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  1. I don't think Holland can hear you, he has his 4 Stanley Cup rings, plugging his ears
  2. I just need to not post when I'm in a bad mood
  3. Everyone on that third line has been barely nhl capable this year; I don't expect much from them. Same goes for Reilly
  4. Waked looked pretty solid at Habs main camp a few years ago.
  5. I personally think Byron should be in the press box
  6. The real question is: will I be able to stay awake for this game?
  7. Lindstrom, Yzerman, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Fedorov; all drafted by Detroit. A world class gm, drafted all of those players. Their best players were draft picks, not free agents. That's why players wanted to play there.
  8. Anytime you have McDavid and Draistl on your team, you're in win now mode
  9. Lines at practice Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Drouin - Domi - Armia Lehkonen - Kotkaniemi - Byron Cousins - Thompson/Weal - Suzuki Mete - Weber Chiarot - Petry Reilly - Fleury Kulak - Folin Price Kinkaid
  10. All of these threads are basically the same thing. I dislike Bergevin too, but there's too many of these threads being started
  11. True. Maybe I read it on here, but the article had said he has no pace to his game.
  12. They're basically in win now mode, so maybe that can be taken advantage of.
  13. Edmonton seems like a decent target. Holland is a stingy g.m, though
  14. Edmonton needs some depth scoring; Byron seems like he would be a good trade candidate.... Caleb Jones could be piece. Probably have to retain some salary on Byron
  15. I read struble was struggling with the adjustment to college hockey.
  16. 4mill is ridiculous. He's not getting 4 million
  17. He has done nothing this year. After the concussion, he has not been the same player. Not using his speed at all
  18. Chiarot is pretty awful. I don't just throw that term around, but there is literally no need for him on this tea. He's the exact opposite of a puck moving D.
  19. Probably not.... Or Fowler, but same situation
  20. Not for the PK, but Gostisbehere would be a solid trade candidate. I could also see the Habs going the entire season, with this current line up...
  21. I just want to clear the air, my post wasn't agreeing with this thread. The Kid is 19, he is the future of this organization, without question
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