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  1. Boy am I glad Gainey is staying put and staying quiet about the whole Sundin thing. I guess Gillis is using the media to drop little bombs of information to help entice Sundin over to Vancouver. While I don't blame him, with the Olympics being in Vancouver, Sundin could Captain the Swedish team from his own backyard. It does seem like a big incentive and I'm sure we would be using it as well if the winter olympics were being held in Montreal. I can't help but feel more desperation from the west coast camp than I do from ours. I hope that confidence on Gaineys part translates into Sundin coming to Montreal. Sundin can Capatin Swedish Team from home............
  2. You are a stats machine. Do you look this shIt up? Actually when I read your post I totally remember that trip ,but man you whip this stuff out of your butt all the time. Good stuff!!
  3. I'd be nervous if I was Lats. Hopefully this will light a spark under his butt. I know a lot of you think power forwards need time to develop but I have been patiently disappointed with Lats thus far. After seeing Lucic be so dominant in the 1st round kind of made me jealous on what Lats isn't. Hopefully Max is the real deal and Lats finds himself this year because he feels him breathing down his neck.
  4. I thought this season we would play each Western conference team twice. 1 home and 1 away. I'm pissed the Habs aren't coming to Nashville. I can see them in Atlanta though. Bummer!! They don't really hit the west coast either. Kings, Ducks, or Sharks.
  5. We have 6.8 million left. If we want to create some more room to bring in Sundin, Gainey will have to do something. Dandy, Begin and Boullion will be the first sacrificed I think. I'm sure Gainey will try to trade them but if he can't they will be sent down. It is a business move that the players will have to understand.
  6. Me too, but also you have to give credit where credit is due. The Cube held his own against Colton Orr. The Cube always holds his own. Tough little F**cker.
  7. Ya, they dismantled this summer. He would be good with Nash.
  8. They moved the seats out years ago. I'd be lying if I said I knew the exact date but at least twelve years ago my girlfriend at the time bought a chair for me for my birthday. I still have it. They were sold off for 100-175 dollars a chair. A friend told me he has seen them go on Ebay for $600.00. That was a bunch of years ago too. Anyways, I suppose it's exciting to have the draft. Too bad they didn't have the outdoor game in Montreal this year, as a celebration that would have been fitting. Ironically we will probably get to watch the Leafs draft first as they try to start the big re-build with a blast. Traveres a Leaf?......... :puke:
  9. When Perezohgin ditched the habs was he under contract or RFA? We didn't get any compensation....you may just be right. I really don't understand the rules, we'll see how it unfolds but I would think the Preds have some chance in legal action. They are now saying that a verbal agreement was made weeks ago to honor all pro contracts world wide so it's not possible for Radulov to be home-free. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Can he just walk away? I don't think he can at this point.
  10. This is really going off topic. Let's forget the details and just go with the flow..... that Russia sucks, Nashville sucks, and most of you can't even begin to think or understand why anyone in this world would want to live there or play hockey in such a 3rd world country or red neck filled bible belt that only listens to country music. God forbid should someone consider life outside of the original six and especially The Montreal Canadiens who you all seem to think is the only place hockey really exists. This is coming from a person that loves the city of Montreal and loves the Habs. Besides I doubt the NHL will let Radulov walk. So nothing comes out of this thread except that playing in Russia sucks.....because?
  11. I was born in Toronto, lived there until I was 26. Moved to Los Angeles for ten years and have now moved to and been living in Nashville for 4 years. I love it here. I could never see myself back in T.O .....maybe L.A....... but Nashville is amazing. It is a perfect middle ground I compare to L.A and Toronto. You really shouldn't knock it, without knowing what it's about. I've been a hardcore habs fan my entire life and in the recent years I've been really bummed at the fact we couldn't attract any UFA's because they simply didn't want to play in Montreal. Then I find they pick Nashville(forsbeg,Dumont, Arnott, Kariya etc...) or Tampa(Vinny) as they're hockey city. So the last part of your statement ....yes...... is complete nonsense. Proof is in the pudding. The hockey world does not revolve around Montreal or Toronto as much as some of you think. Being a hardcore hockey fan in Nashville is pretty cool actually. When the Habs were here I paid $100.00 bucks which included two hot dogs and two big ass beers. By the second period I made it down to the glass behind Halak and watched the rest of the game, overtime and shoot-out without anyone saying a word to me. Try that at the Bell. You'll get kicked out so fast you won't even know what happend. There is a pretty cool indie scene here to ...if you are into music. Not Country by the way.
  12. It's kind of funny how everyone assumes that the standard of living in Russia is so crappy compared to the grand " Be all end all Canada and the mighty U.S.A ". Most likely people who have never been outside their own home town and watch too much T.V. People!!!!! there is a whole world out there that is growing and might be a lot better than the shell you live in. I mean the president of the United States, Mr. George Bush had never left the borders of the U.SA until he was elected president. LOSER! Also" Marky and Komi" statement number 4 just proves how people on these forums can just throw out complete nonsense and uneducated bullcrap based on fan attendance reports they read on TSN. Nashville is a beautiful place with a lot of great people that just aren't as into hockey as the God Like Fans Montrealers think everyone should be. But you should come to a Titans game and see the support they get. It's a whole different beast, or even college basketball. I don't need to remind you that Wasaga beach born Jason Arnott and your very own J.P Dumont picked Nashville over Montreal a few years back. That alone kind of turns the tables on your number four statement and puts the pile of crap right in your own backyard. Radulov wants to go home because he was born there, He likes it better than America, be close to his Mom and Dad....family, etc....and it seems like he can make a lot more money there than here. Too much guys.....too much
  13. I wonder if talks are going bad with O.B and Belle is Gainey's replacement. Seems to be the same type of player maybe better.
  14. We should be the first team to ice a complete Afro-American. line. I wonder what nicknames people would come up with
  15. Has Mats decided? It may be from Ek, but so far this year his rumors haven't been completely off the wall, but I also haven't been reading his site that often. This is what he hears and no mention of Toronto. Hmmmmmmm. Multiple sources are saying that the recent optimism that we are seeing tonight has come from the fact that Mats Sundin has indeed decided to play hockey this season. In Vancouver radio reports are rampant that Mats is "really really close to signing with the Canucks." and indeed sources are indicating to me that the entire Canucks organization has locked it down and zero'd in on "some kind of Mats news that was surprising and came unexpectedly." How intriguing has this become? In Montreal meanwhile, behind a fortress of steel and electric fences, it would appear as though the Canadiens too have become renewed, although not as much nor not as openly enthusiastic as the Canuacks staff.. But then again the Habs are always reserved and always in shut down mode. Either way it is blatantly obvious that "something big has happened tonight and that something has been told to the Canadiens and Canucks, and has given both teams a reason to believe that each has a definite shot at this. One source speculated, "If I didn't know better I would say Mats told them that it is between the two of them and that they should both put forth their finest offer and in 7-10 days Mats will decide." I continue to hear that Mats is leaning towards wanting to do a "one off" deal in case things dont work out. This is an option many of his peers have opted for as well at this point in their careers. stay tuned for more in the early morning hours.
  16. Agree with all you guys, but why would Carbo go and light a fire under his butt with a statement like this. Ryder will suck next year except when he plays us. Hurtin for the certain! One contract that must have surprised Carbonneau was the three-year, $12-million contract Canadiens' free agent Michael Ryder signed with Boston. "He better share that with Claude," Carbonneau said, referring to Bruins head coach Claude Julien, who also coached Ryder in junior and at the start of his NHL career with the Habs.
  17. "With an undecided player between the retirement and the return to the game, are for you maybe better to pass your turn", adds Roy.
  18. Not sure what your all lit up about. What do you think I don't get? I'm just stating that Lowe is taking a big risk ripping an unproven player with a stupid contract. He obviously believes Penner will turn out to be worth it. These kinds of things are going to keep happening until a team can't afford to do it anymore. Yes, it does have a trickle down effect. It surely screws teams and good GM's like Bob Gainey but it's in the rulebook so how are you going to stop it. I was worried a GM like Lowe would come after Kostitsyn with 5 million so we are lucky to have him for 3.25. Regardless how many goals he has. I think we both can agree his potential is very high. Yes Lowe did single handedly bump up the pay scale but no differently than Gretzky did when he signed for his 1st million or Mario,or Vancouvers 10 mil offer for Sundin, or OV's 10 mill a year. It's a form of inflation and it has been happening forever and will continue to happen forever. What kind of paychecks do you think we would be seeing if 1st round draft picks didn't have a cap on them? There would be 10 million dollar 18 year olds that have never stepped on NHL ice. My point was, It's allowed by the rules and as dirty as that method is ......it will NOT be the only method that will drive up players salaries in the years to come. As long as the cap keeps going up and you keep buying Jersey's and tickets, GM's will find ways to spend your money as Lowe did, whether you agree or disagree with his assessment of a young players worth and potential.
  19. I know Gainey says he's done, as we all wait for the small possible chance to land Sundin. The only reason I bring this up yet again is because of Gainey's past interest and an official announcement that Shanny will not be with New York. NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: John Dellapina reports the Rangers have no remaining cap space to re-sign Brendan Shanahan, meaning the club goes into next season with a new captain and two new alternates. If Sundin was to sign for less, you never know, there is not a whole lot left for him out there anymore and if Shanny was to sign for less landing both is possible. Yes I know fanpuck is going to jump all over me again, and tell me how impossible this is. I do agree, at this point and time it is not possible. But!!!!!!! Gainey wants and loves both these guys so it makes me wonder if he would make trades and salary dump to get these two in red white and blue. I would be a happy man.
  20. It's allowed to be done. The offer was made and Lowe won. There is salary inflation all around, from vets to rookies. I don't think a single finger can be pointed at Lowe. He didn't kidnap the player and force him to sign. Lowe is the one who will get stuck with the salary so he also is taking a big risk by making the move. Burke needs to stop crying and Lowe should continue to keep his mouth shut. I do like the fact Gainey has stated that he would never do business that way, but we have to realize that it is allowed and one day it could happen to us, I thought it might with Big TlTS this year. Now that the ice is broke look to more of it happening in this league in the coming years. I say Keep the prospect pool of high quality and never match unles it is worth matching, teams like the Oilers and Vancouver who are screwed will eventually f**uck themselves. Burke got a shit load of draft picks he'll be fine.
  21. hmmmmm, That whole buy-out thing is a confusing loop hole within itself. If anyone has a link to a good informative explanation of how it really works would be much appreciated if they could post it. None the less, Gainey has gone on record saying everyone on the team has value so I doubt it is a road he will take.
  22. The problem with that is, I believe you can only buy-out a certain amount of players and we already have 2 from last year, plus there are only 6 days in July a team can buyout where the monies don't count against the cap which have past. Add to that the fact Gainey feels all players on the team have value so to get rid of them would most likely be by trade only. Gainey said he was "done" leaving a small window for Sundin, so what you see is what yo get. I think I'm o.k with that. If you told me at last years trading deadline we added Tanguay and Big George without losing anyone I would have been stoked. I bet we would have beat Philly too. Streit sucked and Ryder was in the stands anyway. We have a pretty good team we can tweak later.
  23. If Sundin chooses to not sign with us Plan B should be to start the season with what we have and evaluate later. We need to see if any of our young guns step it up and what kind of season Kovalev is going to give us. If we get Vertigo Kovalev with a wonky knee we might need to trade our whole 1st line........kidding. We have a good team without Sundin, Demitra would not be a good 2nd prize lets be patient.
  24. I forgot about P.K. I wonder if he'll have a great camp and pre-season. Might be a great replacement for Striet on the PP.
  25. I doubt it. Long term contracts usually seem like you might be overpaying but the hope and point is as salaries inflate, what seems high turns out to be a bargain in year 5 or 6. Anyways I feel like your number may be low compared to what's going on in the market. Gainey is full of surprises(big tltis contract) so you never know. If TlTS was UFA he would have been offered WAY more.
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