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  1. first of all SK is not on the same page as souray...souray is a nhl player who was a leader for the habs..SK well i leave it at that..how do u know everthing that happens in the dressing room or what gainey offer players..DO u work for the team, talk like you a inside man, wait it was report in the media lol..everyone but edm knew souray wasnt worth that much money, same as kov in ottawa, and redden in NY..but this happen on everyteam..this is just not a habs problem..welcome to the NHL..lol..look at the other 30 teams in the nhl they all got the same problem, over paid players, fight for the playoffs ect.... kov was a bum and souray said what almost ever was thinking but for the few that had a man crush on this guy...
  2. kovy is a bum, one of the most over paid over rated habs of all time so i think souray was right...not sure if you keep up with EDM but no one whats to play their and the rumour is that its the management and not the players...SOuray is over paid but thats not his problem thats edm management..U are right if we know now that souray was leaving we should of trade him...but 99% of people cant tell the future but if u can givethe habs a call they sure could use your help in the draft...souray was a fan fav and leader, pp man but edm over paid to get him and he took the money and run so now edm crying,same as komi in TO..
  3. yea because before he got here lats and sk was allstars lmfao....guy had the same problem with these guys...AK needs to be moved before the season starts....subban well be hands down all around better then mab...I also would of like to see Robinson here..Martin and muller is a team and plays diff roles to get the most out of players..good cop bad cop..this is not new in the coaching world..one acts like your boss and the other try to be your friend...iam not saying martin is the greats but man u got to give him credit...
  4. you keep looking at the bad and not the good..this is not the nhl of 30 years ago..now we have 30 teams fighting for the cup with a cap..maybe fans in montreal should leave guys like price alone and boo all their lose sons that dont what to play in montreal because they think the fans are nuts...guys hate bob now they hate PG and same as guy and martin...its the same thing year after year with the fans.. I dont think his lousy at developing players, i just dont think he care about cry babys and want ice time they should get, he makes players work for ice time...man i not going to fight with u because i have read alot of your comments and we dont agree on anything so later.. Like i said iam sick of all the cry baby habs fans..at least leaf fans think they well win ever year(we all know that wont happen) but i think alot of habs fans could take a lesson in faith and hope...At the rate habs fans are going no one well what to play here....even the great scotty Bowman said we be nuts to trade price...
  5. maybe but iam just so sick of all the negative with some habs fans...its a sickness and its getting bad, we as fans are becoming laughable...montreal fans are getting a bad name with the booing of price and the ole ole in the first period..price is 22 and fans boo him and his number are not that bad...and its not even about price its about the over all fans and how rest of the hockey world look at us...I have never seen fans anywhere that what to see their team fail...its a joke.. and iam sick of being put in the same bunch as these fans...
  6. man u must be the most negative person...ever posted u put down the habs...Price will have a good year, sk whipping boy, man he a D**k and if u cant see that u are help less..well our foward loss against phi but we took it to pit and was..F**k we didnt win the cup but this team played great in the playoffs... i think the team is moving in the right way, yes we might have over paid players but so do everone else and most of them dont make the playoffs lmfao.. The season as not start and u are already acting like its over i love the new team and cant wait to trade AK and drop Hamrlik, and watch Subban,Pouliot,Boyd and eller play... I really think we could use a guy like Arron Asham to show the third and fouth guys how to play hard....
  7. i dont think his brother getting traded well change things, he might come out harder because his playing for a new deal..but iam pretty sure he we be drop sooner or later...he dont fit with the team and for his money we can bring in someone else...
  8. I cant see that being true, with the rumor that cammy told PG that he like to have frolov on the team and if all he is looking for is 3.8, i would think we would make it happen......... his pretty much want we are looking for top 6 foward Height: 6-2 Weight: 204lbs Shoots: R..... I still think something is cooking, i think a trade is coming..my money is on Roman Hamrlik or Jaroslav Spacek or Andrei Kostitsyn or Maxim Lapierre.....
  9. i dont think Kovalchuk well take that deal he whats to play in a hockey city who got a chance of winning..
  10. iam pretty happy with the team so far...we need a young guy to brig his A game or bring in another top 6 foward..i think D is good, i also like to bring in one fighter..
  11. i still got the feeling we are in on Kovalchuk...we can make it work if we trade ak and move hammer(or ahl) if owner ship really whats Kovalchuk..
  12. here some ufa that might help us still out their Evgeny Artyukhin,Raffi Torres Arron Asham,Frolov,Brian McGrattan
  13. i also think McGratton be a good pick up...
  14. iam shock cal didnt try to get him...
  15. i thing we could do a deal like hossa's..for a cheap cap hit..maybe?? i think if we would of sign Frolov it be done by now?
  16. because really we saved 1 mil over 2 years....and gets future considerations..price is the #1 guy so iam glad we saved that money...I aslo think we are going for Frolov..but i got this werid feeling that we offer a long term deal to Ilya Kovalchuk
  17. well not signing ellis we save 500 000 and gets more in future considerations i would think??
  18. lmfao..Theodore couldnt handle the pressure, thats why he was ship out, we were luck at the time to find a team to take him....I cant see bring him back..dumb move unless he comes in for 1 mil
  19. i make that trade...but we would need to still move a D man out and bring in a winger
  20. what would we give up? I dont see why they would move him or want we would give up to make this happen??? we got alot of D and no winger..I cant see this happening unless we move a D-man to them...I cant c them whating hammer..
  21. he would of been ok but not worth a 1 and 2 pick and have to take on Sopel, i think Thrashers just made a dumb move.. I wish we would move the Kostitsyns...i need these guys off the team..
  22. we so got to move guys to free up cash for a big time winger.... Kostitsyn +(one off)Hamrlik,Spacek,Gill
  23. i agree at best i think his worth 4 mil a year....but he was being pick as this years top ufa and his good on the pk... I would of traded his rights for a 3rd rounder...I hope he proves me wrong and keep getting better..but thats alot of money to put in 2 small C..hope we got enough left for a big winger.. but i like plexs at 5mil a year, alot more then i would of like halak at 5 mil... iam so on sure about this move...lol
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