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  1. The argument that Therrien brought a 15th place team to the playoffs is ridiculous. Did a single person on this site believe for a second that we were a 15th place team? The change to Beregevin redid the ENTIRE CULTURE around Montreal, it was a terrible atmosphere to play in as both Spacek and Hal Gill said in some honest interviews after they left. Coupling that with the personnel changes that Beregevin made any NHL coach could have improved on 15th place and honestly brought us to the playoffs. Players won the games. Theres a reason Therrien did not get hired by a team for years until Montreal came knocking with the "we can only hire french people" requirement. I've disliked Therrien since he got here, even when we were winning his decisions were unorthodox but he got away with it because of the strength of our lineup and Carey Price. He almost cost us the Boston series by refusing to see that Murray was useless. I don't know if this was addressed but I hate seeing this arguement as if Therrien was Christ the redeemer coming down and brought us to the playoffs. You could have had NO coach and had a better result than 15th place with this lineup.
  2. To be honest I really liked Sekac's play when he was on the ice. Sure as hell saw him do a lot more than I've seen Bourque so far, if I've even seen Bourque in games. Not to mention Sekac is getting used to the North American game. How can he get accustomed to it not in the lineup? I have no idea how playing him over Bourque can be seen as a negative. I think its logical to assume that Sekac will get better as he gets used to NA.
  3. I don't see the role of captain as anything important so this is fine with me.
  4. With this whole captain debate i'm just sitting here wishing Gallagher was a few years older.
  5. gahhh im so nervous about getting my hopes up hahaha
  6. i'd say i'd be in but i have never been able to get player scout working again
  7. yup because people have an irrational hate on for him haha
  8. Yah we have a lot of players who are not producing atm.
  9. Apparently he went back to Montreal due to family reasons. Hope everythings okay.. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=447605
  10. I honestly dont think anyone who knew anything about hockey thought Lu was a disappointment. He was never the reason they lost or the reason they were not winning now. Problem is fans in the lowermainland don't really know the game and just all jumped on the Lu hate train bc he sometimes lets in bad goals and starts years off slow. I don't know anyone who would say he was a bad goalie. Or that he wouldn't perform better outside of Vancouver.
  11. Do you think Florida will still be a free be wins with Lu?
  12. Of course with him he just got destroyed by that injury. He was looking like he could possibly make it before that.
  13. The Giants aren't much to look at its true
  14. does buffalo have holtby or neuvith?
  15. being objective st. louis finished 1st in league scoring last season. and has 14 points in 15 games.
  16. I went to the Vancouver Giants game against the Prince George Cougars (not exactly a marquee matchup haha) and paid close attention to Dalton Thrower. Positives - Got an assist on the goal like 40 seconds into the first period. He made a nice play shooting it off the goalies pads to his teammate. - Made a lot of smart pinches and is really involved offensively (took a ton of shots). Was confident calling for the puck too. - When dealing with a forward 1 on 1 he handles them very well. Negatives - If he was supposed to be physical I didn't see it. Only physical thing he did was blatantly run over the goalie taking a penalty which led to a PP goal. - A lot of pucks "Go Through Him" passes go through his skates or right by him without him managing to block/tip any of them. - Loses forwards behind him. Noticed it a few times that he over commits to players behind the net leaving people open in front of the net. Obviously this is one game but considering he is the Captain of the team and one of the 20 year olds, i wouldn't say he looked good out there. While heavily involved offensively he came across as a defensive liability and was involved in more goals against then goals for. Though to note... obviously this wasn't a big game (Prince George is far from a strong opponent) and Vancouver was winning 4-1 by 10 minutes which could lull the team into a false sense of security which would lead to some of the mistakes I saw him make.
  17. I'm not surprised he let in that 2nd shot with all those people shouting his name. I'm sure he'll remember that game for a long time! The chant when they announced mvp of the game was sure something!
  18. I know theres alot of talk about Desharnais... but what about Eller? Eller has 1 assist in his last 10 games and is a -5 and has been very inconsistent in the circle. Does anyone know if he is playing injured or something?
  19. Can you name a fan base that isn't? Everyone clammers for trades, signings, draft picks, whatever it is. No fan is ever 100% content until they win a cup, and then only until for a month max.
  20. something to do with having the worst +/- on the team, as low/high as the next two lowest combined.
  21. i loved the tenacity he showed early, but unless he works his way out of his funk this week I'd say its better to send him down.
  22. totally only 20 years (as I was born like the month they won last ). but seriously they just need to stay the course of making steady improvements.don't fuk with chemistry and don't lose a mentor (someone who was offensively gifted and became defensively sound for almost his whole career, i'm sure PK benefits from him). I just don't want to take risks when it looks like we can take the steady path and become a real contender in the next 5 years.
  23. i think its bad practice to trade anyone when ur like 10-0-1
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