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  1. Suzuki is so far ahead of KK its not even funny... Suzy has outplayed literally every C he went against in the last 2 playoff seasosns... With that said KK literally just turned 21 not even 2 months ago. I wouldn't worry to much yet. His frame is filling out and when he's no longer pushed around you'll see a new KK I'm sure...
  2. We will see enough of him in Detroit next year...
  3. I thought he'd get over 3 which made sense to why he wasn't qualified
  4. So Hoffman lines up with Kk? Anderson Suzuki Caufield Hoffman KK Toffoli Byron Evans Gallagher Lehks Paquette Armia Drouin Poehling Perry* Ylonen I believe there's a side deal in place for Perry after the dust settles.... A trade has to be coming soon
  5. Molson playing both sides to save face... what an embarrassment TRUDEAU to me was even worse. The PM piping in on about minor for political gain is disgusting of a PM. We the general public have made this 100x worse for the unnamed woman.
  6. A trade has to be in the cards... especially if you consider poehling gets a fair shake at making the club... Does Perry and MB have a handshake in place to sign once the dust settles? We still need another Dman I believe to...
  7. Perry Getzlaf armia would of been intriguing. Perry Poehling Armia Paquette poehling Armia Still not done I believe
  8. Here we go again.... Like the Habs have ever been anything righteous.. especially in Mtl where the partying has been second to nowhere in nhl cities!! Are we still talking Hoffmans past? Seriously? Especially with this forums inability to have civil discourse on non hockey talk about the off ice lives of men In the NHL. its all cancel this virtue that victim this. This world is heading for ruin if we keep it up.... Logans victim had her body unwillingly showcased? Show me where that is stated anywhere but for somebody making it up to make it sound even worse then it already is. Enough with the virtue signaling please everyone... you don't need to impress anybody here but with your hockey knowledgE If it's to much to handle take a breAK from the habs and hockey.... Can we stick to hockey talk? This thread is about the Hoffman signing!!! I come here for habs and hockey talk... all that other stuff belongs on twitter But I will add Molson statement today was 6 days to late and so embarrassing and Trudeaus was even more so. BACK TO HOCKEY...
  9. If Perry signs he'll play as well he should. I still hope he does and can for another fearsome 4th line with Armia and hopefully Poehling rises to the occasion
  10. But that deal is off the table... Pies Suter would be a very nice addition to push Evans Poehling and Paquette And I still think Hakanpaa is a solid depth player. There just isn't a mobile puck mover on the UFA market worth having... maybe Norlinder is further along then we think
  11. We can go over CAP and straighten things out later
  12. Getzlaf or Pies Suter Perry Lehks Kk Hakanpaa or Chara
  13. Breaking Savard to MTL 4 x3.5M Very do-able... Same as Chiarot and Edmundson
  14. My UFA shortlist barring top no brainers like Hamilton and DeAngelo and Ryan Suter... Would be Getzlaf or Pies Suter on the forward side for depth at C Hakpanaa or Montour or...... Zdeno Chara for the 3rd pair! That's right Chara I wouldnt mind a trade package to send a couple forwards and picks to upgrade LW With a legit point producer... (take a flyer in Tarasenko? On the cheap)
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