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  1. ohh don't be so harsh DirtyHarry... I actually tend to agree with Marky. I don't think this is our year - not just yet.
  2. just joking around ShortHanded. Eric Manlow has to be the worst bust in the AHL in many a year.
  3. it can't do any worse that what we've been seeing lately
  4. I'm afraid Carbo's going to turn us into a team of pluggers and grinders. He seems to have a problem "slotting" his available talent correctly... it's not rocket science - put your 1st line talent (or the closest we have) on the 1st line, and so on and so on. Closest we've got to 1st line talent is Higgins - Koivu - Kovalev. Make that your 1st line Carbonneau and goddam well stick with it for a while.... and give them 1st line minutes. Our 2nd line talent is Latendresse - Plekanec - Ryder. 3rd line is back to the good old reliable Perezhogin - Bonk - Johnson. And 4th, Streit - Lapierre - whoever. We need some stability here.
  5. I dunno about that Chris... I agree with a lot of Chicoutimi's points. I love and respect ol' Carbo, but he makes some bizarre decisions.
  6. "I am pretty sure he has 0 points in his last 15 games and has really looked out of place for most of the season." So he's keeping about the same pace as Samsonov! ;-)
  7. What do you guys think of Boston's Brad Boyes? According to TSN's Ice Chips, he's on the block. He's a former 1st rounder and had quite a good season last year ... struggling this year though. I say we give the Bruins back Samsonov for Boyes! hehehe. Half joking there, but half-serious too. I dunno if it's just me but I just CANNOT get used to seeing Samsonov in a Habs jersey ... it just doesn't look right. Everytime I look at the guy I just see a big "B". Samsonov for Boyes! Everyone wins!
  8. Thank you for the info everybody! "...unless you are looking to pickup cougars" LOL!
  9. Right on man...thanks. Is that on Crescent?
  10. Hey all, my brother (Isles fan) and me (Habs fan) will be up in Montreal for the weekend and going to the Habs-Isles game this Saturday afternoon. And of course, heading to the bars afterward. Does anyone have any recommendations of good places? Mostly Irish pubs and that kinda thing are what we're looking for... not big crazy discotheques. Thanks! (I'm trying to snag tickets for the Habs/Pens game Sunday afternoon too... I just found out that the Penguins were in town that same weekend only a few days ago. Dummy I am.....)
  11. PB - good points there. I think we see eye to eye.
  12. Good game by the boys tonight... see when you skate and battle for the puck? (1) Plekanec is a fine little player, god love him, but he's just not creative enough for a #2 center (at least at this point in his career). Counter-attacking (not orchestrating) is his thing, and he's good at it. A true creative playmaking center would be just the fit between Latendresse and Kovalev. I'd like to see Grabovsky get another crack at it before we look at rent-a-players (which I'm not fussy for). (2) Carbo still makes some real puzzling decisions. Here we are hurting for offense and he puts that slug Murray in (I had thought I'd seen the last of him), instead of Perezhogin. Perezhogin better be hurt, otherwise, that's not the smartest lineup move I've ever seen. (3) Hustle and work like that exhibited tonight plus a 2-man-in forecheck would turn this team around. Why Carbonneau insists on the useless 1-man forecheck is head-scratching. For all the good 1 man does on a forecheck, we might as well send none in and all 5 be waiting at center ice.... seriously.
  13. Please no Smolinski - we're soft and lazy enough
  14. Do you know the rest of the story, montreal? I'd be interested in hearing what was really going on there.
  15. if Grabovski gets traded I'm going to be seriously pissed off.
  16. I agree with you PB - I too was very impressed with Grabovski even though he didn't hit the scoresheet - he really made things happen out there. I really don't think we should be selling the farm looking for a rental #2 centre. Now that Samsonov is off the 2nd line, lets see how Plekanec does as #2 centre with Kovalev and Latendresse. If Plekanec doesn't work out, I'd put Grabovski as the #2 centre ... I think that line would be excellent.
  17. I was very happy to hear this news. Vive le Koivu
  18. yeeuck... I wouldn't want RJ Umberger if they GAVE him to us.
  19. it's just a double-shift for Kovalev... he doesn't mind one bit. He still does his normal 2nd line shift.
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