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  1. Red ... the colour of power ... ... the colour of blooooood *ominous blinking*
  2. It appears both IP addresses that made the edits were from Ohio and New York. I can't imagine anyone from CMB with a vendetta against him...
  3. Briere's Wikipedia entry update: Approximately 6 hours ago, Daniel Briere's page stated: But now it has been removed, and under "personal life", the following has been added: Anyway, more updates as changes are made - I think it'll be fun to watch as the series progresses. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Bri%C3%A8re
  4. I think you're on to something there ... Maybe if we give up less goals than Philly, we can take game one. I mean ... could it really be that simple? The most complex sport in the history of earth boiled down to that? Naaaaaaaah
  5. Nice thread. Minimalist, efficient, effective. I just hope we don't get any injuries tonight, and don't give up more than 3 goals. I don't want a hole in our dike so early in the series that sets a precedent, if not a benchmark, for all following games. We set the standard early, keep this low-scoring (at least, from the Flyer's POV), and we could sneak through pretty simply.
  6. Price said himself though that as the playoffs go on, that's how games will be won - by throwing the puck on net, and hoping it goes in off the guys in front, or put in on a rebound. We apparently can't do those types of goals. But the Flyers, like the Habs, were up 3 games to 1, and let their opponent come back to game 7. The difference between us might be that, in our game 7, we crushed the opponent like a beetle. The Flyers got lucky with their 2nd goal, and with the penalty call in OT. Our problem is whether that luck stays with them through our series.
  7. Yeah, c'mon, if this series goes down to the wire, and winning tonight's game (a.) relies on a gamethread and (b.) the only way we go through to the Eastern Conference Finals is with a win tonight, I will personally blame you KoZed. There you go! Support, threats and promises, all within one thread. What more could you want?
  8. Yup, the authoritas have seen to it that the signature is changed. But the meaning is still there Sorry you feel that way Rev-G, but I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. Now, has anyone seen Briere's wikipedia page? I went to check it out, and it turns out there are others who don't really like Briere either (see the first sentence). I was going to check up on his relationship stats and discovered he was married, which would completely legitimize (if not pardon) the original signature, if the pictured woman was one of his extra-marital affairs, and the Kostitsyns were part of a religion that practiced polyandry. But who am I to go judging? This isn't Iran or China, and I'm not going to demand the stick figures to put on clothes. After all, they're just friends! Back to Saku: is his foot totally recovered, or has he always been so slow? Speed will win us this series, but if his biggest weapon is lost, we'll be in big trouble
  9. The Flyers' forwards are a lot more dangerous than Boston's, and how we deal with them will probably decide the series. Also, if they silence Kovalev, we're probably screwed - his 80% scoring probability (51 points in 64 career games vs Philly) is essential for us to win, especially if they're line-matching.
  10. I agree with that logic wholeheartedly. We can alternate them, guarantee we never get shut out and have to go streak. Anyone know the Walther PPK weapon? I'm thinking we should call Kostitsyn-Plekanec-Kostitsyn the PKK line. They can join AK27 in ... [insert corny weapon/scoring euphemism here]
  11. Well that's reassuring. I'd hate to see what bringing Bergeron back last round would have done for the B's, and the same applies to Gagne and the Flyers. I wonder if we'll get any fights this series?
  12. I can't see this guy up on the Habs. WHITE POWER! And seeing him with the KKK line (Koivu, Kovalev, Kostitsyns, Kostopolous ... take your pick). We'll be lynched by November if that was the case...
  13. Let me ask you this - would you ever separate a pair of t.ts in real life? I didn't think so... If you wouldn't do it in real life, don't do it to the Habs either.
  14. Haha, good call. Or he'd completely piss off Toews/Kane/Backstrom and say something to the effect of, "This award means nothing to me. Maybe to the charity of little girls that Plekanec sponsors, or the other candidates, but I'm only interested in one award: An Oscar."
  15. I would love nothing more than Begin hitting Briere every chance he gets. I also want Kostopolous and Lapierre getting under Prospal's skin, because without Prospal, Briere does nothing. Any word if Gagne is back in game 3?
  16. Aw, Aussie gets bumped from Numero Uno. And so begins the long downward spiral...
  17. We call those "horse steroids" where I come from. That, two red bulls and a pound of Mike 'n' Ikes. Does the body good...
  18. Sergei Kostitsyn took over for him in that regard. I hope he snaps out of it.
  19. I don't care that I only got 3 of 8 right - I picked the Habs to win in 7, so that automatically makes me king of you. 1. Montreal vs 7. Philadelphia: Montreal in 6 - Watch for the return of the PP, and Latendresse's return to glory. 2. Pittsburgh vs 5. New York: Pittsburgh in 7 - NY is the best all-round team, but Crosby/Malkin/Hossa are l33t. 1. Detroit vs 6. Colorado: Detroit in 7 - Is there any question about the duration of this one? 2. San Jose vs 5. Dallas : Dallas in 6 - Nothing flashy, but this series will break the record for PIM in a series.
  20. Wait, are we talking about the Leafs now as well? Because I don't see the Leafs beating the Canucks to the Stanley Cup, whenever (and if ever) they next win one. At leas the 'nucks aren't wasting a year with a temporary GM who can't even do the simple things right...
  21. Notes of interest: Our top three hitters (Komisarek, Hamrlik and Bouillion) massively outhit the Flyers' top hitters: Mike Komisarek (266), Francis Bouillon (168) and Roman Hamrlik (138) vs Jason Smith (142), Scott Hartnell (110) and Mike Richards (110). (Note that ours are all D, while two of theirs are forwards). So we'll face more aggressive forwards, and the way our D was running around in our own end against the Bruins even before they figured out how to cycle against us, I'm not anticipating good things. During the regular season, their PP was almost as good as ours (second overall), but their PK was in the top 10, while ours was middling. Come playoffs, we've both reversed our special teams fortunes. We also gotta watch out for Mike Richards, who had 5 shorthanded goals this season, and will burn our PP QBs if they don't smarten up. And Hatcher is a big guy who will be placed on their left on the PK, to do a Chara and use his stick to shorten Kovalev's skating area on the PP. It worked for Boston, and no doubt Philly will realise that's what they gotta do to kill our previously lethal PP. I'm personally glad we start so early, as it also means the Flyers (who have just played 2 games in 3 days) will now play 3 games in 4 days. We need to take advantage of them being out of puff. There is a two day break after game 4, so if we need it, we can get more rest then. Fingers crossed we won't.
  22. Barry Melrose previews Round 2 matchup between Habs and Rags
  23. Believe me, I'd love to, but that's just not how time-travel or jinxing works. Until then, we just have to have faith in John Titor. www.johntitor.com
  24. Some dude called John Titor just emailed me to say we'll be playing the Rangers on Thursday, so I figured I'd jump on the lead and make the game thread. No factual evidence, of course, and the Philly/Caps game hasn't even started, but this fellow says he time travelled back from the future. He says that the preparation is everything, and the season series (1-3) means nothing because one was an OT loss, the other was a 5 goal comeback with a shoot-out win (so it could easily have been 2-2). Barry Melrose previews Habs-Rags series
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