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  1. No worries.. I see new beginnings in the new year. And if the new year does not bring a change in luck. Look for heads to roll. We are long over due for a change in the way things are done. Needless to say for many of us who have seen this before, we all expected this Dec and late Dec slump... (and dont forget the all-star game is coming... oh joy! remember last year. ) its a challenging part of our schedule aways has been. The questions is can we get out of it and put a few wins together. Its a critical test of character for our current version of the habs.... no excuses can then change their fortunes.... If the answer is NO then the door will open it has to ! If the answer is YES then we keep limping on till the next slump and if we are out of the playoffs then heads will roll ! On the bright side maybe we can get ride of Gomez! And give our kids a chance to play and make mistakes... Yes, I'm fed up with our vets play of late, but I'm specially pissed at how we treat our kids who should either be left to develop in Hamilton or be given a chance to play and learn with the big club... after my little rant... this bit of news hit the web. " Canadiens Recall Desharnais From Minors " Brilliant. now let him play with Patches.. " Habs Acquire Festerling From Ducks " for Laps... Wow! this is a surprise. GO HABS GO!
  2. make sure you vote daily for your fav. habs players. GO HABS GO. http://vote.nhl.com/
  3. habs win! phew.. ! ok.. I can breath again. thanks Pouliot! sorry I didn't pick u in my pool. and I'm going to give halpern a serious thought. I may have to pick him up in my pool. Go Habs Go! lets rest and prep for those Sens... GO HABS GO!
  4. the curse of the "C" has fallen on Gionta, didn't think it would happen this quickly... but if we need to pull out a trade, I'd be willing to give up Gionta and future draft pick for Roy... could we through in Gomez for Pominville too? and while we are at it.. I'll take Myers for Spacek any day! seriously, if our top end does not kick it into gear this year... the new year will not be good for anyone.
  5. With Plek's sitting this is Ellers chance to shine. If it does work out this way tonight I hope we see what the Dane can do! As for putting Kosts with the G'G's., not sure this will work but its worth the shot I guess... I cannot bare another loss tonight, so lets move this forward with a victory! GO HABS GO!
  6. this is Andrei's contract year. he's playing for a new contract. maybe we should just give him year to year contract. maybe we finally found a way to motivate him.. GO HABS GO! Brilliant game, I'm a bit unhappy to see eller not get a second, third and fourth chance. if Subban gets forgiveness then this kid deserves it too.. GO HABS GO!
  7. 4 seconds left in the third.. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! HABS WIN ! woo hoo ! thank God... that was a nail biter. I need a drink. GO HABS GO!
  8. crap... 2-1 habs... 16mins left in the third.. Roy scores for buf. We need to be better around our own net and clear out the players and pucks.
  9. ping! off the post and in PP goal.. gorges is looking to take the scoring title for the canadiens this year, ... GO HABS GO! 2-0 les Canadiens.
  10. so true, sometimes TSN and some hockey blogs are such examples of this...
  11. we don't need anymore goon's. our game is skill, although we can use more size on the top six, to hold our ground. needless to say the goon's have leagues they can plan in, but the NHL is not that kinda league anymore... GO HABS GO!
  12. GO HABS GO! This has to be an inspired game, I'd like to see Subban in particular but the entire team as a hole along with the newbies, pick up the passion where they left it in the playoffs... Lets play this game and every game like its a game 7 playoff game. Time to leave it on the ice. GO HABS GO!
  13. Ok.. with my fingers crossed.. here's my kick at the numbers.. I'll bet it all ! on.. 44-30-8 for 96 pts 6th in the East, 14th in the NHL. GO HABS GO!
  14. Can someone post a link to this stream from RDS. GO HABS GO!
  15. I'm all in... GO HABS GO! :hlogo:
  16. RDS is best in any format... NHL network bites. stay away from paying for games you will never enjoy because of the crappy commentary... GO HABS GO!
  17. Fanpuck33 wish you all the best. was most enjoyable to read and share in your posts. be safe.
  18. CRAP! Its safe to say that I was surprised... Its a new season now boys.. lets not disappoint. GO HABS GO!
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