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  1. A task I had to do at a job was watching educational videos on civil engineering from the 80's and making sure the captions lined up with the audio. That was more exciting and less painful than watching this game.
  2. I would say it's his fault for running a threadbare roster in Montreal AND Laval this late into the season.
  3. Gallagher out with the flu. Dressing 7 D tonight.
  4. Which is why I said 12 games instead of 14 or 13. Heck, if they want to improve Laval for their playoff push and send Ouellet or Alzner down, get Markov out of Russia and get him to 1000 regular season games as a Hab. Nothing wrong with good PR in a lost season.
  5. Similar thought, but what about someone from a European league whose season is over/ending and wants to try North American ice for 12 games? (Like the Pelicans loaning Ylonen to Laval for the rest of the year.)
  6. Hudon with ELITE puck freezing along the boards this game.
  7. Watching Boychuk skate off the ice in a panic after taking a skate blade to the eye... yeesh.
  8. Bit odd to publically tell 4 of your prospects only 1 contract spot is available. Is it a ploy to see who steps up their game to end the season?
  9. I think the strategy for winning Saturday and starting a streak is obvious: Price needs to play again.
  10. Can someone make a Google Chrome addon that changes the phrase "Habs 3rd period collapse" to "the usual"?
  11. Folin and Alzner are terrified of the puck. Definitely don't seem to trust their own play or each others'.
  12. Everybody out east busy with a netflix and chill kinda evening during the snowstorm?
  13. One more back to back March 31st/April 1st. Both road games with travel. I don't give a shit what Price wants to do. Who is running the team? It has been proven by every conceivable metric that Price performs better rested. I'd take the chance on Lindgren 1 every 4 games than Price 15 out of 16 games, because we are more likely to win those 3 out of 4 than 15 out of 16. And while this might be a horrible take, and not a hill I will die on, but I think Lindgren and Kinkaid would have performed better this season if they were playing more than once every 3 weeks. The Habs set up their backups to fail by catering to the whims of Carey Price, then act surprised when all their goalies let in 3+ goals a game.
  14. Bergevin was specifically asked at his press conference if he was offered any trades that would have made this team worse next year but better in the future, and his immediate response was, "No." Obviously he doesn't have to tell the truth. Obviously interpretations of the question can differ (a draft pick is not guaranteed to make your team better eventually. Busts happen.) But that answer and the lack of deals done of the value we'd want for Petry or Tatar level talent should tell everyone that the market wasn't what we thought it was.
  15. There was framework for a Parise/Ladd swap that fell apart at the deadline. Both players waived their trade protection to make it happen, but the GMs couldn't quite make it work with the time constraint. I expect that trade is completed at the draft. Also I doubt Parise waives his trade protection to come to Montreal.
  16. Both Lebrun and Basu have mentioned that word around the league is that Bergevin appears to be gearing up for major moves over the summer.
  17. Good lord, put Lindgren in net next game and give Price a break.
  18. I don't remember them having any kind of crazy chemistry before this, but Domi does like to hold the puck and give guys time to get open, and Byron does like using his speed to find free ice near the net, so they really should be a match made in heaven.
  19. Had enough time to read a book before shooting.
  20. That was horrid stick positioning by Tanev to let that pass through, but eyyyyyyy Byron scores in back-to-back games!
  21. This was a successful trade deadline in that everything was expected. Bergevin recognized the team wasn't close enough to the playoffs, so he got value out of most of his pending free agents. Whether you agree with The Plan or not, the organization stuck to it.
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