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  1. Finally, this might be wht wakes them up. Huge pp coming up
  2. Listen, you're not going to find a bigger Price guy than me. But right now Halak is getting the W's, and looking pretty good in doing so. I still think Price is this teams goalie of the future but right now you gotta ride the hot hand.
  3. The games next week will be HUGE. Florida, Tampa, and Ottawa. All must wins, if this team has any chance of making the post season. They gotta start picking up points on the teams with games in hand.
  4. Great game, back in 8th for the time being. Hopefully the Bruins and the Rangers continue their free fall. What a Great couple of games for Halak. And this is coming from a Price "supporter" and man can Cammy ever fire the puck. The best signing of the off season by far.
  5. Great game by Halak tonight. He wasn't overworked so Martin may put him in tomorrow night. Halak might also want to play tomorrow because of how he was lit up last time out against the Rangers.
  6. That would be sweet. Seeing GSP throw a spinning backfist or a superman punch.
  7. I think it's time to pull Carey and put Halak in. Because we all know this team only plays bad in front of Price. He makes then nervous, and the Defense can't make simple passes. Wait...What?
  8. And of course Avery wont go with Moen.
  9. Waiting for the Gainey bashing comments in 3...2...1...
  10. Well it's the Devils on Saturday. Hopefully they'll be a little gassed from playing in tampa tomorrow night.
  11. He definitely had a better game tonight, but man I wish he would learn how to pass.(not that he didn't try they just never seem to end up on anyone stick).
  12. That was a great game by everyone involved, from Halak right on down the line. The only thing missing was a couple of more goals.
  13. I wouldn't say they're sitting on it. Both goalies are playing well. That must be 10 or 11 shots for Cammy. A lot of good ones too. The poor guy can't buy one tonight.
  14. If Plex is really hurt bad, we're screwed.
  15. And to top it off, Max gets the only penalty out of that scrum.
  16. Must've ran to the fridge for a beer on that play. Never saw it.
  17. Something happen to Andrei? Why does Patches have his spot on the first line?
  18. Patches is having a good game. Id rather SK and Patches play with Dagostini back in Hamilton, but what do I know.
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