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  1. Both Drouin and Hudon scratched for the final preseason game...
  2. Bergevin works the phones more than any GM, so there can be a lot of smoke before there is a fire. He's no Gainey though. If a player's name is uttered in trade rumours by the main trade breakers (McKenzie, Friedman) or the team reporters (Engels, Basu) then rest assured that player is in progressing trade discussions.
  3. Trusting Bergevin's statements on trade rumors, yep, I'll get right on that.
  4. All 5 on waivers yesterday cleared and have been sent to Laval (who should be taking a run at the Calder Cup with this roster.)
  5. I think Julien and Bergevin both prefer carrying 8 defensemen instead of 14 forwards, so I don't expect Lindgren, Hudon, or Poehling to make the team.
  6. 15 forwards, 8 defensemen, 3 goalies remain. 3 more cuts have to happen. Poehling, Suzuki, and Fleury are the only bubble players remaining who don't require waivers, and it looks like Suzuki and Fleury have played their way on to Julien's roster. Bergevin has some trades to make.
  7. Not quite what Pronnman did in that article. The list just shows where they were drafted and where he had them ranked at the time. He's only updated his player analysis on them, it isn't a redraft.
  8. Plus Leskinen and Primeau from yesterday or two days ago. Barber requires waivers, he'll be listed tomorrow at noon. Evans will see NHL ice time this year.
  9. Didn't get to watch. Anyone notice Alzner (for better or worse)?
  10. What happened to Marner setting the market?
  11. Someone go make sure Point's family isn't currently locked in Brisebois' basement.
  12. I know Evans has outplayed Peca, Weise, and Hudon, but I don't know if he has outplayed Thompson. Is he better off as a 13th forward or in Laval?
  13. Not liking the amount of penalties Kotkaniemi has been taking. I'd rather see points.
  14. https://www.nhl.com/news/canadiens-reassign-14-players-to-the-ahl-laval-rocket/c-309360638 No surprises, really. Might see some waiver action in 20 minutes too.
  15. Poehling has a concussion and is out indefinitely. McCarron's groin injury will keep him out 6 weeks. Byron is not practicing today. My head hurts.
  16. Peca, Belzile, Evans connect for a goal. Could be a line in Laval.
  17. Fairbrother is no longer injured and was sent back to his junior team.
  18. Well I hope he busts one more time. I don't remember him being touted as a "can't miss" prospect when he was drafted, but rather the opposite: a high risk, high reward guy.
  19. Juulsen's headaches could explain the interest in Honka (I mean, other than Bergevin's default interest in literally every bottom 4 defenseman out there.)
  20. I'm gonna get a tattoo of Primeau's face on my face.
  21. Well Hawel didn't last long at training camp.
  22. *meanwhile at the Defenseman Blackjack table* Bergevin: "HIT ME" Julien: "Marc, I have enough guys. You can stop now." Bergevin: "HIT ME, DAMMIT!" Julien: "Please stop." DJ Khaled: "Another one!" Bergevin: " You're god damn right. Hire this man! And HIT ME." fin
  23. Ah yes, "Team C"... the "Thanks for coming out" squad.
  24. Olofsson got a shoulder injury in the lead up to training camp. Dude has an upper body of glass.
  25. I'm getting a sign in issue where I click to sign in, but it stays on the login page and doesn't tell me if I'm in or not. If I try to sign in again I get an error. If I click off the page back to "Community Home" it shows me as logged in and I can post as before. However, if I close down my browser I have to go through the whole process again. My sign in isn't being remembered by my browser like it did before.
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