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  1. Habs vs Caps - 7:30 EST.

    - Bridge contract for Subban - Keeping Desharnais as a top six centre - Thinking the team's problem against Ottawa was they needed to get tougher. - Skipping on Jagr due to a personal grudge. - Skipping on Robinson because he was impatient and wanted JJ Daigneault in an NHL position. - Hiring Therrien - Publicly congratulating Subban on negotiating a number a couple hundred thousand higher than what Bergevin was offering. - Going after Lecavalier and Briere hard - Signing Briere when there was already too many centres so Therrien played a veteran natural centre on the wing. - Letting Timmins draft Connor Crisp - Acquiring Vanek and being fine with Therrien dropping him down the lineup, making the trade pointless. - Needing to fill the 1RW spot, trading for Parenteau to make up for the Briere mistake. Therrien once again clearly doesn't like him. Has to be bought out. - Prioritizing a 2RD over a 2LD when it was clear the plan needed to be about who would one day replace Markov, and not using young players like Beaulieu and Tinordi (who couldn't make Therrien happy) to do it. - Fighting Subban tooth and nail on his new contract once again, this time publicly losing as everyone knew Molson had to step in. - No strategy set by the coach for Galchenyuk to be a top six centre. Keeps Plekanec, Desharnais, and Eller which meant Therrien never had to try Galchenyuk at centre if he didn't want to. Could have traded someone to force Therrien's hand but did not. - After the team's best season despite a second round exit for lack of scoring, Bergevin only signs Semin and Fleischmann. Still no decision on 2LD as Markov is getting older and as he does, the need turns into a 1LD. - Does nothing when his Hart trophy goalie goes down. Relies on a rookie and a career backup on his way out. James Reimer is available all season to any team. Eventually goes to San Jose at the deadline for peanuts. - Still won't trade a centre to make a spot for Galchenyuk. - Calls Subban a Hab for life when rumours break that Bergevin has been talking to teams about him. Threatens NHL action on the Canucks for talking openly about it. Talks more about how Gretzky was traded. Trades Subban the last day he can before the NMC is activated. - Chases Lucic, a left winger. Fails, so he tells remaining free agents he won't give them more than a one year deal. Perron says no. Radulov says yes but wants two years. Bergevin says one or none. Radulov signs. Habs for the fourth time acquire a top six RW with a temporary contract (Ryder, Vanek, Parenteau, Radulov) - Blames the bad season on himself so nobody will be fired. Then blames it on injuries. Defends Subban trade by saying there's things about Subban we don't know about. - Still has not filled the 2LD spot so Therrien plays Emelin with Weber. Eventually gives up and plays the old men together. - Galchenyuk once again moved off centre after proving himself because he came back too early from an injury. Eventually re-signs Galchenyuk after telling the world he won't be a centre. This season proves it, as pretty much everyone gets a shot except Galchenyuk. - After several failing seasons in the AHL as head coach, team allows Lefebvre to look for new work. Doesn't fill his spot, then when he fails, gives him his old job back. - Trades the one guy who could actually fill the 1LD spot for Drouin. Decides Drouin will be a centre. - Doesn't re-sign Radulov or Markov after take it or leave it offers. - Trades Pateryn for something his wife said, for a guy who goes on a hot streak despite a career proving he's nothing more than a third pair guy. Protects third pair guy in expansion draft. Brings him up as a potential first pair partner for Weber. He's in the top four currently playing worse than almost any defenceman in the league. There's more but I have run out of time and my finger is sore.
  2. Habs vs Bruins - 7:00 EST.

    I'm sorry what
  3. Habs vs Bruins - 7:00 EST.

    Why? This team is winning nothing this year. Next year the Lightning will still be good, the Bruins will still be good, the Leafs might be better, and the Habs at best will be fighting for a wildcard spot with the worst defence in the league and still relying almost entirely on Carey Price, now the highest paid goalie in the league. You want to keep that together? You want to keep a wildcard team at best together? Maybe second in the Atlantic if they catch a hot streak and another team slips? There's no Cup chance with a club playing Karl Alzner and Jordie Benn in the top four and Paul Byron as their top centre. Sorry, not happening. Hasek got close with a team this bad and still, close is as close he got. Price is not Hasek, and this ain't the deadpuck era. Snap back to reality.
  4. Habs vs Bruins - 7:00 EST.

    Trade them both before they cool down. Heck Cammalleri them if you have to. Okay no don't. Just kidding. But seriously trade them with their value high.
  5. Habs vs Caps - 7:30 EST.

    I'm quite good with promising prospects and picks. People thinking we're gonna get an established top six centre plus prospects and picks for Pacioretty are out of their mind. Maybe in 13-14, not today.
  6. Habs vs Caps - 7:30 EST.

    Some people here are cool with that. Danault will need a new contract this summer, two seasons of 40 points, can't wait to see his $3.5M deal for three years.
  7. Habs vs Caps - 7:30 EST.

    Then you are holding onto Pacioretty, and allowing him to become a free agent. So either he walks and you get nothing for him because your demands were ridiculous, or you re-sign him and now you got a veteran on the wrong side of his career and are paying for his previous value priced contract (which he fired his agent for). I would have traded Pacioretty seasons ago, when his value was even higher. That might have got you a top six centre. Today your best bet is a prospect centre who could grow into a top six centre. Maybe the Kings want to turn around their season and send Vilardi for Pacioretty? Doubtful.
  8. Trade Price

    There will be another lockout to look forward to, which I'm sure will contain more compulsory buyouts.
  9. Habs vs Caps - 7:30 EST.

    2018, 2019, and 2020 all have potential franchise players going first overall. 2020 I've heard people tell me could be a very deep draft, with Quinton Byfield possibly generational and Alexis Lafreniere the best French Canadian centre since Giroux. You land a first overall in any of those drafts and you're changing things. You get Top 5 picks? Wow. Serious chance to turn it around. That's why I want to tear the club down. Make those picks as high as possible. 2018 isn't good for high end centres, but 2019 and 2020 will be. We got three second round picks this summer too. By 2020-2021, if this team gets a GM ready to strip the club and get to "Below Buffalo" levels in the Atlantic, we got a real shot of turning the club around. But if Bergevin gets a second chance and they try to bounce back or something, this process could take longer. If we get a GM who wants to turn the team around, it'll definitely take longer. We cannot afford a Dave Nonis situation. There are some special players in the next three years.
  10. Trade Price

    - Weber is getting older and we don't know how close to 100% he will be after his injury - Price will now cost $10.5M - We are losing our best defensive centre in Plekanec unless we re-sign him for cheap - Pacioretty will be one season away from a raise from his $4.5M - Alzner will be in year two of the worst contract given to a free agent since David Clarkson - The prospect pool is shallow - The club is still lacking a legitimate top four LD This club would bounce back like a watermelon.
  11. Trade Price

    I agree, it's not his fault. And if the GM was better, he'd still have Markov/Subban/Radulov to push him down the depth chart so the weaknesses of his game wouldn't be so glaring. But as of how this team is built today, he's given the role of offensive driver and captain and leader of the team's offence with less than 30 points in 46 games, when every other team in the league has at least one player with 30 points. I don't blame Martin Rucinsky for 1999-00 either, but keeping him around was pointless too.
  12. Trade Price

    I agree, he is one of the best wingers in the league. But making him your best forward is like when Vanek was the best forward in Buffalo, or Gaborik in Minnesota, or even Kessel in Toronto. He shouldn't be the best forward on any club. He's the best forward in Montreal. That's the problem. And we had several years to change that and didn't. He's now coming up to his free agency in the summer of 2018. You don't keep him. You trade him and get a package back that will improve this club for the future.
  13. Habs vs Caps - 7:30 EST.

    The Habs need: - A top six driver - A first line LD - A second line LD - A first line centre They need all that while clearing out guys who cost too much for what they bring, because them existing on the roster holds others back, because these are essentially big money roles. Also, giving people a chance to redeem themselves? Bergevin had that. It was 16-17. He had to fire Therrien to save the season and the team extinguished in the first round against a team who got lit up by the freakin' Senators. He had his chance.
  14. A Plan for the Remainder of the Season, including the Deadline

    Yup. He's one wrist injury away from dropping to 10% with a lack of shooting. It's a risk.
  15. A Plan for the Remainder of the Season, including the Deadline

    And if you don't get it, you're risking him next year having a deflated shooting percentage and getting next to nothing in his UFA year. Byron is great value, and you can probably convince a few teams to go hard on him, but he probably isn't getting a better return than Maroon for one year.
  16. Trade Price

    Nah I watch plenty of other teams and have watched the Predators more than the Habs this season. Pacioretty isn't on Filip Forsberg's level as a player, even if he can produce similar offence. Neal is a better example. When Neal went cold, Laviolette put him on the bottom six. When Pacioretty goes cold, he just pulls the top line down to his level. When Forsberg goes cold, he's still trying to make things work and they just don't go in. Pacioretty goes limp.
  17. Trade Price

    Sure. It's great to just write it off as a problem every player has, but many of those players can still drive play when they can't score. Pacioretty goes limp. He becomes absolutely useless on offence, and does little to help his linemates. We've watched game after game of "Oh Pacioretty made a good drive or two!" and then he's invisible for the rest of the game. That's why he gets the Casperetty nickname. Other players might not be scoring, but Pacioretty stops playing (offensively). And without a Subban or Radulov to kickstart him, he's having the worst healthy season of his career.
  18. A Plan for the Remainder of the Season, including the Deadline

    If only the Penguins had some form of good assets, they'd be a perfect team to trade with. We could easily take Hagelin off their hands to make the return even better, but they are depleted prospect wise and their young kids are not very exciting to me. Chicago... they are interesting. Schmaltz, Duclair, DeBrincat, Hayden, all very interesting young guys for a return. Hayden and Duclair and I'd probably send Byron to Chicago with no draft picks needed back. Schmaltz is likely way too expensive and Chicago likely feels burned after the Weise/Danault deal.
  19. Habs vs Caps - 7:30 EST.

    They have sucked for the past three seasons. 15-16: no playoffs 16-17: had to fire coach to save season, first round exit 17-18: no playoffs so far The Bergevin era dream is over.
  20. Trade Price

    I can't recall who Pacioretty played with in 2010-2011 (Gomez? Desharnais? Plekanec?) but he has played well with Desharnais, Plekanec, Galchenyuk, and Danault. The Galchenyuk time was interesting because Pacioretty started developing more of a passing game with Galchenyuk finishing. The thing with Pacioretty, and let me stress this, is that he should be the definition of "enigma" but he isn't Russian so nobody gives him the title. He's a high level goal scorer but not really a sniper. He pots in a lot of goals but really isn't a powerplay specialist. He can score at any period, can pot in game winners, pot in empty net goals, but struggles in the playoffs. He's completely dependent on whether he's on a hot streak or cold streak. He's also good defensively and on the penalty kill so he isn't completely useless without the puck, but he has a tendency to be passionless in games regardless if the puck is on his stick or not. I don't think the centre matters. I've seen him in international competition and he's the same player. The only question is whether he's hot or cold. That's a really good hockey player, but not a hockey player you rely on. That's a guy who is your third or fourth best forward on a deep team. It's obvious that Subban was his engine for years, followed by Radulov. They drove the truck and he parked it.
  21. Habs vs Caps - 7:30 EST.

    With Bergevin in charge? Nah, it's not realistic. My viewpoint on hockey these days is pretty simple. If you're not a top 5 club, or you're not building to becoming a top 5 club? You need to tear down. The losses of Markov and Radulov after trading Subban for Weber has firmly put Montreal in a position of loss. There is no realistic addition that can be made to the club to turn them around. Add Tavares and this is still a club with a major lack of competent players on the left side of their defence. Tear the club down, rebuild through the draft, shoot for 2020-2021 to start going back for a Cup.
  22. Habs vs Caps - 7:30 EST.

    I think he's cast as a leader on the team and the C is the affirmation of that. And he's a terrible leader. I doubt he inspires a lick of confidence in anyone in the locker, and pushes them to rely on other players like Price (the actual leader) and Weber. Is he one of the best regular season scorers in the league? No question. He doesn't need the powerplay and can score in any period. But he also needs a driver. He had Markov, Subban, and Radulov. He doesn't have them now, and his play has dropped hard because of it. Why keep him? This team isn't acquiring a play driver anytime soon. So he's going to be a diminishing product until he's a free agent. Wonderful. What a great thing to keep. There is no salvaging this club. It's dead. Time to start fresh.
  23. Habs vs Caps - 7:30 EST.

    I see absolutely no reasonable argument for keeping Pacioretty. Team is going nowhere, no leadership, plenty of left handed shots, needs elsewhere, he still has more value in a trade than on the roster, he's going to command more money soon, having him long term is asking for trouble, he's having his worst year but people still want him (which won't be true if we keep him, sign him to some 8x7 deal and he doesn't keep up his usual score 30 and ghost routine) and to top it off he's a guy who was always supposed to be a passenger but he's thrust into a driver role he can never really fill so having him around honestly costs the team from properly building to something. Pacioretty is a very good player but he isn't leading this team to anything. He shouldn't be a Montreal Canadien in 2019, let alone the fall of 2018.
  24. Best rivalries in hockey?

    These days the battle of California is the best hockey you can watch.
  25. Habs vs Caps - 7:30 EST.

    Fatten Pacioretty up and ship him to the highest bidder.