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  1. Hey guys, I don't suppose anyone would know where I could get tickets to the Sabres/Islanders playoff games in Buffalo, would you? Thanks
  2. I agree with you cfposi - I like l'il Streit, but I don't think he's a good fit on the 1st like with Koivu. Put Perezhogin in there (when he's ready) and put Streit back on defense and scratch Niinima (I'd rather see Dandenault scratched personally). Also, I'd like to see Ryder and Higgins switched up. I don't see much chemistry between Ryder and Koivu... put Higgins back with Koivu and put Ryder with Plekanec and Kosty. Doing that also "spreads out" the defensive liabilities a bit (separate those big ugly minuses that Koivu and Ryder both have... both those guys on the same line are a nightmare in the defensive end). Higgins gives the Koivu line a bit more defensive awareness plus more speed and jump. I know it means breaking up the successful Higgins-Plekanec-Kosty line, but I'd like to see it tried anyway.
  3. In martial arts and the UFC, those little gloves aren't really meant to lessen the blow delivered... they're meant to save your knuckles. I don't know how much those gloves would help.
  4. another 6 points tonight... jesus is this guy from Earth or what ??
  5. Best game we've played in a long long long time. The boys were finally SKATING. Kostitsyn is a keeper. Janne Niinimaa was a +2 !!!!!! What the hell's going on here????
  6. 5 more points for Sergei tonight in a 7-6 win against Owen Sound. Jumpin' Jesus!!
  7. "Suitcase Alex" and "Sergei Samsonite"
  8. If Carbonneau is still behind the bench for the next game I will poop in my pants.
  9. Chris, the system has been basically the same for the last 5 years... it didn't work then and it isn't working now --> hang back, wait for a mistake by the opposition, counterattack, try and get a lead, then sit on it in that f***ing passive defensive shell with 1-man forechecking and the defense giving up the blue line and just BEGGING to be scored on. I've been watching every game for the last 7 years - I'm not blind. Our play is MUCH too defensive/passive - except for a brief spell at the end of last year when Gainey was behind the bench and switched to a 2-man forecheck. The players aren't so much lazy, as just disheartened and discouraged by being crammed a shitty approach to hockey down their throat. They are NOT having any fun out there. And it shows.
  10. agree with PB disagree with Chris/Kozed
  11. I really like li'l Plekanec. He was never ever garbage in my opinion.... the guy makes things HAPPEN out there. He might not have the finishing touch of Mike Bossy but he's a fine little player. If we trade this guy I'll be mighty pissed off... next year he'll be a 65 point guy if gets decent ice time and some power play time. Although I reckon he'll be on the 3rd line next year.
  12. I'm with Kaos. Carbo *is* the problem here. He has an ineffective and outdated system that is just not compatible with the players we have. How come the Leafs with the bunch of slugs and AHL'ers they have can compete half-decently? Because Paul Maurice has instilled an aggressive 2-man forecheck. Even with their crappy lineup, the Leafs MAKE things happen. The Habs are passive offensively AND defensively... we don't make things happen. The players have clearly tuned Carbonneau and his teachings out. He has effectively lost the room. I'd like to see Gainey step back in behind the bench for the rest of the season.
  13. Hey Quebecois, please ask Jarvis why the coaching staff insists on that stupid and very useless 1-man forecheck when it's been clear all season that it : (a) It is just not working. (B) Our skilled/fast players do not like playing that way and are not buying into it. Ask him why the Habs didn't continue to use the effective 2-man forecheck that Gainey implemented when he stepped in behind the bench at the end of last season. that smiley is supposed to be a "b". I didn't mean to do that.....
  14. Good decision to sit him out. It's been clear for awhile that the kid is gassed/pooped. First exposure to the rigors of the long NHL schedule. Someone the other day metioned he's skating like he's got a piano hooked to his arse. That's about right.
  15. Has Souray actually SAID to anyone that he wants to be in California or the West coast? Seems to me that he looks pretty proud to be wearing a Habs jersey, and defensive lapses or not, he's a real leader that commands respect on our team. So if Markov is not fussy to be a habs, and Souray does want to stay... then I say by all means trade Markov and KEEP Sheldon.
  16. I'm not all that convinced that Markov is happy with the Habs. He just seems to me like a guy that wants to be elsewhere. Maybe I'm wrong., but I just get the feeling that he's lost his "zest" for playing for us. If that's the case, and they do indeed find out that Markov is not entirely happy in Montreal, then trade Markov and keep Souray. As said earlier, Souray now knows how to score... he knows he can do it. This year is no fluke. Souray could be a 30 goal defenseman in the near future... how many of them around?
  17. Ch_nl - I don't think that's fair of you at all to say that about Finns. In my opinion, after North American players, Finns are the Europeans that play with the most heart, courage and guts. All things and talent being equal, give me a team of Finns over a team of Russians or a team of Swedes or a team of Czechs or a Team of Slovaks ANY DAY.
  18. In answer to Wamsley01, I'd say yes, Carbo has lost the room. This team is showing all the traits of a team that has tuned the coach out. Carbo has no one to blame but himself - he didn't reward hard work, and he rewarded incompetence and poor play. That leaves a player not knowing where he stands nor what to do. And it dissolves any desire the player has to play hard because he knows there is no carrot at the end of the stick. I love and respect ol' Carbo for all he's done, but I don't like him as a coach. I just don't.
  19. BTH, we didn't play a decent game. We stunk.... again. Ya gotta take off the rose colored glasses bud.
  20. Funny that you mention Mike McPhee, Chicoutimi. Mikey and I aren't blood-related, but we both have the same uncle here in Cape Breton. I remember watching Mikey play with the Port Hawkesbury Strait Pirates junior team out here and he was always THE man for offense. Never the greatest skater, but great offensive instincts and a great shot. And then , as you indicated, he was transformed into a grinder/plugger by the Habs.
  21. I say go with the youth and deal away the extraneous crap. We just don't have the nucleus for any kind of cup run this year - even if we got a top rental player like Forsberg.
  22. A GLARING lack of skill and creativity. Just glaring. Insert one of Kostitsyn/Grabovsky/Milroy into this lineup... immediately.
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