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  1. I was in NO way defending Mailloux … but in the legal sense there is quite a difference in the crimes
  2. At some point the cap space may be worth minimal return
  3. Like Bergevin and every other GM/management team since 1993?
  4. I meant about whether they build up the organization to a better size, covering all the bases … obviously it will take much longer to assess the quality/performance of on and off-ice additions.
  5. I was looking at a straight deal *** IF *** Gallagher can get his game together
  6. More IMO … LM grossly violated the young lady’s privacy and confidentiality by taking the picture and sharing it but otherwise her participation was voluntary
  7. So true … it would take a team that wants him at a reduced AAV … don’t see HuGo retaining a huge portion, but maybe $1.5-2 million … but don’t see even that happening unless BG has a a very good season next year
  8. Gallagher has a 6 team NTC … Toronto may seem like a logical inclusion (like Gorges not wanting to go) but like it or not they are a Cup contender quality roster … after a taste last season BG may now have different priorities …
  9. I would be glad to see all 5 gone … but doubt Price and Gallagher are going anywhere
  10. And by the end of the summer we will be in a position to judge what HuGo have built
  11. Could have been the eight best players, names we all know, or the eight worst, names few would recognize … or a mix … no sense speculating as such tar will stick to the innocent as much as the guilty
  12. I agree Torts doesn't seem like a rebuild coach, and if Philly wants to make any significant roster changes they will need cap space. I wonder ... *** IF *** the Flyers went for that deal, then might JVR (50% retained) and Anderson be the basis of a deal for the #2 pick? To quote Lotto 6/49 ... 1st, 2nd, 5th ... JUST IMAGINE (yes I know it won't happen)
  13. I would argue that none of the three terms (above) is "clear" ... especially collectively ... it is why even the on-ice and off-ice officials cannot be consistent with interpretations, let alone we mere mortals.
  14. I like the intent ... but alter their movement to attempt to contact the puck is still plenty subjective ... just a new kind of argument ... but it could be a first step on a journey to clarity.
  15. At least AK could/should join the Habs as a skills coach and PP consultant
  16. Drive and push however have a connotation of imparting force rather than merely re-directing ... but it all shows the need for a more precise rule that eliminates, or at least minimizes, subjectivity.
  17. A name I've seen in a few different places is Alain Nasreddine ... 12 years as a pro assistant coach (5 in AHL, 7 with NJD), including a half season as NJD interim HC ... but no idea if there is a MSL connection.
  18. It is my assumption but, to be certain, is the "way" either AHL or AHL/ECHL?
  19. 🤮 Agree ... No way should they hire someone who has NEVER been a coach when their role will be to develop the youngsters coming down the pipeline.
  20. I suspect that *** IF *** the Russian invasion of Ukraine plays any role it may be more for players playing in Russia than for those who created some sense of separation by already coming to North America.
  21. Congratulations to Luke ... he's put in the time/work to EARN such a position. NOW ... another round of speculation starts about his replacement ... but can we skip Larry Robinson's name please ... he is 71 years old and hasn't been a bench coach for many years.
  22. Renderings always look good ... just keep my Municipal, Provincial and Federal tax dollars out of it ... although I expect they will get a sweet deal from the NCC on the land on which the arena will be built.
  23. IN GENERAL ... a word that is often overlooked is "propelled" ... deflecting is not IMO propelling a puck ... propelling, IMO, requires that the skate add momentum to send a puck into the net that otherwise did not have the momentum to do so.
  24. I believe I recall reading that they did ... at the World Championships ... and then met "socially" at the Combine, just not over dinner
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