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  1. The scene starts in a pitch black, featureless room. Suddenly a sliver of light pierces the darkness as a door creaks open. Dust dances about as a voice brings fresh air into the room for the first time in months... Bergevin: "Folin? ... Folin, are you there?" Folin: "...m-master? is the bad man here?" Bergevin: "It's okay. He's... busy... for now. It's time for you to go." Folin stumbles to his feet. Hope left his mind long ago. He doesn't stride to the door with thoughts of a new tomorrow, he now only does what he's told. The husk of a man leaves his prison, guided gently by his master before the jailer returns with another... Julien: "Here's your new place." Kulak: "Thanks, Coach." ~fin~
  2. *4 out of 8 assuming they miss this season. **Two 1st round exits, one 2nd round exit, and one 3rd round exit (when they lost Price.)
  3. Worst decision making I've ever seen by Suzuki. Bad reads, bad line change.
  4. Poehling has been physically engaged all game. Serious board battles.
  5. From Saturday Headlines: Habs considered trading for Sven Baertschi but ultimately decided they couldn't make it work.
  6. Domi gets a penalty for being mad someone dared defend against him. Should even get a double minor for instigating the fight too.
  7. Is it a system thing? Someone who knows better hockey than me please help me out here. I know "pucks off the glass" is outdated, but the coach can't possibly be telling them to play this softly at the blue line.
  8. Habs must be worst in the league at handling the puck within 10 feet of their blue line.
  9. Habs get a 4 on 2 and don't get a shot off. Might as well dump it in the corner and grind out a goal.
  10. Kovalchuk won't play tonight (visa issues.)
  11. I switched over to Team Tank after last night's loss, so this signing does nothing for me except that the thought of Poehling and Kotkaniemi playing with Kovalchuk instead of Weal will help make watching Habs games enjoyable til the trade deadline (where Kovalchuk is hopefully shipped to a contender for a conditional 3rd.)
  12. *Christian Folin enters Bergevin office during a meeting with Claude Julien* Folin: "Hey, sorry to interrupt. I see that you traded Reilly. If you can find a place for me next I would appreciate it. Even if it's waivers and being sent to Laval. I just want to play." Bergevin: "I understand. I'll see what I can do for you." *Folin leaves* Julien: "Who was that?" Bergevin: "I dunno."
  13. Neither. Laval plays tomorrow so he might as well play for them, and if he's needed to play on Saturday for Montreal due to an injury then he'll only play 4 minutes anyway.
  14. Good game. Tough loss. That was probably their last hope for a playoff spot.
  15. Chiarot jumped by 5 Bolts. Coincidental minors. Uh huh.
  16. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/move-scandella-says-canadiens-still-believe-playoff-hopes/ Engels points out that if the Habs continue to fall down the standings, they should be able to recoup the pick by trading Scandella again at the deadline.
  17. Everything but the goal that shift.
  18. Have you tried wishing really really hard?
  19. He wasn't even named in the title of this thread. I don't think anyone assumed he was a valuable piece.
  20. Weise going Old School to endear himself to coach.
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