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  1. 8 games for Hamilton ... would have been nice if they had re-signed him rather than keeping Tokarski ... but Devin wasn't just looking for a NHL job ... he wanted to play
  2. For anyone who doesn't like looking things up ... after two periods As noted, Fleury at 7:41 ... slightly ahead of Mete ... both well behind Ouellette Nice to see that being on the "4th line" hasn't hurt Max's minutes
  3. Never said it was ... but it could be 4-0 ... NOT the fault of Price ... but basically this team is built on Carey being the 2014-15 Price ... which he isn't any longer ... few have ever or will ever be.
  4. At this point Mete has the lowest TOI and couldn't tie up Kerfoot's stick on the third goal ... Ouellette hasn't looked great either ... Fleury has not been noticeable ... often a good thing for a defenceman ... 3rd pairing still an issue
  5. Domi line also playing well ... think he makes much more sense stylistically playing with those two than would KK
  6. A couple of nice saves ... but it could be 4-0 if not for a couple of close-in shots being put over the net ... Habs team defence still not great ... at one point in the first they had 5 players in a semi-circle around Price ... all within 6-ish feet ... with one Leaf behind the net
  7. Anderson may need a Red Bull to stay awake
  8. I've got the TSN690 radio broadcast (off their website) synced up to the TVA broadcast ... used TVA because if the su=ync proved to be a pain I rather suffer through TVA than the Sportsnet guys.
  9. IMO it is NEVER a "clean hit" when the opponent goes flying uncontrollably into the boards ... Glad Belzile seemed OK
  10. Glad Fleury is getting a chance ... IMO best option of 3RHD SHOCKED that Belzile is dressing ... thought Poehling or Evans would get the chance ... Alex only played 20 games this season (all in Laval) ... all three are centres so any of them might make sense to replace Weise ... if only for depth on faceoffs ... unless Dale is playing much better than he did this season (in AHL or NHL) of course
  11. Admittedly circa 2014 ... but the spirit is always the same
  12. Yah ... Nathan Beaulieu's too ... but in the 2nd/3rd/4th rounds it is worth drafting TALENT ... Beaulieu proved to be a mistake because the Habs drafted TALENT in the first round that had no heart/head ... Reilly was a 4th rounder (by CBJ) so actually not a bad pick, just didn't pan out
  13. Interesting article from The Athletic (if you have a subscription) on Jeremy Poirier ... seems to be an absolute elite offensive D prospect who is run down for his defence, perhaps too much ... is still only 17 and has played his two seasons in the Q on the youngest team in the league, in the midst of a full rebuild ... only defenceman to outscore him was teammate William Villeneuve (also 17, but 2.5 months older) ... Poirier is ranked from 21st to 52nd (per Elite prospects - ignoring NHL Central Scouting as it is 18th among North American skaters) and Villeneuve 50th to 105th ... Habs could have a shot at both with all their picks (three 2nds, two 3rds and three 4ths) ... defence can be improved, offence cannot be taught ...
  14. If they had Andreas Athanasiou on RW the line wouldn't be as good but the nickname would be better: TADAAA
  15. I am of two minds on the second point ... TO loses and the NHL likely rigs () another lottery to give Leafs lafreniere
  16. Hopefully the extra D is Fleury as I would rather him at 3RHD than Mete on his offside ... would then like to "The Fly" Mete and Ouellette as the strengths of each seem to be the weakness of the other At forward likely between Poehling and Evans ... think Evans more likely to be useful NOW ... still hope Poehling and surpass him in the next year or two
  17. That would be logical and the right thing to do ... Habs don't always follow that approach
  18. But at a certain point, if the strategy is sound but the players aren't doing what the coach wants that is as bad a job of coaching as bad strategy.
  19. OR ... it could be the coaching emphasizing the BOMBER and things working better when that player is out
  20. This is where the loss of Thompson hurts, he was a key on the PK Looks like Danault/Lehkonen and Byron/Armia likely the workhorses versus Pittsburgh ... from what looks like the roster based on practices Weise/Suzuki would look like the occasional 3rd pairing ... an argument could be made for dressing Poehling or Evans on the 4th line rather than Weise if the PK is a priority
  21. 100% ... just don't like celebrating the circumstances surrounding the habs current situation as "good luck" ... not saying illWill (despite his handle) meant it like that
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