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  1. Does anyone know the name of the song played during Beliveau tribute
  2. It's official... I'm done either the reverse jersey. As beautiful as it is... we started losing once we put it on
  3. I would think the grade should be in relation to there position... An example Petry as a #2 is surely at A+ Toffoli as 3rd line LW surely an A+ Tatar as 1A/1B LW a C Price as #1 B Allen as a backup A What is the grade of Evans and Lehkonan performance in relation to their position? Not who's the best on the team ... thats simply to easy an analysis
  4. Just to be clear... I know of nobody who wanted Racicot over Roy...
  5. id argue justification of Weber being ahead of Petry...
  6. keep in mind we are 15th in the league in PK all the while playing against 3 of the top PP units in all of hockey LY (VAN, EdM and TO) with some serious weapons. So, I do believe they've held there own exceptionally well, and if not for some PP goals scored in bunches by VAN in one game they could be top 10... which would be even more impressive given the competition. As for the physicality, Im sure we all envy the "team toughness" of say the Bruins, flyers or Sharks that seem to always be the case year over year. The habs use to be a team like that in the 70's and 80's when they had the horses but more so that winning attitude/ swagger. The point is I would love a team that had a "Mess with one of us, Mess with all of us" attitude again!!! That is the point some of us are making here... This type of team toughness I am 100% for and always will be. Surely we all are. As for Don, he likes to play devils advocate on many occasions per say, helping to fuel this thread most times... I rather enjoy that back and forth read as useful info ends up being the final result
  7. i agree on this one... he didn't even lay the body. It was basically gloves to face. if this was not one of our beloved, we wouldn't be thinking twice about it...
  8. I dont even think the head shot was that bad... CalgarY CLEARLY came to play after losing 3 straight and falling quickly, players only meeting etc... They were finishing there checks... KK turned and evaded Dube slightly and dube reached out with gloves to make contact and hit him in the face... big deal it was gloves to head though and not a shoulder or body check to the head. Guys are constantly gloving guys in the face. We all sound like little Bi$$$ches Myers on Armia was 100 times worse!
  9. KK is growing in stature... hes getting stonger and stronger on the puck... good times ahead
  10. I'm not worried at all about faceoffs. They'll come around. EVANS has been a revelation thus far and he along with his wingers are playing more to the tune of a 3rd line then a 4th. Kk was relentless yesterday, he had Toffoli are really playing well together. Perry and his 35 yr old legs dont seem to out of place either short term. CALGARY just cannot match us line by line and we haven't even mentioned the TDG line yet. At what point do we start mentioning Suzuki as a star in this league amongst the best C's in hockey? He has the junior pedigree! I mean the guy continues to defy the odds and win matches consistently head to head vs the very best in the business. Not to mention he continued right where he left off in the bubble and is a PPG. Note* Jonathon Drouin has 8 points in 7 games? LoL
  11. Nonetheless, I'm more then satisfied we have Suzy
  12. That was basically a swap of two 22 yr olds both having contracts coming up in a year. If they were able to land Laine, surely they wanted Suzy
  13. Personally, I think Torts needs to go. Columbus has lost alot of talent these last few years Panarin etc. Torts seems to be the common denominator here (my opinion only). With that said, the going rate for a big boy 22 year old C who has already put up 60 points and shown to step up to the plate in the playoffs is very significant. I dont want to trade for Dubois just yet either. Im definitely not willing to trade Romanov if his first 5 games are any indication of what to expect from him going forward. So far, I see the same guy who absolutely dominated WJC already begin to translate that game to the NHL level (obviously alot more to show and prove but the signs are clearly there). That is very good news to all us Habs fans!! Im very skeptical to move KK. I get Dubois is heavier and CLBS #1C but KK has yet to fully fill out and when he does at 22yrs old he'll be just as big. So Dubois for KK buys us 2 years of development and production (but at what cost?) I believe every game that goes by, KK's value increases. His line is now scoring and although he missed out on a few points last night like the first goal as an example, I can see him begin to find the scoresheet on a more regular basis. He actually had a really good game yesterday. By the end of the season his value should sky rocket to. Obviously Dubois is moving now so Im happy to just stand pat. Suzuki I believe is not even in the equation. He's to good. At this point Suzuki might actually be more valuable 1 for 1 as a pure point producer then Dubois. If its KK for Dubois and a 2nd or 3rd, OK pull the trigger. But anything more and im out I just think we are undervaluing KK...He's a 20yr old kid filling out. He'll go to CLBS as their new #1C and play 21:00 a night and we will complain we let him go cause he will flourish under a Finnish GM giving him every chance in the world. i wanna stay pat.
  14. Regardless habs will have to give up salary unless they are able to make other deals... Personally think MB only gets him if he's getting him on the cheap otherwise he's out
  15. Darren dreger reporting Dubois deal imminent... as soon as tomorrow
  16. I know its Pierre McGuire... but, he's now claiming the Habs are the fastest and could very well be the most talented team in the league from top to bottom. How quick the analysts and pundits jump on board Note* Nick Suzuki continues to defy odds and keep up as well as outplay (at times) the top C's in this league
  17. he's also rapidly becoming one of the best C's in the league as evidenced by his performance against some of the best C's
  18. Whats most impressive tonight is we have given up 5 PP's and they only have 10 shots after 2...
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