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  1. Are they affiliated with the Greek government? Because if they aren't the answer will be never. Same reason they didn't attack themselves after Oaklahoma.
  2. Isn't this about Affirmative Action in Universities, and not general problems with universities?
  3. I posted this somewhere else ... make a NoStar game, where all the players who make under 2 Mil per season can compete ... and they play for something they actually want.
  4. Many argue that "The Prince", by Machiavelli, was in fact a satire. However, like "The Art of War", it is incredibly insightful as to the workings of power, and the achievement of one's objectives!
  5. Yeah, I agree with you too ... very surprised. Perhaps it is my conservative side coming out. One addendum: We all know that North America has a history of being a rich white boys club ... and so Affirmitive Action was meant to counter that type of discrimination. It should be noted that AA is not the best solution, however, it is not the case of the medicine being worse than the disease ... I think that there is a better solution to the problem of discrimination, and that reverse discrimination is not it. What is it ... well I'll leave that for the pundits!
  6. Bacchus


    Pretty old story ... however, a nice balanced work out approach. Would have been nice to have seen the results in Higgins without the injury. Seems to be working great for Komi though. Not so much ohm, as wham! though
  7. Huckelberry Finn, he floated down the Mississippi without any shoes on, and smoked from a corncob pipe. True heros only exist in fiction ... it is the only way you can have the pure concentration of what you admire without the negative attributes which make us all human.
  8. more 411 http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news...c7-ac426a286f22
  9. It is about time that tuition went up at Concordia. Everyone thinks that an inexpensive education is good, but it can become detrimental when budgets are so tight that they have to get lesser scholars, lesse facilities, smaller libraries, etc. Furthermore, higher costs keep the slackers out.
  10. I wouldn't got that far. Have you ever been around South East Ontario? Windsor and all that? Lots of polution. Also, how many idiots drive at 150 KM/hr in their gas guzzling SUVs? Yes, China and India and the US are the main culprits, but Canada isn't as green as you seem to want to believe. Also, no, I don't want to become the next saudia arabia. how much do you know about that country aside from their oil production? I'd rather keep our oil for things that matter ... and not to sell to our buddies down south for cheap. Oil is used for other things aside driving cars. Medecine is one of the most important, but by no means the only product that depends on petro-chemicals.
  11. Go habs go! Hopefully we can continue our winning ways. We need a vistory here! We cannot afford the slide we had last year.
  12. Rich, very rich. I call em as I see em. You don't want to engage, don't start things in the first place. I have no beef with you. But if you care to call my opinions offensive, and disgusting , and biased, you ought to back it up. If you can't, please do not respond to my posts ever again.
  13. Ditto You make absolutely no sense. 1st, when did I call you stupid? 2nd, when did the first 2 strikes occure.
  14. My point is that you have no point. So what, you name the two original 6 (American teams) that are struggling and use it to justify that expansion is working ... or that penetrating the American market hasn't been detrimental to the game. It side steps the point. Chicago and Boston have had ownership issues for years, and have cared more about keeping their budgets tight than having a good quality team. And why would they need to do that? Oh yeah, the local population cares more about tractor pulling that hockey. That is why they aren't doing well. And, all the original 6 CANADIAN teams are doing super well. Thank you very much. (just a side note ... the team with the worst attendance in the league is St-Louis ... Americans, for the most part, do not care about hockey ... never have, probably never will. If the Blues left St-Louis I could garantee that there would not be the same hoopla that was created when the Jets and the Nordiques left Canada. Because, drum role please, Hockey is a Canadian passion (for the most part)). No, I called him a blind patriot because he reacted to what I was saying because it didn't kiss America's ass ... he agreed with my points yet called me racists (or anti-American -- where have I heard that drivel before ... something about you are either with us or against us ... ah yes, the monochromatic world of Bush and his followers ... man he has had a tragic impact on the youth today), without backing it up with any specific details. What, in all that I said, was anti-American (and not, need I remind you, tongue and cheek)? Look in the mirror. Check yourself out, and be pround of who you are. But don't be blind, and reject criticism just because you want to live the delusion that you are perfect. I can listen to criticize Canada without getting my panties in a bunch and getting all reactionary ... even when it is not properly argued or thought out. P.S. I don't have to twist your words to make you look like an idiot.
  15. Your expecting the sea levels to rise over 57 meters? I think that this is beyond comprehension. Not even the most liberal estimations project a rise of this much. Not so green in my opinion ... more like a deep dark kahki, green mixed with a lot of black, which represents the money and votes he is trying to generate. Home appliances? Please! Nuclear energy (how about energy reduction .... now that is green). And saving a (1) forest .... he is definitively un-green IMO.
  16. Meh, you are obviously a jigoistic patriot who is blind to any of the blemishes, and only see the bright spots of your nation ( Like Jack Black in Shallow Hal). I am engaged to an American, so I don't see how I can hate them. I challenge you to point out one thing in my statement that was driven by hate (tongue in cheek doesn't count!) That was my point. Glad your jingoism didn't get in the way of understanding it.
  17. Sorry, what you are saying is utterly and entirely vacuous (Your insipidity makes me believe that a twelve year old accessed your account), and I couldn'd get past this completely erroneous statement. The Blue Jackets and Predators have better attendance that Montreal, Detroit, New York Rangers and Leafs? Right! Check your facts: http://www.nhl.com/news/2006/04/269348.html If you are refering to Boston's or Chicago's attendance, remember, we do not live in a Vaccume. Other problems affect attendance. Boston has lots of problems, including, trading away their superstar for junk. Having a bargain basement team for years. Etc. Also, these two teams are AMERICAN .... and lets face it, Hockey is a CND sport, and baseball and football is American. So your argument is moot.
  18. Nice thread ... however, I'm sure interest in this game is pretty low. It counts for nothing, there wil be very few hits, no fights, no trash talking, and the score will be something silly like 19 to 15. I actually feel sorry for the goalies during these games.
  19. The Allstar game is stupid. Worst hockey in the world. I'd love to see a "No Star" game where all the players making under 2.5 or 3 Million would have a chance to play.
  20. yeah, doesn't it only get deducted if the player is on injured reserve? 10 mill player is full season, but since we would only have them for 16 games, so the math goes, it is only 2 mill.
  21. Don't really know about these jerseys, but a ton of stuff has been done to this game to try to penetrate the US market ... and most of it has been detrimental. Moving Winnipeg and Quebec to crappy markets where there are no "real" fans. The comet tail on the puck so people could follow it. The headquarters moving to NYC. Garry Bettman (former NBA boss). The list goes on. The jerseys look bad ... and there was no real point in changing them aside from making some bling ... which, of course, is a very American thing to do ... manufacturing desire for the sole purpose of making dough ... instead of out of necessity. Also, RBK over CCM ... there goes CND interests again. And BTW, we can blame the US for everything bad ... just a lot ... and to all Yanks out there ... that is what happens when you have the largest economy in the world, consume the most oil, get involved in the most wars, have the most cars per capita, create the most pollution and waste, etc. etc. So don't feel too bad ... Also, you guys make Ben and Jerry's ice cream, invented the airplane, neuclear technology, the automobile, and are leaders in most technological ereas known to man ... so if you can take your props, well, you better take your criticism too. PS - George Bush suX .... and if you voted for him, you do too!
  22. http://www.habprospects.com/modules.php?na...icle&sid=45
  23. Not necessarily. Someone might want Abie. Furthermore, teams with cap space will take a player and a draft pick or something for nothing, so that the playoff bound team can have the room to manuver. I think we will pick someone up near the trade deadline, and maybe two players. Or, we will bring up Grabovski again.
  24. Demers is an idiot. I blame him as much as I blame Corey and Tremblay for the loss of Roy. This guy would actually allow one of his players to come in to his office and tell him who should play and who shouldn't. He was a good coach because he buddied up with the players, not because of his phenominal hockey analysis. Perhaps this style would have worked with Kovalev, but I sincerely doubt it. Kovalev is doing alright by my books, and he will probably get better as the season continues and Samsonov is ejected either in to space or on to another line. Also, I agree with most of the people on this board: Wait until the playoffs Kovalev will be sick! And all his critics will be sucking his
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