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  1. 1st rounder if Pacioretty ever cracks a smile
  2. Solid game. Defense still made a lot of questionable plays and of course, only able to muster one goal.
  3. Played well tonight. I think that's 2 even strength goals in last 5 games though... Drouin turns the puck over like crazy. Terrible blind passes. Pulls up in the zone on every single play, telegraphs pass Jerabek looks he's getting some confidence in his game.
  4. No real issue with Shaw. It's just another player added for his character. 6 years 3.9 mill per is also pretty steep for a 30pts player. 10 goals in the next 40 games for Shaw also seems doubtful. He is 100% not the issue with this team though. He fits Julien's game plan pretty well
  5. What was Shaw brought in for?
  6. We are witnessing what happens when structure trumps creativity
  7. Julien Is all about funneling pucks to the net. It's the reason this team scores so many fluke goals. The problem with playing that brand of hockey, is it kills the east west style players. Pacioretty, Galchenyuk, Drouin... all perimeter players... what Julien is enforcing, completely contradicts how they play the game. Pacioretty has even said in an interview that the team is too worried about structure right now and it's hurting the offense...
  8. The plans for mete should be junior
  9. All these players probably wasn't the right choice of words. Mostly referencing subban
  10. The only way to improve this team at this point is with draft picks
  11. Some of the worst hockey I've watched in years. It's crazy because Bergevin traded all of these players because they didn't have "Character" or were "problems" in the dressing room, but as it turns out, it was himself that was the problem the entire time
  12. This team has pretty much quit. Habs have 1 even strength goal last 5 games. No player in top 140 in league scoring.
  13. If pieces are moving, let's hope he's one of them
  14. Next road trip maybe the team can just leave Alzner there Good start. Then defensive lapses
  15. Maybe Steve Ott will come out of retirement
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