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  1. You guys and your negativity (you may be correct to worry?)! I say, Yemelin's rookie +/- and Markov's knee issue are history and like i said, I aint quite as worried and dont see as that big a deal. Just me with rose-coloured glasses on. Now, upgrading the offense up front and find a Mara to fill in for a year, is what needs doing. Oh and deal with Gomer. See how she goes on sunday.
  2. I dont see it so bleak, especially not double major weakness! Again i say the 45 goals from $30,000,000 worth of top players last year was killer. Need to put puck in net more. Markov Subban Gorges and Yemelin are a fine top 4, i know i know you will cry Yemelin cant play 20 minutes and is due for sophmore slump; but i would be willing to test that theory, as he is older, strictly defensive d-man and "Battle tested". And just have a cheap Hannan/Aucoin play with Kaberle. Better than committing $3-3.5/for several years to Allen maybe? But Allen still seems a nice fit. Do you think Bergevin will look to trade with the Hawks? Rumour (i am starting) is that we will go after Kane/Hjalmarsson?
  3. I am not of opinion the gritty d-man need to be top 4 at all, you know a top 4 tough guy will cost big bucks and want term and will most likely only need for 1 year, so wouldnt go overboard. If you forget your need for 20minute/top 4, it opens up for more options.
  4. Pacioretty-Stastney(Marleau)-Cole Bourque-Desharnais-Gionta Eller-Leblanc-Gallagher Moan-the Finn-White
  5. I would overpay for Doan, but RW not a real weakness/need.
  6. I could be top face off man with the current group at centre. Is great Nash gets signed, he could be an early injury call-up.
  7. not with ten foot pole, unless a 2 way contract and small salary.
  8. Hope is a 2 way contract, but an easily expendable contract anyways.
  9. Allen only worthwhile one (Suter too expensive) Garrison is one hit wonder looking to cash in, Souray was a pylon 10 years ago, Salo is made of glass and rest aint got enough grit; need more a Hannan/Aucoin/Sarich/Salvador type.
  10. Is bottom six already more or less set? with this group of 7? Leblanc-Eller-Palushaj Moan-White-Staubitz-Geoffrion? Or will Moan and/or Staubitz be sent packing in Bergevin housecleaning? If Gallgher were to shine in fall and make roster, would he likely be slotted on Eller line? Might Shultz get a crack at goon/ 4th line role (still not likely able?)?
  11. Loved Darche's effort, but time for a younger grinder (which i thought Blunden would fit), but maybe Moan and Staubitz will be rersigned?
  12. I see Flames seem to be selling future and have given 2013 5th round pick for Dennis Wideman? and Habs hold their 2nd pick, i guess they think they can squeek into playoffs/contend this coming year eh? Wideman is a good d-man, but $5+/year? So i doubt Iginla will be available for trade. Oh well, Habs should end up with a fairly high 2nd rounder next June.
  13. Yes, would be very nice with Ladouceur gone, would be a super replacement!
  14. I buy that, cept with a "gritty vet d-man added", you have a 6 d-men set, so Diaz/Weber will be 7-8th d-men already, and with the stockpile of top d-men in AHL, the Kid simply aint coming to Habland. Forget about it! i think Dudley/Bergevin will be busy on Sunday and may try and use d-men in a trade or 2?
  15. nice list, but have zero need of a bottom six guy. Kostitsyn/Paranteau would be fine by me. But, i think Bergevin/Dudley will make a trade for a forward.
  16. So if Moan will get done (which is a smart signing i think). Where does that leave Stubitz and Darche? Blunden is a better all round player than Darche is and would of cost bout the same, so cutting Blunden and keeping Darche wouldnt seem to make sense?
  17. especially on the backend? we dont need any more offensive d-men at all, Markov/Subban/Kaberle/Weber are enough, but a big toughg d-man on a 1 or 2 year deal would seem to be all that is needed.Increasing scoring in top six is priority and also moving out 1 smallish forward (might not be necessary till next year, but soon will need a shake-up), if Gallagher is as good as we hope. Simply cant have 4 small guys in top 6 can you?
  18. Have no quibble with Tomas's offense and i know he is shut down guy and i love his play and effort. Cept in the faceoff circle, which is a skill that can be improved through practice, and why he has never improved i dont know? is it a strength issue? Whatever, he is best of bad bunch which costs games when losing defensive faceoffs and also sucks for PK and PP % (PK dosent suffer thanks to Price/Gorges and crew).
  19. It would be nice to have at least 1 centre who could win a friggin faceoff. And every Hab centre sucks in that dept. Hope Galchenyuk is better and Eller/Desharnais are working on that, too late for Plekanec, he has sucked for too long to improve it seems. His one weakness.
  20. Rome would be an OK 3rd pairing choice for sure and he is a Bruin knock-out artist! haha
  21. Witty! I would think Gallant might have some good insight on the Q players.
  22. Good write up o him sir. Still more d-men for Habs that dont fit what is missing (a Mara-Allen type)? You say Bergevin has bid on him, just hope it isnt that much and some dumb GM (Isles/Columbus) will offer some stupid amount+big bonuses eh. Same as Suter, fine player (overrated?) but not what Habs need for the cost it would take. Now if have a top NCAA forward, i would be alot more keen on Bergevin trying to sign. another, will see what happens on/after Sunday.
  23. I am factoring in the full summer following him "hiting the wall' and a shoulder injury does not preclude training, even if just bike work and such. And also Nash now knows what is required for 80 games vs 30-40 in NCAA, so he is going in eyes wide open and he also now is 24-25, which is prime age. And if he isnt 100% now he must be damn close right now isnt he? Eller/Leblanc had surgery in May/JUne and were back playing in Oct, and he had surgery last fall. Will see if Bergevin even trades any d-men at all this weekend? If not, would put Weber as #7-8 and likely have St Denis/Nash #9-10 in depth.
  24. You are putting him in as a top 2 centre this fall? I am normally too optimistic about many prospects, but i see him in Sarnia and likely is best place for his development, as the pressure in his rookie year will be just a bit high for an 18 year old. Plekanec or Desharnais + Beaulieu + picks and/or more could get you a nice centre, didnt say it wouldnt be painless, but of course have the assets. Anyways; we will see Sunday/Monday if Bergevin wants to put his stamp on team or be conservative. I am both a Plekanec and Desharnais fan, but i just see them as the best asset in a deal for a centre.(trade a centre for a centre +stuff)
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