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  1. I wish he'd progress to being able to flawlessly say, in french: "You tired political and media hacks need to stop bitching and moaning about my ability to speak french. The obsession with language and homegrown talent is a big reason why this franchise hasn't won a cup since 1993. Worry about my being able to elevate my game to point-per-game center level, because THAT'S what wins hockey games, not language." It's the same old crap, and I'm tired of it.
  2. Any other franchise, we're not even having a discussion about this. I think he should eventually get the nod, but it shouldn't be immediate....the lack of a cup should mean waiting for a team milestone where we really need something to commemorate the occasion. I don't want to see a 30-ish year hole in the team's history in the rafters.
  3. With this defense in front of Allen/Montembeault I think we'll have a reasonable shot at Bedard, or great shot at a top 5 pick at least.
  4. There has to be something significant coming back for this to make sense.
  5. It's not quite as black and white as that, but I understand this sentiment. Other players around the league were in the same situation, but they didn't respond by absolutely sucking night after night, which coupled with his public desire to be traded absolutely poisoned the market for him. For that I say...good riddance.
  6. I loved Romanov's hitting, but he really didn't have the puck handling / skating / playmaking ability you want to see in a good top 4 dman. I'm ok with this trade.
  7. Sound strategy for Dadonov...but...are we seriously still pretending that Drouin could play well enough to boost his value?
  8. Solid move. Hope this means we are about to shed an overpriced/underachieving winger...or even a completely useless winger (Drouin), and Dadonov is the replacement.
  9. I want Cooley. Shane Wright has not impressed me at all any time I've watched him play.
  10. It's not just Danault...Lehkonen finishes a good number of his chances since he pulled on an Avs jersey too.
  11. If Caufield can get one more goal, he can tie for rookie lead. Normally I'd be against pushing for more with 10, but this is different. Set up #22 til the very end!
  12. First hat trick for Caufield....the only way this night could have been better is if Price had gotten a shutout.
  13. For the first time in a long time, I actually want a Habs win tonight....even put a little bet on them at +220. 3 goals in the first 5 minutes...this is fun!
  14. Glad the Coyotes wanted to get in on the stupid wins contest with our guys...bailed us out.
  15. They are stupid for winning this game. If they get a point in the next one, and AZ loses in reg, we are no longer in last place. That would be a disaster. IMO healthy scratch every skill guy you can to 'take a look' at kids from Laval who have never been called up before.
  16. For God's sake....stop trying to win. Clinch last ffs!!!
  17. Crush, no....but I most definitely want a regulation loss in this and every other game remaining. Arizona handed us a gift by picking up a point last night...I will be beyond pissed if we blow last place by picking up a meaningless point.
  18. Guy Lafleur stars in most of my earliest hockey memories...this one hurt. I was handling it well until I saw Knuckles talking about Guy on the CTV news a little while ago; when he choked up, it got me.
  19. Good job, boys...keep on racking up those regulation L's
  20. It does benefit us if he regains his form, but for me, if he's out there being a useless mope again the next game or two, then I'd leave him out of the lineup the rest of the way. We don't need a bad attitude around our young d-men, and if he's playing like crap, no reason to dress him.
  21. A friend of mine and I were talking about this a couple of days ago. I think PK would be a solid addition on a sensible 2 year deal: our powerplay needs a big shot threat from the blueline, and he's a reasonable middle/bottom pairing dman at this stage of his career. He'd be a placeholder until one of our young talents can out-compete him for the job.
  22. That game was a lot of fun to watch.. Love the fight in these kids; they didn't fold when Tampa got up 3-1 like this team would have earlier this season. I like the effort and attitude in the current lineup...would be happy to never see Petry or Drouin out there again.
  23. Agree. I think he has an attitude problem.
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