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  1. Let the rumours fly: On twitter posted at 4:27pm Aug 16th. Michel M (@MichelMoquin) If you are Bergevin and Kevin Cheveldayoff offers you Patrick Laine for Max Domi + Josh Brook ..... do you do it ? #habs
  2. https://www.tsn.ca/radio/montreal-690/delmar-postgame-show-finding-a-nickname-for-kotkaniemi-1.1181559 Delmar PostGame Show : Finding a nickname for Kotkaniemi It is not about the 5-3 loss to the Maple Leafs at the Bell Center. No, it is all about finding a nickname for the 18 year old third overall pick Jesperi Kotkaniemi.
  3. 40-29-8-5 = 93 pts 6th in the division 11th in the conference 225 goals. Wonderful as always to be watching and reading; been enjoying the debates on the forum. The writers are doing great as always. Thank you everyone for contributing to keep this my fav site on the inter-web! Best of luck to everyone this season, congrats to Dalhabs! for taking last years prediction. Go Habs Go!
  4. It must be a difficult night for Plexi to sit out and watch as his time with the habs comes to an end; but if this gives him a change to move to a contender with a chance for a long cup run! then so be it; Best to him and much thanks to him, years on the ice for the Canadiens, he has left his mark for sure. A career with ups and downs but a steady two way center that all Coaches relied on; here's hoping his last move is to bring some young talent and a few good picks in return. Cheers! Plexi. Go HABS Go!
  5. I almost threw up my beer! thanks guys. Desharnais for Plekenec lmao????
  6. was too busy this year. I missed the start of the tourney! If the powers that be will allow me to put an entry in late. Then please accept this as my entry with my sincere apologies. 47-26-9 103 pts 2st Atlantic 5th East 235 goals Best of luck to everyone! Looking forward to another year in the hunt for 25... Go Habs Go!
  7. Look out Habsworld the big red count down clock says we have 1 day and 9 hours to go to puck drop for our beloved Les Canadiens pre-season fun! GO HABS GO!
  8. Here's the preseason one: dlbalr the count down clock is Brilliant! the excitement is building with each click of the clock! Woo Hoo! only 23 days to go.. and 12 hours, 06 mins and 50, 49, 48... seconds... are nuts... Who are we kidding here, for us hardcore hockey lovers, there is only one thing we all want! for our beloved Les Canadiens to drop the puck! thanks again dlbalr! u rock! GO HABS GO!
  9. Let me know what tickets are left.. I'd be happy to take any Saturday games off your hands.
  10. Could someone setup a count down clock to puck drop for the exhibition season for the Habs ? Followed by a count down clock to puck drop for the Habs first game for the upcoming season ? Thanks in advance. GO HABS GO!
  11. Great job with the new site and features. Looking forward to another good season of news and insights! Habsworld has come a long way from its early days. Keep up the great work. Cheers! Go Habs Go!
  12. sadly true. The part of his game that needs the most improvement for him to find a spot in the big club one day.
  13. been waiting to see nikita in the lineup with the big club. I would be happy to see him get another year in the minors developing but if injuries require a call up and he's ready then play the lad... this kid has another gear! and he will put it on display verses the leafs for sure, bet on it.
  14. We need a solid forward and a defenceman. what will it take for mb to pull the trigger and make a trade. I am not looking forward to the next two weeks. It could be the beginning of the end of this season if we don't manage this better. Very disappointing night and road trip. My hope is fading. Someone convince me we will be okay.
  15. There is justice tonight impact win over tfc 3-2. I feel a bit better now but the habs have a load of soul searching to do tonight. MB time for you to do your gm stuff and make it a d-man. ASAP.
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