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  1. Wow..what a weak explanation from the league.l his butt was over hanging the blue ice… you can see from the tip the goalie had zero chance… guaranteed we will see plenty of goals in the league far worse then that and they will count… we are back to the old days of was his toe on the line..
  2. Habs need to start hitting the net… so many shots miss… at least make Anderson make a save.
  3. Watch at some point a guy will be right in the habs crease and the decision will be “good goal”…
  4. And there is the problem… like coaches we often limit the talent pool. Bergevin has n9t made this a better team then what he inherited. In fact, it is a mess. Long standing positional issues with no solutions. Ten years of poor talent development… this team needs a shakeup or we will be a middling to bottom feeding team for another decade., toronto, tampa, and Boston have done a cut better job and that is just our division!!!!! if we want to hope for miracle runs every year we will get one once every 10 to 20 years… That is a loser attitude, imo. are we building through the draft? Then why is our development so poor and we keep trading away young talent, losing them to offers, etc. are we a trading and free agent team? Then why do we suck at acquiring players this way? Pick a plan and get good at it. Instead, we are mediocre at best in all aspects…
  5. His overall body of work isn’t great. Last year the habs were lucky to be in an all Canadian Covid division and they still barely made it to the playoffs. Yes, they had a deep and surprising run but frankly I think that had more to do with some luck and a few key players “going for it hard” as maybe their last chance. We don’t even look like a playoff team. I don’t think you have to win the cup to be successful but building a strong team that is competing for it year over year and a deep farm is a better way to judge a GM. In that respect, he hasn’t impressed. The rumour is an offer was made and he rejected it. I think he expects a big pay raise and thinks last year showed him to be a top GM. He isn’t and molson shouldn’t give in.
  6. Well your analysis is excellent so I will forgive you for being a lawyer. 😂😂😂
  7. She consented to a sexual act, not to be in his personal porno for his friends… she did nothing wrong. in fact, had she not reported him this behaviour probably would have gotten worse. Hopefully he actually changes. he might be a decent prospect but he asked not to be drafted.
  8. Oh Jesus… and Chicago comes out with a group of women, while Bergeron picks a pornographer..
  9. Entire panel is acting like they are discussing someone who died… good grief…
  10. Great.. we pick a player and the talk is about his victim.. so much for character
  11. Weekes looks like a former linebacker!
  12. Just joining… who the hell is this panel?
  13. Well Jones is gone… blackhawks..
  14. Apparently the Kraken ownership have giving Francis the okay to take Price. Doesn’t mean he will but they seem willing to spend the money for the star power. I really thInk this comes down to his health. Do the habs have to provide medical info?
  15. Well latest reports are he is being exposed to the draft and out “for the season”…. Maybe the habs are being smart… let me take the year to have surgery and heal… no one will take him.. if he is better then he can miraculously come back for the playoffs…
  16. If he is really done then the this might be a good thing long term for the habs. On the other hand, seeing how he stepped it up gave me hope he had one or two playoffs left in him… pulling a Tampa and having him miraculously get better for the playoffs would be interesting…
  17. absolutely… a team that ups their game that much deserves the run they had. I think too many people thought they would be easy to beat. They played well to their strengths in the playoffs, they just didn’t have an answer for Tampa.. had the isles managed to knock off Tampa, I suspect the habs and isles would have been a game 7 toss up.
  18. True… it is also no guarantee of future success… remember Ottawa… lost in game seven, double overtime of conference final. They convinced themselves they were a player away from regular cup contender… they were not even close. Worse… the moves they made thinking they were set them back even further. the habs played great, but almost any team can put together a string of wins at the right time. It doesn’t negate the holes in the lineup. we definitely have some good young players and both Price and Weber showed they have a couple years left where they can elevate themselves. we still need a skilled, defensively sound puck moving defenceman and another solid sniper.. who knows where Drouin is or will be. Can he come back and be that sniper? Can he be traded for one? Is Gallagher fading to a third line energy guy or can he rebound. I know he was banged up but he has been declining for a while. Hopefully it is just injuries and he rebounds next year. this team needs to improve as they are in a brutal division and it won’t be easy to make the playoffs next year. If they can pull that off, then the experience this year will do a lot to get them deep, as long as they avoid Tampa. I feel they have a mental edge against both Toronto and Boston.
  19. while it was more then just the other teams injuries, they did have a very big impact as they allowed the Danault line to focus on their scoring line. Another big factor, until we hit Tampa was our fourth line was much better then the other teams. it is hard to say if we would have gotten past Toronto if they were full strength. I think Toronto has a deep seeded ability to choke. I also think this was about a team stepping up and playing over their heads… teams go on runs… the worse team in the league can put toGether a winning streak. The habs are not the first underdog that surprised a few teams and went far deeper then expected. History shows those teams don’t repeat the fest the next year. I do think there are many positives. Playoff experience is huge and a deep run was very good for the kids. That will serve them well in the years to come. The danger is Bergevin thinking he has a top team and all he has to do is tinker with the fourth line, maybe find another 3rd pairing D. If we get three more years of that you can be sure to see very little playoff hockey. I honk we have at best two more years where Weber and Price can lift their games to that level. Bergevin needs to decide if he wants to go for it or not. If he does, he needs to get a real too puck. Icing defenceman and another gifted scorer who can still play In a defensive system.
  20. your loss… and no, they are not. They played over their heads and Price was awesome.. it was a very impressive run and I enjoyed it a lot. They were not even close to Tampa. They might not even make the playoffs next year. This team isn’t a tweak away from a regular cup contender. There is much work still to be done. They do have some promising kids but they need more scoring and better D.
  21. Thoughts… yes, usually Bettman compliments the losing team. He ignored the habs. I too am a bit worried that management will assume this team is a real cup contender. They are not. As others have said, they need some defence improvements and some upgrades up front. I wonder about Gallagher. His style of play can lead to a rapid falloff in performance. He hasn’t been great all year and the injuRies are adding up. If we could get a great return I would be okay with losing him, but only for a high return. depth… if all these players were so banged up, why were we not using some of the depth. Could Tatar or KK not replaced Gallagher? Maybe give tofolli a night or two off? Perry and Weber I get as there are no replacements for them. I also agree on the backup… Price did well because he was far more rested then in the past. I really look forward to seeing the kids take the next step… Suzuki and CC took some big steps. I hope Romanov gets more play time next season to develop.
  22. It does suck getting shut out in the last game.. the Tampa goalie really didn’t have a hard game.
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