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  1. I'll peek in on the game between Young Sheldon and The Blacklist. So far this team hasn't been good enough to justify top priority in my evening's plans...hopefully that changes, but until it does, I will observe in a casual manner.
  2. He should be gone. Timmins and the rest of the scouting staff should be walked out with him.
  3. I'm done. Going to give my undivided attention to the Avs vs. Caps stream I have going.
  4. Easy night for the Rangers. This bunch showed zero intensity. Ducharme should call a 6am practice for tomorrow morning.
  5. Ah yes, mention SHUT OUT and it crumbles shorty afterwards. Sad we gotta resort to voodoo, but desperate times call for desperate measures
  6. 2 goals in the previous 6 periods of hockey. 2 scoreless periods so far in this game, with little reason to think that they won't be SHUT OUT. Pathetic.
  7. Screw this. I'd rather watch Tom Brady do GOAT things than watch any more of this dumpster fire.
  8. This forced a visit to hockeydb for me. I questioned whether Richer had hit the 90 point mark, as I don't remember him registering a ton of assists. Sure enough, he hit 91 points during the 89-90 season.
  9. Seems like we've seen this movie before: pop gun offense with a pp that's downright shameful.
  10. When you factor in taxes, it's not an overpayment...it's fair in terms of take-home pay vs. what it'd be at 6.5mil in FL, TX, AZ, NV
  11. a) what the Habs regular season record will be: wins-losses-OTL-SOL 35-35-7-5 b) in what place in the Atlantic Division the Habs will finish 5th c) in what place in the league the Habs will finish 22nd d) (New Tiebreaker) the total number of goals Cole Caufield will score this season (including 1 goal per shootout win). 34
  12. That potential dominant 3rd line of Armia-Evans-Gallagher looks good so far.
  13. I don't think it's realistic to place a team lacking a top pair d-man as a shoo-in to make the playoffs. This is a bubble team with current blueline in place IMO. Still don't have that top pair puck mover / PP QB we so desperately need.
  14. Jacques Demers got a lot out of some young players (DiPietro and Dionne stand out in my memory) during the 93 cup run.
  15. My sentiments as well. I have no particular malice towards KK...did not think much of him during his time here in the sense that his production was highly underwhelming and his Bambi act was annoying, but he seemed to be a decent person. But in general, I hope that most players on the other teams in the East have bad seasons...Ovi is the one exception.
  16. KHL maybe? This seems heavy handed, given that he was already punished and paid the fine imposed on him by the court in Sweden.
  17. The more I think about it, the more I'm pleased with it (assuming MB does the right thing and takes the picks). I felt we needed an upgrade at 2C, and have very little hope that KK can become a solid 2C. IMO packaging up those picks and a prospect to acquire an upgraded 2C makes the team better.
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