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  1. I think Chips had a great game last night. 60% in the face-off circle. Did really well against Spezza. I've always thought of him as a Brian Skrudland type player so I'm not looking to him for mega points. He will shine as he gets older and probably take on a major leadership role with the team. All you guys seem so down on him but I actually see him taking Laps place fairly quickly. Laps is a good agitator but if it came down to keeping one of them it would be Chips I would keep. He'll find his spot on this team soon enough.
  2. If we get an injury at centre he's in. We've been lucky the past few years, who knows this year. He'll get his chance, I just hope he doesn't fade and keeps his shit together.
  3. I was just checking the rosters for tonights game and Beauregard isn't in the line-up and he's not listed in the scratches either. Have there been cuts already? or just a misprint?
  4. Thrashers are going to still suck bad this year.
  5. At the end of the day Gainey did decide to sign him. You never know what can happen, there are quite a few players who have done well after not being drafted. Martin st.louis, Geoff Courtnall, Sean Avery, Dino Ciccarelli, Adam Oates to name a few. If Kozed is right and Thomas had a wake up call, he has been putting up pretty good numbers considering there were faults that kept him from being drafted in the first place. My point being he must have a gift, and to me it looks like it's putting the puck in the net. If he can do it in Hamilton at a point per game pace he'll be a habs real soon.
  6. I don't know why for sure but I'm excited about this kid. He seemed determined against Detroit and all his stats point to steady consistent production. Especially the past three seasons. You never can tell, he may be smallish but he could surprise in the next couple of years. Hope he makes most of his chances with all the injuries. Is he in the line-up tonight? Thomas Beauregard Right Wing Born Feb 9 1986 -- Montreal, PQ Height 5.11 -- Weight 185 -- Shoots R --- Regular Season --- ---- Playoffs ---- Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM GP G A Pts PIM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2002-03 Acadie-Bathurst Titan QMJHL 48 16 14 30 6 4 0 1 1 2 2003-04 Acadie-Bathurst Titan QMJHL 65 18 28 46 14 -- -- -- -- -- 2004-05 Acadie-Bathurst Titan QMJHL 5 3 3 6 0 -- -- -- -- -- 2005-06 Acadie-Bathurst Titan QMJHL 69 46 42 88 38 18 13 4 17 6 2006-07 Acadie-Bathurst Titan QMJHL 69 71 53 124 44 12 5 6 11 6 2007-08 Cincinnati Cyclones ECHL 59 31 34 65 33 19 9 7 16 20 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. who scored? nevermind OT. nice to see the ot dough nut for price
  8. Why did Lats leave?.............. is he too fast? Price does have that thing of always keeping us in it and giving a will to win even if it is exhibition and we're being doubled in shots. I've always liked this kid, ever since I heard he scored 70 goals in that whatever league. Hope he shines through.
  9. Price sounds like he's ready man, but it also sounds like detroit is all over us.
  10. It says NOW PLAYING some other thing but if you hit listen it ends up being the game. Right off the front page.
  11. I forgot about Beauregard, our next 50 goal man? Is this his first game or did he play in Hamilton last year? Koivu is out too or are they just not pushing his hurt foot?
  12. Who cares Big George still needs to punch someone out.
  13. Looks like Carle got toasted. Head shot and takin out on a strecther. Hope he's O>K
  14. When do the fans and media jump on this? Kovalev For Kovalev, the session was only the second or third time he has laced up his skates since the team was eliminated from last season's playoffs. "It was a tough first day, like always," he said. "Some young guys have skated for a while now, but this is my probably second or third real practice, so it was tough. A couple more days and I will be fine." Why would you say that to the Montreal media? So now if he doesn't do anything the first 5 games they'll hang him, or if he screws up his groin they'll have a hay day talking about how he didn't prep. Oh Boy here we go.
  15. Story of his career? Yes! I still love opening face-off. Other team wins it, defenseman goes behind the net and BOOM! Begin slams him into the glass. GAME ON !. He'll start the season but get bumped quick. Can't see him a regular by the end of the season. We'll see.
  16. That's pretty much what I was trying to say about Grabs. He's good and he will do well in T.O and many here will be jealous. The truth is we shouldn't be, we have no room for his kind of player and then Ribs comes into the picture in other posts. I, like you, love the current addition of the Habs.........
  17. Totally! Don't ignore the the pattern, flip it the other way so it's on top and it looks like a burning vagina. Fire crotch! Now that's all I see is a burning Va Jay Jay!
  18. He'll do well. We all might get jealous too. Just like some do about Ribs. The truth is Grabs was looking like a small dominant player in the AHL. Wasn't he going on some crazy record breaking streaks? Like 6 goals and six assists in 3 games and stuff. There is a lot of talent there and in T.O he will get the ice time to make it happen. It wasn't going to happen in Montreal, too much traffic on the top lines. Besides, after the play-offs I think we realized we have scoring, we have speed, We need toughness. We went and got it, now more than ever NO ROOM FOR GRABS!!!. I know all you guys know this stuff but I guess I'mm telling myself this stuff so when I see Grabs deke out an entire team on a highlight reel and score his 25th goal of the season this year or next I'll have to remember it wasn't going to happen in Montreal. I do love his little bursts of speed though, teamed up with some talented big wingers he could do really, really well. ' O.K. Got that off my chest. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Screw him! He's just a shitty little Leaf now, and no matter how well he does he can rot in hell, because he sucks the big one.'
  19. No shit Sherlock, it just a forum comment. A hanging out with the guys talking crap about hockey. I doubt anyone here truly wishes harm on any other human being or player. It's better than the " I truly wish Justin and his family a speedy recovery so all hearts can mend and he can get on with his glorious career" bullcrap. Lighten up. Also How educated can you be if your not a Habs fan? Yes that was a joke, do I need to put a smiley face there for you? Here you go......
  20. I'm with you, how much better could he have got? or maybe he was never really that bad. I like Latendresse, If anything that I would wish for, would be, that he develops a hard nosed game like Lucic. He's got the tools, just not sure if he has the mentality to play with such intense toughness. Hopefully Big George will put a chip on his shoulder. On another note. Anyone catch Koivu's interview when asked about the additions to the 2008/09 habs. He carefully didn't mention any names but went on and on about the toughness that was added. Can't help but feel our captain is thrilled with the addition of Big George more then anything else. Considering there really wasn't any other toughness added. Ya Lang is big but not tough.
  21. "WISH?" In what part of JMMR's comment do you read wish? He's basically stated the truth. He's not going to die, he's injured, who cares? Lot's of players are injured Oh right! Step seven you forgot. STEP 7. Highly educated Habs fan chimes in by calling everyone uneducated, misreads posts but bashes anyway because it makes him feel classy. I dedicate this song to you electron Did you ever know that you're my hero, and everything I would like to be? I can fly higher than an eagle, for you are the wind beneath my wings. It might have appeared to go unnoticed, but I've got it all here in my heart. I want you to know I know the truth, of course I know it. I would be nothing without you. Did you ever know that you're my hero? You're everything I wish I could be. I could fly higher than an eagle, for you are the wind beneath my wings.
  22. Someone said it best here I think, or maybe it was on a broadcast, anyways it was something along the lines of having Jarvis, Gainey, Carbo all selke winners, knew the shutdown game so well that using their expertise of defense allows them to breakdown all the tactics. If anyone knows where a defensive game plan has holes it's these guys. Or you could look at it more simply like a mechanic always drives a piece of shit, the shoemakers kids all have bare feet, A hockey team with a coaching staff of all defensive specialists lead the league in offense. I don't know but it kind of makes sense to me. Thank the lord! I hate it when the habs used to play shut down hockey, this is much more fun to watch.
  23. Ya, I hear ya. I did not hear 11 million but if he is offered 8.5 and not flinching he wants payday this summer. I wonder if the Laffs will pick him up. Boy, that would interesting.
  24. After reading this article this morning I couldn't help think should Gainey focus on Gaborik. Maybe we could steal this guy in March. Would it be worth it? and who would you trade? " MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE: Michael Russo recently reported on Marian Gaborik's contract situation, noting that he wants to be paid as if he were a free agent. The Wild believe offering him "north of $8.5 million" per season is more than reasonable and want to pay him in line with the extensions being paid out now. Russo also doubts that the Wild could land a comparable player in return in today's salary cap era if the club decides to trade him. "Sure, the Wild could likely get a strong package of players/picks back, but you’re not going to get fair value back — at least for the short-term", writes Russo. SPECTOR'S NOTE: Russo's right. One only has to look at the return the Thrashers got for Marian Hossa or the Blues received for Keith Tkachuk. Again, it's my opinion that if the Wild do decide to trade Gaborik it won't be until mid-season.
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