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  1. As Dudley says, Plan on Galchenyuk playing junior this year. Sseeing as he hasnt really played since last fall, has only 1 year in OHL, the Habs already have 13-14 forwards and are the defending 28th place team, there dosent seem much reason to rush him up to play 3rd line and 10 minutes/game.
  2. I said i wouldnt consider that a fair deal, but Tomas for Stastny straight up, in a second! And again Stastny is more the "typical centre upgrade" example, that i see might be a super fit as #1 centre. If had Stastny at #1 and Plekanec at #2, would be even better, but would likely cost top defensemen + stuff instead.
  3. I hear ya and like i say you are happy with sub-average face-offs %, which is fine and kind of understand. But, i disagree 100% and has zero to do with any anyalysts, for example; Tomas (whom i hate to pick on but). is even worse on special teams and drops to 47.1%, so too say a Toews (i know totally at other end of spectrum but) at 59% overall and actually ups to 60.0% on special teams, is an irrelevant stat seems a bit odd and dont buy it? Whom would you pick to take an important faceoff if only had these 2 to pick from? Because i see some faceoffs, even just 1 sometimes, can be that much more important and can mean diff between a win-loss, and those who win just that 1 extra every game, tend to be the elite leaders.
  4. Plekanec is miles better than that Belarussian and Yemelin is as well over Schenn, so a bit different, but like i say it would cost for sure, but to secure a yound solid centre upgrade would do wonders i think and is needed till Galchenyuk develops, which will be a couple/few years? Just maybe need to consult Glen Sather on how to pull wool over another GMs eyes and trade expendables for quality.
  5. Tomas would still be #30 of 44 centres in playoffs (if extrapolated reg season #s), So you think bottom 1/3 of league consistantly is OK for a centre group and are happy with that, what can i say, but that i disagree and see as a glalring weakness that needs to change. There is a reason Stastny/Bergeron/Malhotra/Toews etc are on for every important faceoff in a close game. For the Habs it dosent matter, they all suck (relatively) at it. It is costly to have to consistantly chase puck down the ice after most offensive PP faceoffs, and for Gorges and Price to stand on head stopping/blocking point shots after most PK faceoffs.
  6. which i had heard at one time he was out of favour (maybe was just his father who was pissed??), Any upgrade trade wouldnt be painless and would cost, especially if trying to find a centre who is better than Tomas, who is very good all-round and is an "almost" All-Star every year and a perfect #2 centre (cept for faceoff liability).
  7. I am only referrin to 18-22 year old prospects, not established players or GMs who can do whatever they want (within reason).
  8. My biggest concern is at centre and i still say Plekanec and Desharnais cant be the top 2 centres and expect to contend. Some say face-offs arnt important; but , Plekanec-55th, Desharnais-53rd and Eller-71st out of 81 centres on F.O %, is a glaring weakness that needs to be addressed sometime, maybe Desharnais and Eller can improve, as they are just starting out bvut Plekanec has consistantly sucked for years with zero improvment (too small, weak maybe??). One reason i see a Paul Stastny would be a good trade for Plekanec. Which i am sure still wouldnt be a popular proposition, but really need an upgrade for first line centre sometime. Stastny-Cole-Pacioretty would look pretty good.
  9. Nothing at all against the other russian and scouts all rated him very high, just says something for Markarov to be trusted in Gold Medal game and totally skipped in draft?
  10. Well it sure aint the sign of a young kid who is just happy to make it to the pros is it? And most who seem to refuse, in any pro league are highly rated prospects, Mario/LIndros/Shultz/Eli Manning etc etc, so i totally agree it is a possible sign of a swelled head and/or agent who says "you can do better, dont sign with that crap franchise!" How can you not see it as anything but a negative and "possible" character flaw/bad attitude?
  11. Not sure major generalization or not; but major assumptions and hunch for sure; I think having many NCAA kids drafted/in the system and on the Habs as well as LL being old teammate, MacMillan/Bennett/Didier/Sullivan/Vail will likely be in Hamilton in 2-4 years also and Stejskal/Pateryn/Nash/Quailer/Geoffrion/Palushaj will be there when he likely suits up in May playoffs; all are pluses to get the kid signed i think. Kristo has even said he followed and was big fan of NCAA hockey growing up and not the NHL as much, so i really do think having all the american/NCAA connections may be more important for this kid in particular (get Pacioretty/Cole/Gionta to twist his arm if need be).
  12. Sure, but almost every goalie is a crap shoot (lots of Raycroft 1 hit wonders have come and gone) and most are long term projects, so being passed over 1 year shouldnt be that big a deal i wouldnt think? And Makarov stood on head at world juniors when he played in games that meant anything, 57saves in 1-0 loss in gold medal game, i thought would make him a lock to be drafted (especially when the guy he replaced went in 1st round) He also had decent #s on a Blade team while icing barely 4 d-men, who were all playing almost 30 minutes/game at end of season due to injuries. No big deal, just strikes me as odd is all, and maybe technically he sucks/ is not athletic enough/ or is just not a motivated kid?
  13. Just wondering why Dietz/Thrower's Blades goalie, Makarov, went undrafted, when he was rated 3rd rounder or so? And i just noticed he is again on Russian Junior Team. Why wouldnt he have been invited to Habs summer camp on a try-out? It aint like Habs are flush between the pipes. Is "Russian Factor" perhaps why Makarov went undrafted?
  14. Of course there is hope Kristo will be in Hamilton next fall and he also would likely have good trade value, as he is likely about the 20-25th ranked NCAA player, can really skate, defensively smart and has some offense. Habs have till near end of next summer to sign him and he seems to have made no indication yet that he would jump ship. And with Pacioretty/Leblanc and several other americans on the Habs roster, as well as teammate and special team linemate Mark MacMillan being a Hab draft pick, i would say a better chance he signs than not. Maybe even he will suit up for AHL playoffs?
  15. Before July 1st, i thought a top 6 was biggest hole and Bergevin's move on the more conservbative grit end i didnt see coming. But i like it and also see adding one of top puck-movers on the back-end, in Markov, as possibly adding the offense and PP fix needed to move the Habs from middle of pack in scoring to maybe top 1/3? Again, i would also point to the improved health of 1/2 dozen players coming into camp as also being a bonus and can only help to avoid the start that happened last Oct. As well as Yemelin/Diaz/Subban/Desharnais/Eller all being more experianced/comfortable/confident (however you want to put it). So a weakness on the left side amy be a small issue, but overall team is fairly solid.
  16. Brunet was roughly 0.5PPG guy, so likely comparable but a bit below offense we can expect and i think Leblanc seems to be a very smart player and "vision, IQ" is much better than Brunet. but even if maxs out at a Brunet career that will be fine.
  17. Abysmal trade of best forward? When did Pacioretty, Cole or Plekanec get traded? You guys worry too much and you are selling the new GM short, Bergevin i dont think is a dummy and knows what his line up looks like.
  18. these are well done, interesting and great to see soemone take the time to put togeather.
  19. I think your ideas likely are same as majority and maybe there is cause to worry, but i am always overly opptimistic this time of year and see the addition of a healthy Gorges/Markov/Gionta/Eller/Leblanc as a big bonus and difference maker for the positive. And Bourque has 70+ goals in last 3 years, so why wouldnt he be good for 20+ again, he is healthy and young, as is Kostitsyn? But i cant stand soft floaters and the Kovalev's/Cammalleri's are only good if they produce (as they add zero on defense, backchecking or any physical game) and last fall i said i would cut the Squid some slack is he produced, but he seemed to make zero effort, and for 2nd year he did dick-all, so good riddence. Hope Calgary can squeeze 30+ goals from him but unlikely.
  20. For sure team is better without a Semin, you really think he is a character guy to help buld team chemistry, or would be the difference between playoffs-or not? I also dont see a need for a top six, nor do i see cap space to do it once Subban is signed, unless it is through a big multi-player deal. I like Bourque and think he will do fine, and worse case Gallagher/Leblanc may have to line up next to Plekanec, which may be a good thing in long run? But i really dont care what Semin cost, we just got rid of one soft overpaid cull to Calgary and dont need to add another clown. But if we had of signed Semin, i might at least want a salary i could dump/bury if he turned out as i expect him too. Best of luck Carolina, the gamble may pay off but i have my doubts.
  21. I might say a David Perron type would be a good comparable, average sized guy who is at 0.6ppg. Draper is only a 0.3ppg guy and Louis is gonna surprise this year and do very well.
  22. I would disagree because if he had of be uninjured, he likely would still have gone at/near 3rd and would be better prepared to make the jump to Habland and not have to retrun to Sarnia for 1 more year to make up for lost year. He for sure could end of being the best in draft, but that call is a long way down the road. I would just like to see 50+goals/100+points in OHL for starters.
  23. I highly doubt Bergevin-Dudley have forgotten about having 8 NHL d-men and have a bi tbetter idea of realistic options for Weber than you or me. I had thought he was gone in Feb- then at draft- then for sure on July 1st, so now i assume not many takers for him or maybe, Beregevin has a taker for Kaberle or others?
  24. MLB teams which attempt to buy a championship do not, generally win and building through draft/prospects still seems best way to go. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1192358-big-spending-ways-of-yankees-and-red-sox-are-not-the-best-way-to-win-a-title And Rangers/Carolina may look better on paper, but like in the MLB, big free agent signings dont equate to a winning team. As soon as new CBA is signed, no matter what "handcuffs" are in-place, the owners will have lawyers working on loopholes, so dont expect any big changes to owners outbidding each other any chance they get and complaining at same time.
  25. I wouldnt pay 1/2 that for that floater and to say the Habs missed out, is not how i see it. More like dodged a bullet. Now if want to resign Kostitsyn for 1 year, i am all for that.
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