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  1. Of course it does. Even NCAA is much bigger business than NHL ever will be. Even in San Jose i am sure NCAA trumps hockey and Oakland As are planning on moving there also.
  2. Seen this picture before, a group of all stars, does not mean a good team.
  3. Maybe just Prima Donna envy on my part and when he is scoring all was good, but back to back shit production years and consistant lack of effort and terribly soft play put him on my bad side. And i was fine with the 'dont let the door hit your ass on ...." treatment; i just wanted him gone and he was. But in hindsight i agree, it was unprofessional and unnecessary.
  4. No not just deplete the d-core, it would cripple it, he is almost irreplacable (without breaking the bank) and i see as "the" core skater on the team and the prospects you mention are years away, if ever, from playing 24minutes/game. Subban was scratched 1 game and what a difference, he was missed terribly, even this year if Subban ever gets injured it will be a killer, not as bad as a Price injury would be of course, but Bergevin would be scrambling to fill one huge hole. Markov is solid/smart defensively, but is by no means the defensive d-man that even Gorges is and no where near "best defensive d-man"; which is totally fine, cause he is super at the other end, moving the puck and makes all who play with him better. If you want to call Markov #1 is fine, but most would trade Markov long before Subban, wouldnt you?
  5. I aint sure who is french and who isnt, but i have seen these other QMJHLers noted as possible top 60 picks; Sam Morin, Zack Fucale, William Carrier, Anthony Mantha, Nick Sorensen, John Drouin and Matt Murphy which seems a bit better production coming from that league than lately?
  6. Still off topic and the last i will say on that ex-Hab My bottom line stat; Bourque has 72 goals over his last 3 years, Squid 65 goals at a significant extra cost. If still had Squid on the payroll, wouldnt even have the cap space to sign Subban to the contract he will get in the next month or so and would also still have 4 small forwards in the top 6, which aint a recipe for success. On Subban, no player is untradable, but he and Price are darn close and it would take a screaming deal to pry a fan favorite, 2nd year d-man who played 24+minutes and is the #1 d-man on team, from me.
  7. Good to hear sir! but even as much as i dont like Squid, he aint in the Gomez catagory
  8. Sather must have given Howsen an under the table $$ kickback to make that deal. Almost looks as lopsided as a 1995 Hab-Ave deal, are Mike Milbury or Doug Mclean Blue Jacket consultants?
  9. Sad to say, was the high point of year for me (cept for draft) , when he was gone from the bench in that game and heard he was traded, what a relief to not have to watch softest guy in league do dick-all every game! Still love the trade and not sure what Calgary was thinkin, but then again why would they sign Wideman to that crazy contract and let Olliie walk. Neither they nor Canucks are building for the future, but Canucks are a contender and Calgary is lookin like the Leafs of the west.
  10. Actually, next years prospect group has a couple/few french guys who may go in first round, as well, of course, as Nate who should be #1 or #2 pick. Quebec and Halifax both should be pretty strong teams.
  11. i see he and Eller as future top six guys, but 3rd line this coming year is where will be. I think Leblanc will come into camp and easily outshine Armstrong for 3rd line winger role. I expect both his skating and strength to be improved and he actually will have a training camp this year (as will Eller who also was rehabbing same surgery last summer/fall).
  12. OK, i will slag him for ya, he was a overpaid cull and cancer on team, wont miss the little egomaniac one bit and Bourque produces more goals at 1/2 the price + Holland is a good bottom six prospect + Calgary should finish out of playoffs and Habs 2nd pick should be fairly high one. I am not a fan of Cammalleri, so not quite unbiased.
  13. And Ladoucer did very well with Subban, i was sorry to see him fired. I thought PK at end of year was much better defensively and making better decisions than under Pinhead. For playing 24+minutes and having a +9 on a shit team he did very well and will only get better.
  14. Sorry i just dont have any sympathy. The sooner there is contraction the better, i could do without about 10 teams. Then each team would have 5 or 6 all stars instead of 1-3 and the AHL/KHL/SEL would all have higher quality players also. The owners group are the ones who make the rules and run this business, both crap and big market teams i thik have "fairly equal" say when creating CBA, so again if cant compete or arrange some kind of revenue sharing to somewhat level playing field, too bad. If a team wants to put an offer on a RFA and is a high paid guy, you do get a sweet return and if that aint working/fair a new CBA is being written as we speak, let the whiners have their say. If it happens to a Hab, so be it, can also go the other way and it is not that common at all, so not a big deal anyways.
  15. I really thought Collberg sure looked good at world juniors and U18s and will see him again (in a bigger role) at world juniors come new year. I guess i am one who has "reservations" about Kristo, but i do about most NCAA guys (as i did with Pacioretty when he had a slow start to career). Geoffrion was the #1 player in NCAA in 2010 and cant crack NHL lineup, and Kristo would not even be that close to being considered #1 (top ten maybe), if he can tear up NCAA this year and get 25+ goals i would be much more excited. I think ND will be a very strong team this year, where Kristo may show he is the top six kid I hope he is. But look forward to see if he and MacMillan both have improved strength after another summer of training.
  16. I say let them sign as long a contract as they want, most bust and turn out to be dumb and are hard contracts to off-load when go sideways (a la Luongo, Lacavalier), so let the owners dig own "Gomez-like" holes if they want, they are always good for a laugh when a DePietro happens and sinks a team for a decade or more.
  17. He was only the most productive becasue Plekanec took on all top opposition line match-ups, if switched roles Tomas (or Lars) would easily have racked up more points than they did. And also you can move him to wing because he is a very smart player and likely would adapt better than others (like Eller who seems to struggle on the wing). Or you could even move him to 3rd line centre and he might do great with Leblanc and Moan/Gallagher? Or anyone might do well with DD because he is such a good playmaker? Also, can you succeed with 2 small centres at #1 and #2? Eller might light it up if given 2 big wingers?? Who knows.
  18. Pribyl could be a Avtsin II Holland is bottom 6 checker and almost an english clone of Bournival, can skate very well, hard worker, defensively very smart, handles the puck fine, but if ever tops 20 goals in NHL it will be a surprise. As they say with Collberg, a good 1st line winger or very good 2nd liner. He reminds me of Jeff Skinner, smallish but quick/shifty, great with puck and with quick release in the slot.
  19. Yes of course hard to predict a couple years out, but some of these veterans are going to be gone in next couple years. Markov/Kaberle/Gionta only 2 years left, Bouillon is 1 year fill-in and Weber, Nokalainen will be gone. and likely 3-5 others also. Subban is almost the #1 d-man now, Gorges/Yemelin will be top 4 two years from now; and 1 of Beaulieu/Ellis/Diaz/Tinordi should be ready for 20minutes/game. With Thrower/Nygren/Dietz/Bennett likely turning pro next fall, i have no worry about whom will replace Markov. Even if 1/2 of d-men bust or take a while to develop (worst case scenario) there will still be more than enough quality offensive and defensive d-men to stick in front of Price for next few years. But with all the d-men in the system, for sure Bergevin will need to use some as trade bait, so who will go and who wont is a wild guess. How Gallagher fits in shouldnt be an issue and if he can just fill Gionta's role that would be a bonus, not sure why he would need to be an upgrade on a hard working 30 goal scorer? If Cole reverts to a 20-25 goal scorer that will be fine and what should be expected from him anyways. This was a career year for Cole and he may even be forced to 3rd line duty in a couple years, which shouldnt be a shock nor that bad a thing as DD, if still around, may be his 3rd line centre behind Galchenyuk/Eller.
  20. Tom Pyatt had only 2 goals for Habs each year, but last year with Tampa he was given more ice and much better linemates and had 12 goals. So getting on the good side of coaching staff can play a huge role in production/development. Similar to Palushaj, who has seen very limited minutes on checking lines, which is a killer for a smaller offensive player. I am not sure why he wasnt played more at end of last year and on the PP to see what he could really do if given 16-18 minutes.
  21. Well written sir. I find it hard to even evaluate or try and compare play, when watching a Kristo or Bennett play i am always trying to equate to say a Gallagher or Dietz and which level of competition si strionger. CHL has 16 year olds and NCAA has big 22-24 year olds. Also a good example of hitting the wall was Brandon Nash in his 1st year pro eh. Quailer/Pateryn will likley struggle some after new year in Hamilton also. ON what level do you suppose is the SEL? somewhere between the NCAA and AHL?
  22. An ol time cowboy from out west, looking for a championship ring, dosent relocate near end of career and sign to a 28th place team on east coast. Not a chance in hell and i say better odds of trading for Crosby.
  23. I dont think it would matter who is between Cole-Pacioretty. I would bet Plekanec or Eller would do very well centering these guys? Also i bet Desharnais would do well even centering a 3rd line of Leblanc and Moan, he is just a smart shifty playmaker? But just have to remember Plekanec took on the opposition's best and the sooner Galchenyuk can develop into a NHL centreman the better! Til then, i would stand pat on the back end and still try and upgrade at centre somehow, even if pushs Desharnais to the wing. There has to be some digruntled top 2 centre loking for new scenery out there isnt there?
  24. Stamkos would look good with the Habs also, but Doan aint ever coming to Quebec.
  25. Yes, every year in every league he has been in, he has always improved or been promoted, so who knows if he is another Marc Savard type and racks up 20 goals and 55 assists this year (but i would be happy with exact same as last year from him)?? Whatever you say about him, he seems to always work hard and has already overcome long odds from ECHL, to 60 points in his 1st full year in the big club.
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