Part of me respects that MB took it, however. He has swung for the fences on a player who - if he pans out - will be the type of high-impact guy teams drool over, that elusive 25-goal, hard-skating, hard-hitting power forward that will be the envy of every other franchise. And seems built for the playoffs to boot. And I agree that if it doesn't pan out, MB should be fired. He already took one huge gamble which blew up in his face with Drouin. You don't get two of those. Or at least, you shouldn't. We have to be aware that Weber's window is closing and so, to a lesser extent, is Price's. The organization has clearly flipped the script and now sees itself as on the cusp of doing real damage. MB, in other words, is all in. The core we have now is all MB's - which, I believe, is what his ego has wanted all along, a team that is truly "his." That's the hill he's decided to die on, and if it doesn't pan out over the next 2-3 years, he deserves to die on it.
  5. Oh yeah, if Anderson gets back on form and stays there, we will love this contract. It just seems weird that a guy with 4 points in his RFA year, with the league in a flat cap, manages to score a deal this big. The Habs seemed to just forego any pretense of having leverage. If Anderson turns put to be injury prone, or else just regresses to being the guy he was before 2018-19 (basically Joel Armia), it will be a disaster. The Habs took a big 7-year risk here based on one breakout season.
  6. I'm sure they would listen...but the Habs are not positioned to be able to trade defencemen. There are still some D of note on the market. The Canucks had better sign one. If they can't afford Peiterangelo, they should at least give Barrie a look. One curious aside in all this is that good old Jordie Benn may end up seeing more ice time. He was basically an expensive black ace a good portion of last season. EDIT: As much as l'affaire Cunneyworth soured me on Molson, I'll say this much: he ponies up the dough. Montreal has a rep as an organization that goes first-class. That the interfering real estate moguls who run the Canucks appear unwilling to eat bad contracts shows up the value of having a generous owner. Imagine if Alzner was still on the team because the owner refused to swallow a bad contract, and you see what might be Van's dilemma. Let's be grateful for small mercies.
  7. Boy...Calgary pilfering two Vancouver stalwarts in Tanev and Markstrom. That may well help to rekindle what was once a half-decent rivalry. I think their G will be fine, but the Canucks, who were already pretty sketchy on the back end, will miss Tanev and possibly their equivalent to Mete, Troy Stetcher. They'll need to figure something significant out on D or else regress for sure. They seem now to be paying the price for wasting massive cap space on bloated salaries in their bottom 6. I keep waiting to see them get creative with that dead money - ship someone out somehow, move Erickson to the farm, *anything* - but they seem inert. Ownership's unwilling to eat bad contracts like Molson did with Alzner, I guess.
  8. Well, that's boring... They need to sign a bottom-6 FW, but I guess MB feels the overall asking prices are too rich. Certainly, some adjustments to expectations will probably be in order, given the leagues' bizarre financial situation due to Covid.
  9. Huge news in Van, but I actually think going with Demko and a seasoned #1a is a smarter move in terms of cap management.
  10. Bit of a make-or-break season for Mete, methinks. Is he a potential #4 puck-moving D? Or is he just a fleet-of-foot bottom-paring guy? Time to answer that question.
  11. I think that "cautious optimism" should be the watchword. The team we have right now is, in a sense, built for the playoffs. We have big, strong, hard-to-play-against guys on D, an elite puckmover in Petry, and decent depth in Mete and Romanov. We have an ace goalie and an actually legit backup. At FW, we have no stars, but we do have five potential top-9 FWs who fit the bill of in-your-face tough grind-em-down matchups in Gally, Anderson, Armia, Danault, and Kotkaniemi. The question to my mind is not whether this team can do damage in the playoffs; I think it can. The question is whether it can get to the playoffs in the first place. I'm pretty confident that Suzuki will be fine, but like most sophomores he will probably have his ups and downs; and if the downs occur at key times it could prove costly. And a great deal rides on Kotkaniemi. If KK plays in beast mode like he did for those 10 post-season games, then I'll say right now this group will, barring wildfire injuries, make the playoffs. But if he falters, suddenly we will be exposed as a team with only one experienced C and not a ton of offensive talent. That is an awful lot riding on a kid who has really done nothing up to this point in his NHL career. So, cautious optimism. No more than that.
  12. WOW!! 😮😮😮 I sure wasn't expecting that from Mr. "Handles Nickles Like Manhole Covers" Bergevin. This is a huge risk on a guy coming off a disastrous season. I don't understand why there wasn't any sort of haircut following from the combination of flat cap and terrible season. It's as if the Habs felt they had no leverage. What all of this says to me is that the Habs' pro scouting staff absolutely loves this guy: he must be someone they've wanted for a long time. And now that they have him they're like, "damn the torpedoes, you're our guy!" They'd better be right.
  13. Well, there's a difference between a "star" and a "superstar." Hall is the former, McDavid the latter. I strenuously disagree with the boldfaced part, for the same reasons Commandant enumerated. Playmaking is an indispensable offensive skill, and there is a reason points totals do not differentiate between goals and assists. What makes a player a star is their ability to manufacture offence. That's what counts.
  14. The problem is that, between Danault and Suzuki, Domi was "out" as a top-6 C. Even if KK crapped out, those other two guys would be ahead of him on the C depth chart. He clearly did not want to play with plumbers like Lehkonen and clearly did not want to be used on W. This is what happens when you start to have legitimate depth at a position. It squeezes out guys who are one-dimensional or have other limitations in their game. And when those guys get squeezed out, you flip them to address other weaknesses. The only problem with Domi's departure from my POV is that it leaves the team with exactly one C who has any significant NHL experience. That is not a tenable situation and will need to be rectified sooner or later (probably via a cheap 4th-line C pickup). But that was still not a reason to keep Domi, because Max by all accounts wanted to be used in a top-6 role. And that made no sense for this team.
  15. I have to say that I have trouble with the whole "Hall will create too many cap complications" argument. I mean, of course the deal has to make some sort of basic sense when it comes to dollar and term. But there seems to me something a bit perverse about arguing that we dare not add him because it will disrupt the cap structure of our FW complement. Let's not forget that our FW complement is middling at best. Not adding a legitimate top-line W in order to avoid disturbing a mediocre equilibrium seems like way overthinking it to me. Like 'how will we be able to resign Tatar?' First of all, it is not clear that we should resign Tatar. He is a very fine player, I love his hockey IQ, but much will depend on his contract demands as a 30-year-old. And let's remember that he was complete fishwaste in the playoffs. Second, a lot of other things will happen between now and next off-season. Allen may be off the books, there will be bodies lost to expansion, who knows what all will go down. Not signing an upgrade because, y'know, he may cause cap trouble eventually just seems dreary to me. Sign the huge roster upgrade, sort out any further ramifications down the line when necessary.
  16. This X100. Drouin is an improved version of Galchenyuk. One erratic and frustrating LW is enough.
  17. I don't like the 3rd rounder, but am happy with the one-for-one return.
  18. Exciting if you ask me...but I've been disappointed so many times in the past regarding top UFAs signing here that I'm not going to read too much into it https://montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/nhl/hockey-inside-out/canadiens-could-be-one-top-three-teams-chasing-free-agent-taylor-hall
  19. Yeah, I agree. Word is he is willing to go short term with a contender. Unless our little playoff push completely changed the narrative around the Habs, that won't be us. Still, if he is interested, I sure wouldn't let concerns about his impact on our future 'salary structure' stop me from signing him. This team needs to add talent, not fret about Tomas Tatar in 2022.
  20. Hall has several seasons at a PPG or close to it. He also has some years where he was well under that bar. His lifetime PPG average of 73.6 actually seems quite a fair representation of what you can expect. Book him for 60-70 points assuming 82 games (which is hardly a sure thing with this guy) and you're probably safe. He'd be a huge addition.
  21. Hall would be a wonderful addition...it all comes down to contract.
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