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  1. Listening to a BGL interview, to me it sounded like the NHL was just waiting for Avery to do something like that as BGL said that since there was no proof of Avery's racist comments the league can't suspend him even if they wanted to. So dumbass gave them the chance and they took it. Fact it, the NHL hates him. The coaches, players, fans, and most importantly the executives and the commissioner all hate him and they have reason to. They're fed up, and finally he gave them a valid reason to suspend them. He has no case, and I would say there it's 100 times more likely that Cuthbert sues him.
  2. No kidding, and I think that Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton are all in top 30, so that's pretty damn good considering they usually put NBA, NFL, and MLB all before NHL.
  3. Wow that 29 year old sounds good, but I mean the hype may not be as good as it seems if it takes him that long to bloom. He doesn't have a goal this year (10 games) and only 1 assist. Perezhogin (sp) 2nd in goals. Ray Emery having a great year, but this Kolesnik Vitaliy guy is poting unbelievable stats for a goalie!
  4. I'm with you, c'mon guys! :ghg:
  5. Understand, that he didn't have to say that. At all, he could have avoided it all but he opened his mouth for some more attention and the league is finally fed up with him. I think that the french comments, the NHL being boring comments, and now these comments got him suspended. Not just these comments.
  6. The thing is nobody is that classless and arrogant to go that far. Avery is the only person in the league who would say something that offensive in front of cameras
  7. Kovalchuk was amazing. Almost game changing, his presence alone created chances and without him (one guy!) the Thrashers would be screwed. I'd love a guy like him on our team. You know, if you wouldn't of mentioned Dandy I probably wouldn't of known he played. He was invisible, and that is exactly what you want with a defenceman like him. He never did anything wrong.
  8. Markierung this is not just making fun. This is verbally bashing a woman sexually, to humiliate her in front of the public's eyes. "Sloppy Seconds" is a very disrespectful term, and could almost be bleeped out. He got the NHL headlines in one of the worst ways possible. He should definitely be suspended, fined, and hopefully head-hunted, period.
  9. I wanna see these lines again, anyone else?
  10. Wow great period!!! BGL should get more icetime he's playing great. Maybe he's hurt though. On that sportsnet blog he said he has never been 100%. So now that he is, maybe he will become a factor.
  11. haha leafs at 91st I think we should be top ten though.
  12. I really like Begin as a 4th liner/presser. He seems to like the role too. He is one of the very few who display true heart out there.
  13. Thanks. I know it isn't but I didn't want to start a new thread of a minor BGL injury.
  14. Seeing this sort of serves as the official injury thread, anyone know BGL's status? Has he practised recently?
  15. Any news on Diago playing vs Thrashers? If Tangs is back then I'd doubt it.
  16. Yeah I agree with all of those. Maybe add Chips to the pro club and Missaen (that huge goalie) to hamilton. I'd also give Stewart a good shot at cracking the Habs 4th line, he leads the dogs in PIM and has 6 goals. Pretty good grinder.
  17. Plex is one of the last guys I'd trade. If Koivu and Lang leave at the end of the season, we have Laps, Chips, UFA/Prospect, UFA/Prospect up the middle. Ouch... I'd say keep Plex and Koivu, let go Lang and then save money for a good Dman. So you have Koivu Plex, Laps, Chips and........... Lehoux? Anyone see him play?? 25pts in 22GP +6, and few PIM.
  18. Bulldogs game at Bell centre tonight. 2 PP Goals on slapshots from the point by Weber
  19. OMG, enough with ######ing Lats, he has done fine. Pick on someone else.
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