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  1. MaxPac again He averages 5 shots a game , this game 8 shots on net. And 16 goals in 26 games now. Credits to Desharnais, it takes a center to pass for a winger to score, 23 pass already. Meanwhile in habsland, second line Moen,Halpern, Cammalleri... ...
  2. ...about Gomez if the word around is true the injury is not an injury but a big pain in the *** Just take a newpaper read the comments Gomez said and imagine when a ball explodes there who painful it must be to skate Anyway first time ever i hear a story like that about a hockey player, i thought i must share that...lol.
  3. Against Toronto, just for fun...please.
  4. Without Gomez i would like to see Cammelleri back with Plekanec and Kostitsyn. Would line up Gionta-Eller-Pouliot Would grind down wit Moen-Halpern and Darche Would try Subban in a agitator role with Lapierre centering and Conboy. That would be fun. I want Plekanec to carry more the puck. I do not want to see Cammelleri handling the puck and skating, it's painful. Gionta could mentor the youth, Darche style, with more offensive flair. Subban has a winger ? yah i don't like either but considering how fast he does skate and handle the puck it would be frightening for the oppon
  5. Pretty hard to figure out three stars last night. Nobody played really good and they win anyway because they played the team concept of positionning, cutting passes line, played with disciplined against a team that give up easily. With all the talks about PK, get over it people. He has to learn something and learning process can be done because the team wins. The team concept work and Subban has the chance to learn it. If he doesn't learn it here he will never do and will play a Mike Green career for a Bruce Boudreau style of coaching.
  6. Keys to a win. The Great Dane, more and more ice time. Price as good as he could. Defense holds on.
  7. Stortini or any big agressive player out is a really good thing for Montreal. What i would like to see tonight : - Cammalleri scoring a goal on PP. - Pouliot-Eller-Cammalleri trio. - Defense pinching offensively early in the game.
  8. Bieksa left practice in Vancouver, rumours from CKAC not confimed he would have been traded.
  9. Team Deeefense, one of the best habs game i have seen of players sticking up as a unit on the ice. Not that many shot blocked, and very few scoring chances for LA. The players answered positively to JM punitive practice. It does some good to watch them.
  10. Puck moving defensemen, the less time possible in our zone, this means a defense that sees the ice well and can skate with it to push in offense. Hopefully this player can play the point and even with a average shot he can set up the shooters, Cammelleri, AK46. This player for me would be Robidas. Yeah not the biggest guy around but the salary is affordable around 3 million, giving depth. Heck Markov is not big either.
  11. Deeeeefense. AK46 should had three goals if Gustavvson would have not stand on his head. Pouliot deserves a shot with Gomez his release is actually pretty good, now he needs to be fed and shooting. Lots of shooting, with Cammelleri, AK46, Weber and Pouliot we have 4 pretty strong shooters. Send Pyatt down to gert some scoring there, he cannnot stay in the BHL without points. Nothing against him but is only use would be penalty killing and we have plenty of players to do this job. Halpern, Plek, Moen, Lapierre, Gomez, even Eller should fill that role.
  12. Anyone else remember Mike Richards hit to the head of David Booth, was David Booth a cocky player ? Not. Andrei Markov has years of good hockey, never been a cocky player, never played cheap hockey he should have respect. Nah, opponents know he has a knee weakness, and they play cheap on him and when he is on the ice why not slap shot his glove right to him. Players don't respect them between each others or the leaugue would not have to add and enforce rules to prevent hits to the head. And if Richards himself want to go at Subban, not PowPow or Carcillo or Pronger, i say Richard
  13. +1. Without Markov, Spacek and Hamrlik had way too much ice time. They are not getting any younger and play with less pressure helps them a lot as much as it helps Subban not having all the offensive aspect of the defense free him of doing too much and results ? He is doing much more offense unrushed, just instinctive. Polamalu like.
  14. Gauthier is making moves, i like that. I thought he would be very patient but he is not. When there is nothing good in a player to help the team to win he is out. Funny thing all the Quebec players are almost in the same mould. Average frame, tons of hard work and attitude, i like it. Leblanc, Dumont, Bournival, are some of the best competitors i seen in the LHJMQ the last two years. With hard workers in the system, we will maybe see a continuation in Habs success and i would be very surprise to see dark years. The last years of contracts of the Gomez, Gionta will be sweeten by g
  15. He is creating nothing on offense, he is pushed from the puck easily and he stinks playing team defense. Why would they try to get rid of him ? I cross fingers for a team with injuries an bad pro scouting to pick him up.
  16. Lazy has something there, with Markov back, offensive forwards expect a tape to tape pass so they don't come back as low in the d zone. This puts all Martin system down the drain. Forwards have to come back on Markov side as low as they do with Gill. And defense corp, well Hammer is always better when Markov is not there, why i do not know but it always been. For Spacek, i would make him take a full NASA test(available at Laval) twist him by every side, every height , every shock to see if that inner ear problem is still there and doesn't hide it. And the three stars are relat
  17. Eberle,.. wow.hahaha. Benoit Brunet comments on Eberle first amazing goal. Edmonton will be interesting to watch this year. Raitis Ivanans had his light close, it reminded me when Chara took him out when he was a habs, i don't think he has any memory of it.
  18. I'll give you that bar, Eller is better at C. A full year as third center and we will see good things of him. But i think he looks lost out there because they are shuffling him everywhere. I like the Lapierre fight, he was actually very good. No more yellow call for him.
  19. - O'Byrne looked like the guy who scored in his goal. - Henry is a top 1 East Coat league D - Spacek came back with his triple chin, and mysterious virus that causes him to make turnovers. - Pouliot is at his first camp, fist experience in NHL, wow it look promising. 29 games without scoring. bring back Latendresse. - Eller ain't a top 2 center maybe a 3 at this point, hey stop screwing with his head. Tell him what his job is,really is. He doesnt look good anywhere, Engviist was better than him. - Can anyone tell Gomez that in Alaska it's dark at 3pm at this time, it's ok to sle
  20. No rookie or prospect really shines at this camp yet. Except PK i would say. Day one of the year we will have no surprise, unless injuries.
  21. AHL'ers perception of a player who doesn't want to be there but in the NHL and does what it takes individually, mmmm, i'd say they hate his guts. but remember he doesn't give a pooh to be a Dogs player.
  22. Signing a 600$k depth player for one year is better than giving a second round pick for it at the trade deadline.
  23. I just said a positive word and a act of wisdom from the individual Halak and just like lobotomied CH fan elitist people come back to say negative words about the player and the fan who cheered for him and want to say hey Jaro thank you for what you did and what you still do for this community despite playing for another team.
  24. Jaro comes back to Montreal this saturday. Link http://www.rds.ca/hockey/chroniques/305321.html He will sign pictures for a 20$ donation to the Ste-Justine Hospital for chidren. Just a word here to say this is a class act that show how Jaro is not only a good goalie but a man with strong values. I don't care for the picture i have all these memories of a goalie who won the heart of many fans. I cannot be there but i will give to the foundation and i leave this link if someone else want to support Jaro one last time, in the same team. http://www.fondation-sainte-justine.org/Don
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