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  1. Reasonable comparison, but Romanov can skate better I think. I feel like his skating in all areas is superior to emelin. Cuts. Cross overs, backwards,
  2. The draft is a total gamble. If slavofski and wright are neck and neck, my thought is you draft Wright. Draft for need when they are that close. The current analysis could very well turn out to be wrong. It often is, but that's just how it goes when you draft at this age.
  3. Lehkonen has his own elite talent. His ability to forecheck and win puck battles is phenomenal. It's crazy how outmatched he is size wise, bit still comes out with the puck. I agree that he should be paid like a 40 point 3rd liner, but he should get a bump up for his defensive game. He was one of my favorites. It still hurts seeing armia, Byron getting paid in Montreal and lehky gone...
  4. Nichushkin, Burokovsky and Kadri likely sit a bit higher than him I priority. Byram is due for a monster raise next year. It will be interesting to see if Colorado can keep the core.
  5. I'm praying for back to back Colorado wins. Would live for Lehkonen to address the media with " we didn't want want to go back to Tampa. Pfft. Those fans acted like that one win was the Stanley cup. They won their cup last series."
  6. Nurse needs to get more consistent. 9.2 cap hit till 2030 is crazy.
  7. I often wonder about that. I feel like he has never been the same since that crash. Edit. He was the best hockey player in the world, the following season, but still, I feel like that knee injury kept coming back. Maybe I'm wrong.
  8. It was a dirty hit for sure. As for Kadri, let him reap what he sows. Do not like this player.
  9. I love watching shesterkin. He pushes laterally so well, and is back on his skates so fast. It's amazing how mobile he is, while bring positionaly so strong. Mobile like quick. Positional like price or lunkvist.
  10. First time tampa lost back to back in the playoffs since 2019
  11. It can't be easy to tell the world you have mental health and substance abuse issues. Many can't admit it to themselves or their loved ones. His most important award in my eyes.
  12. Colorado defended well. Oilers didn't force Pavel to move laterally once all game.
  13. I'm not betting against them. I just hate them. Kucherov drunken gloating last year was infuriating.
  14. Would love to see the lightening knocked out in 5.
  15. Ya. That one confused me too. So of your guy is tagging up, you just have to not touch the puck for a second, and it's not offside?
  16. Yep. Canes can suck it. The social media gloating over kk is right back in their faces. For now.
  17. I would wager that 75% of gms would want the Coleman redirection to count. I can't believe that goal was called back. My daughter was at that game in her oilers sweater. In ot, I told her if oilers score, get a t shirt in as soon as possible.
  18. Ran into him in Vegas 3 years ago. He's definitely getting chubby.
  19. Kadri doesn't get the benefit of the doubt from me anymore. He had an incident with binnington in november
  20. Multiple suspensions. Multiple intentional injuries to other players. Just keeps doing it.
  21. Kadri with the old "oops I fell" maneuver on Binnington.. he is a piece of crap imo
  22. McDavid is so friggen fun to watch!
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