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  1. Red Wings had 6 flops to never play NHL before picking Datsyuk, 3 before Zetterberg, etc so you might say they got very lucky a couple years and their early picks bombed more than others? As Habs have with Strait/Markov/Huet/Halak/Sergai Kostitsyn/Grabovski, so other than superstars Datsyuk/Zetterberg Habs aint alot diff than Wings.
  2. yes it is supposedly something like 15% past the 3rd round make it and play some in NHL, which is about 18 kids/year. for the Habs since 2000, "about" 8 of 51 (15.7%) 4th round or later picks made it to NHL (i included Gallagher-Morgan Ellis but not MacMillan in the 8; but didnt include last 2 years cause who knows?). So Habs are bang-on average. 8 kids in 11 years So of; Archambault- Nygren- Dietz- Didier- Sullivan- Pribyl- Vail- Hudon- Nystrom; it is likely only 1.5 will make it. And Dietz would be my wild stab guess of this group; as he is a solid all-round d-man with average size, hits, can handle puck a bit, skates OK and has grit. But still look forward to see Hudon play today, so many mixed reviews about him.
  3. Thats better, i espected a bit more vitriol. And dont get me wrong, i want to see Yemelin put Bergeron or Marchand through the boards (with no major injuries of course), but dont hate Bruins anymore than Red Sox or Pats and would almost prefer to see the Bruins win in playoffs series over the Leafs (toss-up). Now that Bruin play by play guy, along with Neely are in same catagory as Don Cherry, Glen Healy, Brian Burke and Mike Milbury's and are just boneheads and thank god for RDS so i dont have to liten to any of them.
  4. Funny, i would be opposite on those 2. Ference is one i just dont have much respect for and is a mediocre d-man (an OK #4 -6 d-man, not sure if underrated?maybe?). Lucic i have liked since he played with Vancouver, he does very well with the little skill he has and now many teams are looking hard to find the "next Lucic" and why a Tyler Biggs/Tom Wilson/Mitch Moroz/Dylan McIlrath all got drafted in top 32, when really are mid 2nd round at best talents.
  5. Less than 50 goals in 2 years in the Q, does not seem very impressive at all (on paper anyways) and seems eerily similar to Masse/Dumont; who both had similar #s and then lit it up in their last year in the Q but minor-pro is likely as far as they are going. At least Gallagher had three 40+ goal seasons (in a tougher league) and has earned gifted scorer moniker, same really cant be said for Hudon yet. But maybe he is a late bloomer, wil turn out fine and was picked for Can junior team camp at least.
  6. You wouldnt want Lucic-Chara-Thorton-Krejci-Seidenberg-Marchand on your team? All are good players and would look fine in a Hab jersey. Marchand is an irritating pest and something that the Habs have been missing.
  7. I dont think too unfair, all are very similar (Dumont being best of bunch it seems) and another long shot smallish offensive QMJHL guy seems to fit that group perfectly (Not that the Avtsin-Berger-Conboy's have developed any better) Great to hear he had a good game and i am looking forward to check out the game later on and see him for 1st time.
  8. 2.5 +3.0 = 5.5. If he wants 3.25 and 3.25 that would be as equivalent as need be and likely Bergevin wouldnt argue. So give him 6.5 instead of 5.5 not a big deal and i doubt this minor cost is what they are not in total agreement about. And you think Price underachieved as a 20 and 21 year old goalie with a mediocre team in front of him? Just because he didnt meet mainstream media's lofty expectations does not necessarily mean he played bad? And Halak was already playing pro while Price was still in junior, so also a bit unfair comparison no? And Halak is a fine goalie who was gone and Price had already been annointed #1 before signing for the $5.5. Price is well paid now and Subban will be in next contract, so maybe should just take the 2 year deal and be happy, whether he does or gets a long contract i really dont care. All i said, or meant, was that $5.5/2 year deal is not that low ball an offer, when was perfectly fine for a #1 goalie just 2 years ago.
  9. You think he is Archambault-Fortier-Lefebvre-Masse-Dumont the 2nd and just another poor token french draft pick destined for the ECHL. He is washed up at 18! Just kiddin and hope he is one late pick who turns out an OK pro..
  10. Who is an NHL Granlund equivalent? Alfredsson had 61points as a rookie and would seem to be similar? Coyle was almost at a 2point/game pace in QMJHL. Is the Q that much weaker than NCAA? Will he likely be a David Backes type player?
  11. I highly doubt Armstrong will do much offensively and only had one 20 goal season and is .46 PPG guy for career and seems quite fragile, so if gets 40 points will be a bonus. But he can bring other grinder elements that could be of use on 3rd or 4th line.
  12. Why lowball, i totally disagree?Price took $2.75 for 2 years, why would the exact same offer be a lowball, a #1 goalie is a bit more important than a d-man isnt he and Cary wasnt bitching about being underpaid?
  13. In lookin at good Swedish players; all of Backstrom, Karlsson, Alfredsson, Forsberg, Sundin went straight from SEL to NHL and have fine to great rookie seasons and obviously good careers. So i cant even think of any Swede who came over early, played junior and then had good career, except Landeskogg. Even Magnus Paajarvi, who some are already calling a bust at 21 years old, had a nice 34 point rookie year on a crap team. So really for Collberg to develop his all-round game vs men in SEL for 1 more year is likely best and even before the draft he said he was already committed to play SEL and seemed to look forward to 1 more year in Home country and dont think CHL was ever even a consideration for him.
  14. Not a flatterin comparison and no way he can be as soft, but will see. Not that means much (or anything), but just noted Oiler blogger had Gernat as 6th and Musil at 7th for prospects, so likely both have sort of opposite weaknesses. But i think the Oiler d is not as thin and weak as most portray and injuries on backend really sunk em last year.
  15. I think Martin Gernat could be my sleeper (but i dont know the Finn at all) and i would rate him ahead of Musil for sure, who seems a solid slow-footed tough d-man. Gernat seems to have much more upside dont you think?
  16. Likely valid that wingers can help for sure, but DD has a couple big ones and his numbers are also not the best (but i think he was improving towards end of year?) I think being a lot more aggressive around face-offs is what all the 3 centres maybe need to be? But just a guess.
  17. Sorry, i am not quite sure what you mean?. But maybe he should of just signed with Flames, but trades happen and NY has every right to deal prospects and if he dont like it, always is the KHL/SEL he can go to.
  18. Segain played 2 full years in OHL; but, however you cut it, Sarnia shouldnt be too worried. Has there ever even been a north american player to only play 1 year junior jump to NHL?
  19. As Dudley says, Plan on Galchenyuk playing junior this year. Sseeing as he hasnt really played since last fall, has only 1 year in OHL, the Habs already have 13-14 forwards and are the defending 28th place team, there dosent seem much reason to rush him up to play 3rd line and 10 minutes/game.
  20. I said i wouldnt consider that a fair deal, but Tomas for Stastny straight up, in a second! And again Stastny is more the "typical centre upgrade" example, that i see might be a super fit as #1 centre. If had Stastny at #1 and Plekanec at #2, would be even better, but would likely cost top defensemen + stuff instead.
  21. I hear ya and like i say you are happy with sub-average face-offs %, which is fine and kind of understand. But, i disagree 100% and has zero to do with any anyalysts, for example; Tomas (whom i hate to pick on but). is even worse on special teams and drops to 47.1%, so too say a Toews (i know totally at other end of spectrum but) at 59% overall and actually ups to 60.0% on special teams, is an irrelevant stat seems a bit odd and dont buy it? Whom would you pick to take an important faceoff if only had these 2 to pick from? Because i see some faceoffs, even just 1 sometimes, can be that much more important and can mean diff between a win-loss, and those who win just that 1 extra every game, tend to be the elite leaders.
  22. Plekanec is miles better than that Belarussian and Yemelin is as well over Schenn, so a bit different, but like i say it would cost for sure, but to secure a yound solid centre upgrade would do wonders i think and is needed till Galchenyuk develops, which will be a couple/few years? Just maybe need to consult Glen Sather on how to pull wool over another GMs eyes and trade expendables for quality.
  23. Tomas would still be #30 of 44 centres in playoffs (if extrapolated reg season #s), So you think bottom 1/3 of league consistantly is OK for a centre group and are happy with that, what can i say, but that i disagree and see as a glalring weakness that needs to change. There is a reason Stastny/Bergeron/Malhotra/Toews etc are on for every important faceoff in a close game. For the Habs it dosent matter, they all suck (relatively) at it. It is costly to have to consistantly chase puck down the ice after most offensive PP faceoffs, and for Gorges and Price to stand on head stopping/blocking point shots after most PK faceoffs.
  24. which i had heard at one time he was out of favour (maybe was just his father who was pissed??), Any upgrade trade wouldnt be painless and would cost, especially if trying to find a centre who is better than Tomas, who is very good all-round and is an "almost" All-Star every year and a perfect #2 centre (cept for faceoff liability).
  25. I am only referrin to 18-22 year old prospects, not established players or GMs who can do whatever they want (within reason).
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