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  1. Anyone here interested in buying 8 or 9 pairs of tickets from me this season. Section 334 row BB https://seatgeek.com/venues/bell-centre/seating-chart/montreal-canadiens-2965/section-334 The games are up for negotiation but here is an example. Saturday Oct 28 rangers Tues Nov 7 Vegas Sat Nov 11 Sabres WEd Oct 29 Sens Sat Dec 2 Wings Tues Jan 2 Sharks Mon Jan 15 Iles Sat Feb 24 Tampa Mon Mar 19 Florida
  2. No need to worry about Carey, his game is fine. A little slump is no big deal unless it's in April-June.
  3. Shaw and Nate will have big games. Habs may lose but will be a close one.
  4. I hope Markov is having a great vacation.
  5. Great game for Plex. Keeping the streak alive. Saturday will be a great game.
  6. Markov should still get paid and the smart money would be to have him sign a contract for one year if he will take it. Even tell him that his first year of retirement the have will give him a cushy coaching job with some good money to ensure he stays happy.
  7. I think getting Duschene would be incredible and although Sergachev projects to be amazing, Duschene is a certified 1st line NHL guy. The Habs have to win the cup soon, might as well take the shot if thats they only way to improve the top 6.
  8. Well I'd still Fire Therien. But he does have them playing a pretty decent brand of hockey through all of these injuries. Here's a nice take on MT that you don't see too often from Colby Armstrong. This from @armdog on Therrien is MUST-READ.
  9. Also happy to see Al get the start. The game will be tough the Jets are big and fast. Expect a few goals for both teams tonight 4-3 Habs win.
  10. Markov unable to reach 1000 games this year now.
  11. And Playoffs is where Carey needs to prove himself. 1 that he can stay healthy 2 that he can WIN THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS
  12. I would have to say yes. Or you can interpret it as they are doing well despite him and would even be better without him. Who knows maybe Scherbak has a hat trick against the Leafs Saturday if one of us was the AHL coach.
  13. Chris is right. Especially a successful trip. To win tonight will have to hold the Caps to two or less. I'd bet on a 4-2 Caps win. Got a bad feeling Jay Beagle will score tonight.
  14. Boy I would trade those two points for Byrons head and Gallaghers hand.
  15. An hour of skating is excellent. Sounds like both guys are on the good side of the estimation. Should be less than 3 weeks away if skating hard for an hour.
  16. Hmm. Should be a lot more goals tonight, anyone else feeling a 4-3 overtime win?
  17. Love that Canes story! Thanks for sharing.
  18. Still no Markov. Looks like my suspicions were correct. Hope he's healthy enough to play in March.
  19. Would this work? http://www.faketicketgenerator.com/
  20. Hilarious that the PP managed to score twice, looked brutal on their first few chances and both PP goals were off the rush. They only really set up once. Radu has not been as spectacular as of late.
  21. Anyone think the Markov injury is worse than the Canadiens are letting on? Or are they just giving Andrei a nice extended Christmas with his family?
  22. Tremendous response and you make some excellent points. However I believe the Habs team with Patch gone and Simmonds in makes the Habs a far better and tougher playoff opponent. We shall never know. And your point about who they use the pick on is also very important as that could be the deal breaker. I do agree that Max would look excellent with Claude and Voracek
  23. Kind of like what the Habs do when Price gets run? Or what the Habs did when Zednik got killed. Hahaha.
  24. Wish that trade would`ve happened. Habs would be a much better team today.
  25. I hope Markov is okay but won`t be surprised if he misses the games before Christmas.
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