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  1. Anyone watching the CBC feed? Do you have any idea what song they played at the beginning (girl's voice, kind of folksy and melancholy. Only lyrics I caught were "getting ready to let go")
  2. I actually would have to say that I hope they start Price on Sunday - the goals weren't Halak's fault, but he wasn't great either. He NEEDS a break. and FanPuck, we'll miss you!
  3. Stay - definite stay. He's a pair of fresh legs, young, talented, and didn't look out of place like you mentioned. He gives us more options.
  4. Also, the one thing that did bug me about Gainey (though I respect him tremendously) is that he insisted on rushing Price. I really think Price would have benefitted from a couple of years in the minors, or AT LEAST being billetted with a veteran.
  5. I see your point but I don't want to care right now. I just want to revel in the victory... I wonder who we will lose this summer? I don't envy the GM his job... But still, we have GOOD young players in the system who will need room to play and some vets will have to clear that space for them: Subban, Pyatt... oh yeah, and to add, I respect Gainey tons, but the thing that drove me crazy was that he rushed Price, who is less and less likely to become a star in Montreal now. I think he could have used a season or two in hamilton, or at least to be billeted with a vet...
  6. I don't want them to trade Halak either. Not because I think he's better than price, but because I'd rather have two solid goalies than any other position. What happens if we trade Halak and Price gets injured?? We're dead is what... Let's keep them both for as long as we can. unless we're getting someone who can score every game (as in Alex Ovechkin) and we're OBVIOUSLY NOT going to get someone like that, we're better off with two good goalies.
  7. Keep him for at least the rest of this season unless a good deal comes up. Martin is proving to be a good coach and he needs some time to actually work with the guy.
  8. thanks for clearing that up. I was wondering why he wasn't getting any ice time at all... I hope not. I really had high hopes for him and this was the year I thought he'd make a dent. He's going to be a steady player somewhere...
  9. totally random thought but I don't know where else to write it: I've heard absolutely nothing about chipchura this camp, and he hasn't played any exhibition games that I'm aware of. Anyone have any thoughts? is he not making the team? is it still too early? has the franchise given up on him?
  10. Sadly, I know you're right. But I'm still hoping with the complete shift in the dressing room, and this early in his career, someone or something is going to shake him out of it and save him before it's permanent... right now, when I see/read an interview of his, I'm very annoyed, but I"m willing to give him sometime to buckle down and work hard and realize he's just a human being.
  11. Oh please please please no! I was a big theo fan in his young days, when he was the really good back up not getting a chance (and even before that, at the world juniors, but then his head got way too big...
  12. I agree, it's probably a habs pr move: go to the news page and it's all stories from the Habs website, so that tells me they're the ones running this. and about the groupies, yeah... kills me as a serious female hockey fan. So annoying.
  13. I don't think Halak is going anywhere... I'm actually getting excited about the new guys. Like so many of us have said before, they may physically be small, but they play big. This is the kind of toughness I appreciate. Can't wait to see the puck going into the corners and these guys going in after it (and hoping some of that rubs off on the younger guys - A Kost, I'm looking at you!)
  14. Yup, getting rid of plex now when the new coach loves players of his style would seem fairly ridiculous. I hope he sticks around and thrives under Martin's system.
  15. I really like Chips and I want him to succeed. Come on Chipper, prove me right!
  16. Man, AC, I *hope* you're right when you say "things can still change".... Not that I'm soooooooooooooooooo upset about the way things have gone, but that I too would like to see some size added somewhere into the lineup, but the way BG works, I think we're done. These moves were insanely atypical for him. There won't be more, in my opinion. I hope I'm wrong...
  17. yup, that's what I think. I would love for mid-season, that person becomes Lappy or Marky though...
  18. about Koivu, I will miss him... Happy overall with the moves... haven't put much time/thought into analysis, but at the end of the day, my main worry is our lack of size up front....
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