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  1. I would celebrate if the Ole lady left and took her annoying dog. Hahaha
  2. The LA team we saw last month was the strongest team, defensively, I've seen the Habs face in a while. I expect the boys t be fired up against them. But will it matter?
  3. My view is that this was a full scale organizational rebuild which started in the 21, 22 season. I'm willing to give it another season after this year.
  4. All these Monty to edm rumors bug me. I don't know why, but I've always liked him. It would kill me to see him become a Thomas or Markstrom.
  5. Kings are awesome defensively and create well offensively. Definite playoff team.
  6. I would probably trade suzuki or caufield before guhlie. He reminds me of Pietrangelo. The dude is a stud. No doubt in my mind.
  7. This seems like a smart move. Hopefully it pays off.
  8. Hahaha. Just love stirring the pot, don't you? Love it.
  9. Do people want Monty traded? I'm not so sure I approve.
  10. In his own zone yes, but in the offensive zone I see slow improvement.
  11. I have a 2nd cousin on the ducks. I'm hoping e has a descent game as a fringe nhler.
  12. The puck battle losses are the most alarming stat.
  13. The 86 ot and 92 double OT were crazy exciting games.
  14. Or any number of whalers Habs playoffs games. there were a few. Whalers Habs don’t get discussed much. Maybe it’s just selective memory because I was young, but I can remember some doozies.
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