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  1. fkn refs, at the end of the game someone sprayed water over the glass towards the ref, did it hit? but rds changed the camera view so i dont know if it hit
  2. Right on bro, I'm looking forward to tomorrow nite's game against the Canes.
  3. WOOOT GO HABS GO! 2 points tonight baby!
  4. I don't know about that, but he would be quite an asset to the team because of all the injuries.
  5. LOL great gamethread dude, let me be the first to say GO HABS GO!
  6. This one is hilarious The Lonely Island - Jizz In My Pants
  7. LOL im sure it happens behind closed doors
  8. Hmm i hope this fires up Latendresse, the same goes for Sergei too
  9. I hope he does, the Habs really need him.
  10. Totally agreed, just imagine how unstoppable Montreal would be if all these players were producing to their full potential.. We need Streit back haha
  11. Calgary has to be my 2nd fav team, but i've built up an attraction to the Panthers for some reason too.. i wonder why? I love the habs way more though so dont worry lol
  12. Hmm "none of the above" is leading in the polls... arent you guys horny during your vacations? LOL
  13. So am i but im better than you
  14. Haha the title made me laugh alot GO HABS GO! 2 points tonight baby!
  16. Looking forward to seeing the first of the many centennial jerseys, GO HABS GO!
  17. WOOOOT! it's great to see you back man! GO HABS GO!
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