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  1. Blowout coming I think. Habs struggled with jets forecheck. Allen bailed em out. Doubt the goalie steals thus one
  2. He was a giveaway machine last game. Needs to shoot more too. It will come. He's noticeably better this year than last when he has the puck.
  3. Guhle was the best skater on the team tonight. Allen stole that game. Monahan is good. Slavkovski had a lot of giveaways. That means he had the puck though so...
  4. Because he's been getting some dirty points lately
  5. Oh there is still a long way to go. Don't get me wrong. But the progress is noticeable I feel.
  6. It’s so visible. he looks good. My co worker saying he had a bad game. I didn’t see that at all. He is getting way more touches, and making way better choices with those touches.
  7. Perhaps I had my rose colored glasses on, but I was pleased to see slafkovski skating and protecting the puck throughout the game. I feel like, even in this stinker, he looks better than last year. The egregious stick chop was terrible, and his other penalty wasn't great. Don't get me wrong. It was a garbage game and everyone but 26 sucked, but slaf looks better.
  8. That's pretty aggressive. I agree with him. Dach hasn't, but could take that top c position. He has all of the tools. The potential is there. This is a huge setback.
  9. Dach isn't at their level yet, but 30 years of major injuries to key players is getting old. Koivu: knee. Never the same Markov: several years of knee. Price: knee. Weber: Foot ankle Other teams get decades with healthy key players.
  10. Dach injury hurts. Not just because he is so darn good on his own, but because of his influence on Slafkovsky. They seemed to have chemistry. I'm a huge dach fan. I like him more than suzuki.
  11. 1) 38 wins 36 losses 8 SO/OT wins 84 pts 2)7th in Atlantic 3)21st in league 4)4 x 20 goal scorers 5) suzuki with 82 points Ya baby
  12. I like it. A full game recap is easily found via video. I enjoyed the format of the ten thoughts.
  13. Tonight I felt like Ghule was the best hab. He had a great game. Gignac was noticeably good. I bet he gets another look or 2. Norlinder had a pretty good game. Slafkovsky has looked much better when he gets touches. Firstly he's getting a lot if touches. secondly, he's looking dangerous and making good choices when he gets them.
  14. I watch probably 60 to 70 games when they suck. And closer to 80 when they're giid
  15. I'm with you. I just think dach has all of the tools and if his health and confidence can stat strong, I'm big on him. Love to see his f/o % reach mid 40s this year.
  16. Hopefully he puts on a minimum 10 of weight. Future top pairing player? His development has been exciting to follow.
  17. Word gets around with this sort of culture. I'm sure it's similar to corporate life. I left a company where I had more stress and poor culture for a job with slightly less pay, and a very good culture. This is a good look for the organization.
  18. What a strange trade. That's all Petry was worth? The good here I suppose is the optics that this management team will do players a solid. This could help them down the road when they're in the Ufa market. So end result is Hoffman+Pitlick+ 2.3 mill cap space for 2 years Lagare, Desmith, Lindstrom, 2nd, 4th. Bonus of some good karma with players?
  19. The article says "ask 10 people and you'll get 10 different answers." On his projection. This seems very true with him. I would say it's too early to tell. Covid, suspension, injury time was too much. He's a couple years behind in development, so may need one or two years to accurately see where he could fit in on the team. That's provided he has the social licence to play for the Habs in the first place.
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