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  1. Too bad LA isn't in our Division. Toffoli seems to do well against his former teams
  2. 27-22-3-4 (61 points) 4th in the divison 15th overall 168 goals for 160 goals against Habs lose in the second round
  3. One Year at $735,000 Pretty cheap deal for him. Good signing. Does he have a spot in the lineup however?
  4. It's not only next season. We dont have the cap space to take him on this season. No doubt I would also love to have him but dont feel there is a fit.
  5. Since we are not likely able to afford one of the big fish, would Galchenyuk make sense on a one year prove it deal? He has not been great since leaving the Habs and at this point knows he's a winger. He seemed to have most of his success with us so the Habs may be of some interest to revive his career (though Julien being here may deter him). He's someone you could easily slide up your lineup if injuries arise or other players struggle. I know Bergevin would probably never do it but I think it makes some sense.
  6. Less term and money than I was expecting. Good deal! You could tell through some of the videos the team did that his family was quite happy in Montreal. This deal proves it since he could of gotten more on the open market. Seems like they are pretty close with Price's family as well.
  7. My mistake on Halak although looking into it he signed for only one year. So it does seem possible to still do. Just seems like there will be lots of goalies available this year. To be fair though Allen is at or near the top of that class. In a likely condensed season the backup goaltender will be very important.
  8. Don't disagree that he is a good goalie but it was a bad contract from the Blues perspective. They are tight against the cap and need to still need to sign Pietrangelo amongst others. In a flat cap this off-season I can't imagine there were too many teams willing to take on that kind of money for a backup.
  9. Was thinking we were going to get the third when I first read it. Would of made more sense as were taking on a bad contract. Good backup but feel the cost to be a bit too high. Could we not have signed a really good backup (Khudobin, Halak, etc) at less than 4.35 million? Would of been free.
  10. Really you think Galchenyuk was a good D-man? At this point I believe Drouin holds more value than Domi but I get the premise of your post. Sucks to go after these D-man and give up extra assets when you had the perfect one waiting in the wings.
  11. Come on Habs one more to push it to OT! 5 mins to go
  12. Really they know how to call a cross check? Looks like we'll be in the box quite a bit tonight.
  13. I guess cross-checking someone in the face is a hockey play now
  14. Agreed! Though we should be happy. Hart's proven he responds well to getting pulled in the following games.
  15. Well gotta win 3 straight! Though I have my doubts we'll even be able to score in three straight. Very frustrating game today.
  16. Nice gesture by Weber at the end of the game to go and get the game puck from the linesman. Likely for Muller's first playoff win or possibly Julien. Big Win!
  17. Not the greatest period by the Habs but still managed to win it 2-0! Haven't seen much of Belzile or Evans. Just over 4 minutes for each. Hopefully fewer penalties next period will allow them to roll 4 lines.
  18. The type of game where you've played so well you'd hope for more than a 1-0 lead.
  19. Beat me to it! Glad to see I'm not the only one who over analyzes
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