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  1. Patrick Roy is in almost identical situation and a demigod in Quebec city isnt he?
  2. Not Lats, who has hardly played in several years. And i gag when i say this, but Riberio has had a very solid career for sure, but still wouldnt want him back.
  3. You could be 100% correct, but i am skeptical that Vincent would have much more a grip on scouting than a layman, even after being a very good player? I am very high on Dumba as a prospect, but he, in his own words even, needs much work in the defensive zone, but i am one who would risk picking him for sure if Galchenyuk is gone in first 2 picks. But Habs have a big well paid scouting dept to make the final call on who is worthy of top 3 pick. will see in 5-6 weeks.
  4. Everyone on 4th line play limited minutes. And at $250,000 you dont much better value than Staubitz, even Knopka is 700 or so, for a couple minutes/game. Goons are a dying breed, but almost every team has an idiot or 2 running around out there and a goon on the bench. Shultz is like White and not a big time fighter (or so i am told), but he did show improvment last year and a 4th line of White-Staubitz and Shultz might rattle the boards pretty good? And they are only likely to see 7-10 minutes /game at most (with White playing some on PK also), so how much harm could they cause.
  5. And i guess is pretty safe to assume Flames and Caps are drawing from a different pool altogeather than Habs and not much worry of being scooped for a francophone coach by either of those teams eh?
  6. Since coaching interviews havent happened yet, when is it expected, or when is a coach being named really needed? July/Aug? or just after a 2nd AGM is hired?
  7. CC wanted some assurance of upgrade over Plekanec and tried to keep it simple, you can say who cares and may not mean dick-all, but i would see as a super change-up. And the face-off % is a killer to PP/PK and last minute defensive zone face offs, not many star centres are below 50% as Plekanec/Desharnais and Eller all are. Desharnais and Eller still can learn and improve Plekanec has been the same for years with zero improvment. PLekanec if good on the PK, but Habs #1 PK guy is Price, followed by Gorges, so is easily replaceable, by maybe Eller/Leblanc (heard same about Gill, but PK almost improved once Gill was gone) And like i say Stastny is but one of several who might reshape the forward group up the middle, Joe Thorton would be another whose team is maybe looking to shake up roster? $7/year is acceptable and he brings alot to table, but may be costly to pry away. Am very curious to see what Bergevin does to put his stamp on team?
  8. Of course he is a 4th liner and he knows his role. He was surprisingly an OK skater and forechecker; but he seems very good at what he does well. And if he only sees 5-6minutes/game i think that would be fine with him and 4th liners are lucky to get 10 minutes/game anyways, so if double shift a forward a couple times/game is insignificant. The smaller players seem to be quite happy to have him and he would be a lot cheaper and better skater than BGL, so i would sign him to 2 way contract if possible? If Ian Shultz can improve and train hard he may squeeze him out, but he hasnt yet.
  9. Damphousse is just a RDS guy right? So i wouldnt worry about much he commented on, maybe he is a good guy and all that, but he is not even involved in hockey is he? a new Hab scout?? I almomst totally agree, Dumba's seems a bit lost in own end, but his offense could be super and Murray is what he is, a solid all-round d-man, as someone said, he is like Niedermayer but wont have the offense. Only time will tell and if Timmins called Murray's name, that would be dandy with me as well. And Bergevin could trade a d-man on JUly 1st to make room for Murray this fall. I cant remember when the last teenager who suited up and had a good career with Habs was, never?
  10. Would love to have opening round 5 game series, would be sweet and done in NBA (or used to be) but hell will freeze over first. How bout back to back games in every series (bring in conditioning as a bigger factor), oh again dosent fit with maximizing TV revenue, so another no go. Scrap more exibition games, start earlier. Summer Hockey is just wrong in many ways, i am only saying chop off 2 weeks is all. It would be very easy to speed it up, but it all comes down to $$ (and to a minor part, schedullin issues).
  11. But (as a Dumba promoter) Dumba has already spoken about his defensive liabilities and recognizes it is his weak aspect. And they say defense is something that can be taught (in AHL), and Subban is one example of a very similar player, who now dosent take himself out of position to make the big hit; as much anymore and is learning the defensive side of game. But Dumba, has all that cant be taught, skating, puck skills, offensive instincts, open-ice hitting, leadership and he is very tough kid for his size, so if Timmmins called his name at #3 (which i think unlikely) i would be very happy, but still would prefer slightly Galchenyuk.
  12. But he definitely plays on the edge; many times i think he is getting a penalty and it goes un-called, not sure why, maybe becasue he is not a whiner, plays consistantly tough/clean and dosent piss off refs post whistle? But before he came to NHL, it was said he did have a reputation and drew Kasparitis comparisons.
  13. I started watching in 80s and still love the wide open, fast, hard hitting, higher scoring game, to a soccer match-up. The WHL finals was just that for all 7 games and made for very exciting and entertaining hockey. I would say start with goaltending equipment, ignore the goalies whining and make it sensible size. Is an easiest of fixs. Maybe do as the NBA has and institute a defensive zone penalty for trap and collapse around the net defensive system. Try and have more objective Referring, who arnt total puppets of Bettman and GMs. Call the same hooking penalty in pre-season as is called in last 5 minutes of game 7 of finals, it is done in every other professional sports league, who, unlike the NHL, actually have some integrity. There is a reason the World juniors draw every Candian Hockey Fanatic to watch every X-mas. Even a final without the Candians was a super game to watch. And the memorial cup shouldnt be any different. The NHL season should be ending right around now, not June. I hope Phoenix wins cup, but summer is here. Go Blue Jays!
  14. Stastny is an upgrade in every catagory, cept PK maybe?? Stastny is 12th in league on face offs (which is one achilles heal of habs) Thomas is 54th and has been his whole career sub 50%. Stastny has him in size, he is a NHL average 6'0" and 205lb, Thomas is not even average size. Stastny has bout same points in over 100 fewer games. Stastny is 3 years younger. Stastny has 3 years with 70-80 points out of his 6 years in league on a shitty team. I am not saying Stastny would be a cure-all and the guy to go after; and i also love Thomas's play and his has an affordable (undervalued maybe) contract; but if Bergevin is too reshape the team i see having 2 small forwards as top 2 centres as the first place to start a retooling. But a Stastny-like centre, could be JoeThorton/Marleau/O Reilly/Stall/Getzlaf or any of a number of all-star centres would fit between Cole and Pacioretty nicely, and Stastny seems to have some chemisty with Max. And many other GMs might see Plekanec as a nice fit for an underperforming/stagnant team.
  15. Good one! I think a 2nd line of Bozon-Galchenyuk-Gallagher could be a very popular and productive one in 2 or 3 years?
  16. How bout agree to disagree on several items sir, different point of views it seems, which is fine. Have a good weekend.
  17. Yes, sorry; was kind of retorical and should of said too bad the NHL games cant be as entertaining. Even the 8-0 game was better to watch than NY vs Caps grinding it out and dumping it in the corner over and over. Pitt- Philly was only good (fun to watch) match-up i have seen. Maybe they do need to make goalie equipment even smaller (as it was in 80s) or some other tweek? Beaulieu had an OK-good game, couple assists i think and flashs of his top-end talent; but still leaves guys wide open in own end/front of net and was lucky Rimouski totally forgot to show up. He will learn next year in AHL i imagine.
  18. I am with ya, and on the #1 line we will have Ovechkin-Crosby-Stamkos
  19. Your home grown idea is simply common sense, i am a fan and hope for more Canadians to be on team, but wouldnt skip a better player/coach to achieve that, makes zero sense unless winning is not #1 priority (which it seems is the case for Molson and my main point of earlier post). Harold Ballard was of a similar opinion and Don Cherry is as well, but you have to admit that their attitudes are just a bit passe dont you think? As for the majority of Habs fans, we want a winning team. You do realize the draft is a crap shoot? And hindsight makes it so easy to criticize that it is inane. You arnt really quoting Pierre McQuire are you? You threw that in there as a joke eh?
  20. The WHL game was another exciting one, why are the junior playoffs that much more exciting than NHL trap games?
  21. #19 is my favourite player of all time, but would he consider being Assistant? His agent hinted he might be? I am all for that and also for giving Carbo another crack. I think Kovalev was just a bit much for him as a rookie coach, maybe?? But i would just as in favour of keeping both Randy's and add Carbo.
  22. 36 goals as rookie was very well done and Habs are not shy to go after Swiss players. I had kind of equated him to maybe a David Perron, skilled, good skater and super around the net, average size. And he stands out as a possible steal in 2nd round? Habs can use more top 6 skilled offensive prospects for sure.
  23. You must plan on cleaning house? Whereas i see only 1 swap of centreman for Plekanec. With Stastny centering Pacioretty at the world's and both piling up the points, he seems like would be a nice fit and Aves may be into acquiring Thomas?
  24. Looking good and look forward to seeing some of Hab prospects battle it out next week. I thought OHL final would be closer, but not over quite yet. The WHL series will likely go 7 games. It was quite interesting to see Henrik Samuellson get suspended for a nice cross check to head, apple didnt fall far from tree. Pacioretty and his future Hab centerman Paul Stastny each had 3 points today.
  25. It is just a bit annoying, and an oversimplified anology would be; that every year the Habs 1st round pick must be from Quebec, when we all know there are better choices (most years). same as Bergevin promoting more scouts in the Q? why; there are but a couple in the first few rounds of past few drafts? Wouldnt it be more prudent to say, we are going to beef up our scandinavian scouting dept, becasue past few years there are dozens of top notch prospects? Anyways, would Guy Charron be a good canditate for coach, he played with habs in 70s, was assistant coach with Habs in 2003-04 and has been coaching for 20 years now? I would think he would be better choice than Roy, if only that he has the experiance. But i know nothing of personality/coaching abilities?
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