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  1. One shot on goal in the final 13(ish) minutes of the period ... sigh
  2. As it is early in the season we'll have to see if that is a new "standard" the refs will apply (at least for 35-40 games or so) or just a borderline call.
  3. I don't know ... Seattle will want to defend its 1917 Stanley Cup victory and show it was no fluke 😉
  4. I also expect him to hustle/work-hard, be physical, play one of (if not) the best defensive games of his career and do all that consistanyly throughout the game ... not saying he will do all that for the rest of the season, but his engine will be running hot tonight.
  5. KK still a Hab ... in Brossard at least ... so are Mete and Lindgren from what I can make out.
  6. Perrault has always been very good on faceoffs ... and I agree about proven offensive potential, including the powerplay ... my point was just that I was somewhat surprised by the change as one game (12:32 TOI) seems very little time to judge someone who had Caufield-ish numbers last regular season (same number of gaols/assists, one more game played) ... BTW, in absolutely no way suggesting that he is as good as Caufield, just that he had decent numbers for 11 games played.
  7. Hopefully the Habs play UP to the level of Carolina ... and the Blowhards down to the Habs' level
  8. If Molson hasn't made the move by now, despite not MB not having a contract for next year, I doubt that he does anything until the end of the season ... unless there is an in-season extension ... or the team does so ridiculously poorly by Christmas that it is the only way to keep the pitchforks and torches away from the Bell Centre.
  9. NOT saying I thought that Brooks played well last game ... but one game seems like an incredibly short leash.
  10. Unlikely to not have been claimed by the time the Habs have their chance (until the order is re-set on November 1st anyway) ... but likely worth a shot
  11. As for the discussion of Gainey versus GOAT trades ... if I recall correctly there was some delegation by Gainey to GOAT after Bob's daughter perished in an sailing accident ... so some trades in Gainey's tenure may have been made, likely with BG's permission, by GOAT.
  12. Interesting speculation ... Martin Lemay (host on 91.9 Sports) apparently wondered on-air if an issue with extending Bergevin may be that Habs are for sale ... I could not believe that it wouldn't leak out somewhere (i.e., as a BIG story in its own right) if that were true ... but there would be some logic in not burdening new owners with a GM signed for multiple (3/4/5) years.
  13. Caught bits and pieces of the game ... Lavallagher showed one of his strengths ... Harvey-Pinard managed to draw a penalty barely 10 seconds into a Rocket powerplay and they then scored on the 5-on-3 ... they did this weird thing where players actually moved around the ice, switching "positions" while still moving the puck quickly ... maybe they should play that video for the Habs
  14. 10. The next item of business for Ottawa is Erik Brannstrom. You can read the tea leaves, it will be tough for him to find a consistent spot. But the Senators do recognize his talent, and they will ask real value from teams calling about him. From Friedman's 32 Thoughts ... mid-first round pick by Vegas ... seemingly the key part of the return in the Mark Stone trade ... 4th year in the NHL, all with Ottawa, but has not managed to become a regular position with the Senators ... perhaps in need of a change in scenery ... I defer to those more capable in analyzing players, and actual analytics, in asking if he could be a worthwhile could acquisition ... $1,313,333 AAV ... if worth bidding for, what would be reasonable?
  15. Guess we can agree to disagree on Caufield ... but I agree the PP has been a long-standing issue ... Burrows was acclaimed for the initial PP improvement when he took over, but they never managed to quite get up to the median of the league last regular season ... and despite making the Finals the Habs were a very pedestrian 18.9% (middle of the pack, 8th of 16) in the playoffs ... if the PP doesn't turn around in the near future I would not be surprised to see Burrows sacrificed to the wolves ... not many coaches in the fourth year of their coaching careers do it in the NHL.
  16. It may require more even distribution of TOI as I don't see Kulak as up to the 18+ minutes 5-on-5 that Petry normally plays Worth a look ... assuming "Zukes" means Suzuki ... personal nickname or does the team use it? Don't know that you want to put that sort of pressure on the shoulders of a rookie who thus far has not matched his success in the 4 regular season games last year, or even the lesser but still impressive success from the playoffs ... let him get his game and confidence together before asking him to be the PP saviour.
  17. Bergevin had a press conference earlier today ... Weber hasn't had any surgeries since the season ended ... that the specialist who previously operated on Weber's ankle feels that further surgery would not improve anything ... and that he felt it is a long-shot that Weber plays again ... starts at 17:10.
  18. Per RDS: Drouin - Dvorak - Anderson Hoffman - Suzuki - Gallagher Toffoli - Perreault - Caufield Lehkonen - Evans/Brooks - Paquette/Armia Kulak - Petry Chiarot - Wideman Romanov - Savard Power Play Toffoli Drouin - Dvorak - Hoffman Petry Perreault Caufield - Anderson - Suzuki Wideman
  19. Hope the new job goes better than the habs season to date.
  20. His bosses (NBC) lost the NHL contract and the newbies (ESPN/TURNER) apparently didn't offer him a job ... I totally agree he took the job as a step towards a GM position ... be it Ottawa or elsewhere.
  21. Would the Sens stand in McGuire's way if he go a GM offer? He may even have an "out" clause for a GM job. NOT advocating for him, just pointing out he may not necessarily be off the table.
  22. Game on TVA ... 7:00 pm ... versus the Newfoundland Growlers ... Laffs ECHL affiliation ... won't watch it live, but will record it Uniforms aren't bad, but love the logo (I'm a former Newf owner)
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