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  1. Subban and Radulov both leading their team's in scoring
  2. It shouldn't even be an option to resign Plekanec. I could swallow a trade and sign, but I mean to not even get something for Plekanec at this point is just stupid
  3. Could have been 6pts out of wildcard spot with a win... You'd think these guys would have their shit together. Especially Pacioretty
  4. Definetly frustrating to watch. Price has been mediocre all year. Ya, his team is shit, but he hasn't been other worldly either
  5. Sorry, I thought you said second and a third. Sign him for what reason? At this point in his career he's meant to be on a contending team with players that produce offense, but are missing a player that can be put in a lesser role and focus soley on defense. That's not the Habs.
  6. As much as people won't want to hear it, Weber should be on the block as much as anyone. The decline is his play is going to start becoming more noticeble in the next couple years, and guess what, this team ain't competing for a cup in that span. It's counterintuitive to trade Pacioretty and keep Weber... It doesnt make sense in the grand scheme Trading Pacioretty for a player who won't be in his prime until the next 2-3 years, yet keeping Weber for that span seems pointless. The goal needs to be acquiring pieces that come into their prime near the same time.
  7. Next year things can change. Probably not, but it could happen. All that I'm saying is let's not go back down the route of keeping over the hill players. I get it if this team is close to contention and in need of a shut down guy, but that's not where this team is at.
  8. You're dreaming if you think Plekanec is getting a second and third rounder Even a second rounder is pushing it, but I think it could happen It's time to start a new era in Montreal. They don't need Plekanec and his defensive game. This team is going to be rebuilding, not pushing for a playoff spot. Let him go to a team where he can slot into 3/4 C and actually fill a void. Let the kids play. You need to see what Mccarron can do in the 3 C or even Audette. I don't like Mccarron's development, but now is the time where we need to see what these young players actually are. It's time to move on
  9. He won't be relied on to produce offense though. He'll just be shut down centre.
  10. Funny how Bergevin actually tried to build an AHL team that can win games by adding AHL vets, yet still failed. Anyone who thinks this guy can put together a winning team, is out of their minds... He just doesn't have it
  11. Weber seen today with no boot and no limp...
  12. Mete 12:36 Benn 17:33 Scherbak 8:36 These games literally mean nothing. Play the kids!
  13. I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that they're not playing Galchenyuk at centre. If they are shopping Chucky, you would think that playing him at centre is only going to increase his value ( not that I'm for trading him)
  14. The Habs lead the league this season in games scoring zero or one goal. They have 19 games with one or zero already this season. The Habs trail 1-0 after 2 periods.
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