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  1. He's going to be a quality player, no question. The injuries could definitely be there reason he looked a step behind. I'd still like to see him get a full offseason of training with the Montreal trainers. Its definitely a tweener season for Kotkaniemi. He's trying to figure his playing style out.
  2. I don't know why Kotkaniemi went home to train with his Dad. He should have stayed in Montreal, and set up a professional routine. Yes, he put weight on, but he's slow this year. There needs to be balance in gains and losses.
  3. Ya, I'll take a look I get this trade isn't solving all of our problems, and if there is a better option than trading Petry, I'm obviously all for it. I just don't see who else is going to get us a "legit" Left D. Bergevin cannot trade picks or prospects, with the way this team is playing. But, I'm sure Bergevin knows that he's going to lose his job if the shitty play continues. So, I guess, trading picks does happen? This g.m always seems to get himself into these predicaments
  4. Im not doing the trade one for one either, but the real Petry is coming to light again.
  5. You need to give up pieces to make a trade and at this point Bergevin is not trading picks and prospects. Addition by subtraction is not ideal, but Bergevin has once again painted himself into a corner Gostisbehere is a top 4 D-man. He needs a change of scenery. A 26 year old, LHD, who has put up 60 points, is worth the risk. Montreal is deep with RHD prospects.
  6. I think he's still a quality D man. His value probably isn't knocked as bad as you'd think. Seeing a trade with Petry and Gostisbehere wouldn't be unreasonable. We get our top 4 LHD, to play with Weber; Philly gets a top 4 RHD, to play with Sanheim. It's a risk I would be willing to take with Gostisbehere, and other pieces would be involved
  7. I know a lot of people like Petry on here, and I hate to trash one player , but Petry has been absolute trash... His gap control is atrocious. This is the real Petry from 2 years ago. His hockey IQ is in the basement. Everytime he's on the ice, the other team buries. Then he pouts his way back to the bench.. - 14, in the last 9 games; Garbage.
  8. This signing should have never happened. Guys numbers were shit last year too.
  9. Lehkonen has been a bright spot for sure I doubt a coaching change makes any difference in this losing streak, but it will be interesting to see what happens, if anything
  10. Longest losing streaks in #Habs history Feb 13-Mar 13, 1926 12 Dec 16, 1939 – Jan 6, 1940 9 Nov 16, 2019 – Present 8
  11. It's not going to happen, but at what point do people start getting fired
  12. Sometimes players need a new scenery. Gostisbehere seems pretty fitting of that tale.
  13. Price's 2018-19 November was similar to this year. He bounced back in a huge way the rest of the season, though. Have faith
  14. I'm old school, but I do understand that Adavanvced stats are a part of the game these days, but watching the games needs to be taken into account too My complaint about firing tons of shots on net is more about this losing streak, as I had said in my first post, with Julien's game plan looking different. I'd be interested to see Adavanved stats for the past 6 games, if thats possible
  15. Folin would Clear waivers, would he not?
  16. So, I honestly don't know what I'm looking at. When it says Montreal is 30th in the league in Corsi For. What does that mean?
  17. Show me the stats that go into detail on odd man breaks from blocked "distant" shots, when everyone else is crashing because they're trying to pull something out of nothing. #Grinding mentality.
  18. That shot by Chiarot wasn't a mirage. It was a bad shot attempt, that was blocked. Do your stats show blocked shots that lead to odd man breaks, because the entire team collapses in anticipation of a distance shot?
  19. Chiarots first attempted shot on net in the New Jersey game is what I'm talking about. Everyone is down low, and Chiarot throws a meaningless shot on net, that leads to a 2 on 1, going in the other direction .... Goal.
  20. They shoot from everywhere. If it's a non-sense shooting area or not, they're probably taking the shot They're playing for rebounds a lot and when they do this the defense crash the net. It leads to odd man breaks, the other way I didn't say anything about not shooting from high danger areas. I just see a lot of pucks thrown to the net, that are basically a turn over
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