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  1. But the wall he hit was 1 1/2 years ago and even in his 1st pro year he was OK in the few minutes he played with big club. Call it a hunch, but i say he will jump St.Denis in depth chart early on.
  2. BPA seems the smartest route (why would you skip a better player to get one who fits, but is not as good a prospect?), and makes the most sense every year, that will not likely change, cept he may target a goalie and trade up/down to get one next year. I totally agree that signing Dell would be a bonus. I think Bergevin did say they tried to trade later pick(s) this year, but didnt work out.
  3. I thought Blunden earned a spot and played well, oh well; i assume this might mean both Darchee and Moan will likely be resigned eh? if Engqvist can only improve on faceoffs a bit, he would fit as 4th line centre and great he was offered $. Nash and St.Denis should be battling for a spot on the big club, but none to be had on backend, unless some moves coming on Sunday.
  4. I noticed the big 6'5" czech(?) centre from PEI team, Metej Beran, went undrafted and was ranked only 2 spots behind Hudon? On paper seems like he might be an interesting try-out (but i am sure went undrafted for a good reason)?
  5. Unless he plays like Dietz or Thrower, Habs got no spot or use for him. and likely will be just another overhyped flop and obviously is another whining Lindros type with a bit of attitude issue.
  6. So if you are against trading Plekanec or Desharnais, and we all know Galchenyuk will not be a top centre for Habs for at least 2 more seasons and you think adding a winger to Plekanec is a cup winning change in the meantime? I have to disagree and i think one of these 2 centre positions needs an upgrade this year if want real change. If Bergevin can add an all star type centre and a big tough d-man on backend, i think would do wonders and that is all that is needed doing next Sunday.
  7. Good to hear, is Pribyl too old for Czech U-20s? he is 19 and turns 20 in December.
  8. Subban or Pacioretty, or something along those lines, so forget about it! Be better to try and use Desharnais, Weber + prospect/picks maybe for a #2 centre?
  9. Pretty good odds he will be in Sarnia 1 more year, my guess.
  10. I really cant see how the Habs could of done any better and still cant believe all the guys were available. But Gainey-Nieuwendyk also took a big step to rebuild Dallas and grabbed 1/2 dozen super looking kids. I thought Flames did well with picks they had (and made a smart trade with Buff, even if McQuire didnt think so). Shocked the OIlers skipped on Collberg/Pokka/Finn/Bystrom for Moroz? A bottom 6 at best grinder? I liked Moroz but not till 3rd round at earliest. Similar to Wilson to Caps, waste of early pick (but they are so deep, likely wont hurt them at all). Darn Leafs got a super skating d-man in Reilly and Finn is supposedly a solid d-man as well. Is Hudon of Archambault/Masse/Dumont/Lefebvre/Fortier quality (ECHL)? Or is he finally one who will make the grade?
  11. Couldnt believe when 1 super name after the other popped up on board; Collberg-Thrower-Bozon were all in many 1st rounds of mock drafts. People back east are really gonna like Bozon-Thrower. And i am sure Darren Dietz is quite happy to have his d-partner doning a Hab jersey. We will see them next spring in Saskatoon for Memorial cup and maybe World Juniors as well?
  12. I had thought Sabres looked good with Grigorenko/Girgensons; but Galchenyuk/Collberg are a pretty sweet duo. Then the 2 WHLers, with a good sized 36 goal scoring rookie of year canditate and a 55 point d-man, just awesome. Collberg and Bozon are like Gallagher and have the scoring thing down pretty well. 5 CHLers and 4 Left Wingers should help fill prospect pool. Bergevin/Timmins et al deserve very high marks indeed!
  13. And we get 2 of these + Bozon; so in the end get 4 1st round talented kids, i would say Timmins gets a A+, but a bit/bunch of luck also helped. I had hoped for a sweet haul, but blown away with majority favorite-Galchenyuk and Collberg at 33rd, what a sweet steal! He outshone Forsberg at world juniors and reminds me of a swedish Jeff Skinner. Thrower will be a fan favorite and his own comparison to Kevin Bieksa is bang-on. He, Tinrodi and Dietz will add the missing grit to back end! Vail/Hudon and Swede? long shots i supose.
  14. best of luck with your radio gig tonight sir. cheers
  15. I would guess so? He just seems too smart/high hockey IQ or however to put it, too not end up top 6 in a couple more years. They always said he was a fitness freak and very driven kid and now they say he has been working with skating instructor everyday, so he seems to kalso know his own scouting report main weakness, of needing skating improvement and added muscle. Last summer he was rehabbing all summer, missed training camp and still held his own when called up. So with a full year training i expect him to be 1/2 step quicker and stronger along the boards. As a wingman for Eller (who also was rehabbing last summer/no training camp last year) and maybe Gallagher can fill other wing to have a nice 3rd line (unlikely as Moan/White may be other winger?)
  16. Allen almost seems too perfect a fit? He will likely want a longer term contract than 1 or 2 years and cost too much for a #4-#5 d-man? But i even liked him when he started with Canucks and he now knows his limitations (like Gill/Sutton also learned after many years).
  17. 13 of past 20 straight to NHL top 5 picks, but which of 13 were impact players, few because their teams are almost all bottom dwellers and 1 player cant change that. Also because their teams are so shitty is a main reason they can even crack lineup. Which is why Timmins/Bergevin both said exact same thing yesterday (and majority say); the position a prospect plays and current roster needs is mostly irrelevant when picking at draft, skill-character-drive are main factors; period.
  18. I still like Dumba best of all d-men, but if Reinhart was more physical and could hit like Dumba, he would be top five for sure, but i would say he is more a Sami Salo type d-man..
  19. I will stick with Forsberg and have no fear, they wont go "off the reservation!" as Pierre McQuire supposedly said when we took a Native Canadian goalie in 2005, but good for discussion/debate.
  20. Other guys of identical draft size, turned out OK, Giroux/Yzerman are just 2 examples of many. I think many "experts" are on the Terrovinen band wagon, skill wise he is supposed to near the top. Bigger is not always better.
  21. No not likely for Grigorenko, who i still see going maybe 6th to Ducks or top 10 at least. Our 33rd pick will still get a highly rated guy. Any team would consider trading, all have their price and if Timmins sees a prospect like Tinordi, who he is really high on, fall far (say a Collberg/Gaunce/Faksa falls to 20th- 25th) i am sure he may try and trade up. But if someone offers two 3rds or some good deal for a 2nd, he would also likely be open to trading down for increase in # of picks (as he did last year). 1000's of options and scenarios can play out, should be very interesting.
  22. Yes, he was solidly in 10th, but his size/blodlines/good finish to season and all round OK game he must be looking more tempting to some, but i stil doubt will be in top 5.
  23. Because Galchenyuk will be the BPA at 2 and Nash trade will deal with roster issues. Draft does not address roster issues normally, a prospect can take years to develop (especially with goalies/d-men or NCAA guys). I hope we get Galchenyuk, but i bet (guess) will be Yakupov-Galchenyuk-Forsberg.
  24. disagree puck long gone and even slow mo shows shoulder to chest, so not head hunting, if shoulder hit head i would agree, but Ovechkin from behind, leaving feet and head shot was 100X worse. Hossa just got caught with head down digging for puck. clean hit by me.
  25. he couldnt have his elbow tucked against his side anymore if he tried? Not sure what other video you saw, but this one shows a clean hit to me. Hossa had head down and paid the price.
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